Anthony Wynne
Robert McNair Wilson
Dr. Eustace Hailey, a snuff-taking physician and psychologist, in England and sometimes Scotland:

The Mystery of the Evil Eye (1925)
APA: The Sign of Evil (1925)

The Double-Thirteen Mystery (1926)
APA: The Double Thirteen (1926)

The Horseman of Death (1927)

The Mystery of the Ashes (1927)

Sinners Go Secretly (1927) [SS]

The Dagger (1928)

Red Scar (1928)

The Fourth Finger (1929)

The Room with the Iron Shutters (1929)

The Blue Vesuvius (1930)

The Yellow Crystal (1930)

Murder of a Lady (1931)
APA: The Silver Scale Mystery (1931)

The Silver Arrow (1931)
APA: The White Arrow (1932)

The Case of the Green Knife (1932)
APA: The Green Knife (1932)

The Case of the Red-Haired Girl (1932)
APA: The Cotswold Case (1933)

The Case of the Gold Coins (1933)

The Loving Cup (1933)
APA: Death out of the Night (1933)

Death of a Banker (1934)

The Holbein Mystery (1935)
APA: The Red Lady (1935)

The Toll-House Murder (1935)

Murder in Thin Air (1936)

Death of a Golfer (1937)
APA: Murder in the Morning (1942)

Death of a King (1938)
APA: Murder Calls Dr. Hailey (1938)

Door Nails Never Die (1939)

The House on the Hard (1940)

Emergency Exit (1941)

Murder in a Church (1942)

Death of a Shadow (1950)

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