Oswald Morris Wynd

Death the Red Flower (1965)

Walk Softly, Men Praying (1967)

Sumatra Seven Zero (1968)

Written as Gavin Black
Paul Harris, a Scot with a heavy equipment business in Singapore:

Suddenly at Singapore (1961)

Dead Man Calling (1962)

Dragon for Christmas (1963)

The Eyes around Me (1964)

You Want to Die, Johnny? (1966)

A Wind of Death (1967)

The Cold Jungle (1969)

A Time for Pirates (1971)

The Bitter Tea (1972)

The Golden Cockatrice (1974)

A Big Wind for Summer (1975)
APA: Gale Force (1978)

A Moon for Killers (1976)
APA: Killer Moon (1977)

Night Run from Java (1979)

The Fatal Shadow (1983)

A Path for Serpents (1991)