Anne Wingate
Martha Anne Guice Wingate
Mark Shigata, a Japanese-American ex-FBI agent turned police chief, in Bayport, Texas:

Death by Deception (1988)

The Eye of Anna (1989)

The Buzzards Must Also Be Fed (1991)

Exception to Murder (1992)

Yakuza, Go Home! (1993)

Written as Lee Martin
Deb Ralston, a police detective mom in Fort Worth, Texas:

Too Sane a Murder (1984)

A Conspiracy of Strangers (1986)

Death Warmed Over (1988)

Murder at the Blue Owl (1988)

Hal's Own Murder Case (1989)

Deficit Ending (1990)

The Mensa Murders (1990)

Hacker (1992)

The Day That Dusty Died (1993)

Inherited Murder (1994)

Bird in a Cage (1995)

Genealogy of Murder (1996)

The Thursday Club (1997)

Written as Martha G. Webb
Smoky O’Donnell, a small-town narcotics officer, in Farmer's Mound, Texas:

A White Male Running (1985)

Even Cops’ Daughters (1986)

Written as Martha G. Webb

Darling Corey’s Dead (1984)


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