Loreth Anne White
Loreth Beswetherick
The Bellona Channel romantic suspense series:

Melting the Ice (2003)

Safe Passage (2004)

On Thin Ice (2018) [ebook omnibus]

The Shadow Soldier romantic suspense series:

The Heart of a Mercenary (2006)

A Sultan’s Ransom (2006)

Rules of Re-Engagement (2006)

Seducing the Mercenary (2007)

The Heart of a Renegade (2008)

The Wild Country romantic suspense series:

Manhunter (2008)

Cold Case Affair (2009)

The Sahara Kings romantic suspense series:

The Sheik’s Command (2010)

Sheik’s Revenge (2012)

Surgeon Sheik’s Rescue (2012)

Guarding the Princess (2012)

The Dark Lure romantic suspense series:

A Dark Lure (2015)

The Dark Bones (2019)

Angie Pallorino, a detective with the Metro Victoria Police Department, later a private investigator, on Vancouver Island, Canada:

The Drowned Girls (2017)

The Lullaby Girl (2017)

The Girl in the Moss (2018)
Finalist 2019 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel


The Sheikh Who Loved Me (2005)

The Perfect Outsider (2012)

The Missing Colton (2013)

In the Waning Light (2015)

Pieces of You (2013)
APA: The Slow Burn of Silence (2014)

In the Barren Ground (2016)

In the Dark (2019)
Finalist 2020 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

In the Deep (2020)

Beneath Devil’s Bridge (2021)

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