Karen White
Karen S. White
Melanie Middleton, inheriting an historic home with ghosts, in Charleston, South Carolina:

The House on Tradd Street (2008)

The Girl on Legare Street (2009)

The Strangers on Montagu Street (2011)

Return to Tradd Street (2014)

The Guests on South Battery (2017)

Non-series romantic suspense and thrillers:

The Color of Light (2005)

The Memory of Water (2008)

The Lost Hours (2009)

On Folly Beach (2010)

The Beach Trees (2011)

The Time Between (2013)

A Long Time Gone (2014)

The Sound of Glass (2015)

Flight Patterns (2016)

Dreams of Falling (2018)

Other fiction:

In the Shadow of the Moon (2000)

Whispers of Goodbye (2001)

Falling Home (2002, revised ed. 2010)

After the Rain (2003)

Pieces of the Heart (2006)

Learning To Breathe (2007)

Sea Change (2012)

The Night the Lights Went Out (2017)

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