Stella Whitelaw
Jordan Lacey, an ex-cop, start-up private investigator, in Latching, England:

Pray and Die (2000)

Wave and Die (2001)

Spin and Die (2002)

Hide and Die (2003)

Jest and Die (2004)

Ring and Die (2005)

Turn and Die (2007)

Fold and Die (2009)

Jazz and Die (2014)

Casey Jones, cruise director on the luxury cruise ship Countess Georgina, in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean:

Second Sitting (2008)

Dead Slow Ahead (2008)

A Wide Berth (2010)


Veil of Death (2004)

Mirror, Mirror (2006)

Portrait of a Murder (2011)

Money Never Sleeps (2013)

Lucifer’s Bride (2013) [ebook]

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