Vincent Zandri
Jack Marconi, warden of the maximum security Green Haven Prison, later a private investigator, in New York:

As Catch Can (1999)
APA: The Innocent (2012)

Godchild (2000)

The Guilty (2013)

The Corruptions (2017)

Dick Moonlight, a former police detective turned private investigator and massage therapist, in Albany, New York:

Moonlight Falls (2009)

Moonlight Rises (2012)

Blue Moonlight (2012)

Murder by Moonlight (2012)

Moonlight Sonata (2013)

Moonlight Weeps (2014)
2015 Shamus Award for Best Paperback
2015 Thriller Award for Best Paperback

Chase Baker, an author and tour guide, in an archeological adventure-thriller series:

The Shroud Key (2014)

Chase Baker and the Golden Condor (2014)

Non-series, including some horror:

Permanence (1995)

The Remains (2010)

Scream Catcher (2011)

The Concrete Pearl (2012)

Everything Burns (2015)

Orchard Grove (2016)

The Detonator (2018)

The Girl Who Wasn’t There (2020)

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