Collin Wilcox
Stephen Drake, a newspaper reporter with ESP, in San Francisco, California:

The Black Door (1967)

The Third Figure (1968)

Frank Hastings, Sergeant (later, Lieutenant) co-commander of SFPD homicide in San Francisco, California:

The Lonely Hunter (1969)

The Disappearance (1970)

Dead Aim (1971)

Hiding Place (1973)

Long Way Down (1974)

Aftershock (1975)

Doctor, Lawyer (1976)

The Watcher (1978)

Twospot (1978) [with Bill Pronzini, includes the Nameless Detective]

Power Plays (1979)

Mankiller (1980)

Stalking Horse (1982)

Victims (1985)

Night Games (1986)
Finalist 1987 Macavity Award for Best Novel

The Pariah (1988)

A Death Before Dying (1989)

Hire a Hangman (1991)

Dead Center (1992)

Switchback (1993)

Calculated Risk (1995)

McCloud, a New Mexico marshal in New York City:

McCloud (1973)

The New Mexico Connection (1974)

Alan Bernhardt, an actor-director private investigator in San Francisco, California:

Bernhardt’s Edge (1988)

Silent Witness (1990)

Except for the Bones1 (1991)

Find Her a Grave (1993)

Full Circle (1994)


The Third Victim (1976)

Spellbinder (1981)

Written as Carter Wick

The Faceless Man (1975)

Dark House Dark Road (1982)