R.D. Zimmerman
Robert Dingwall Zimmerman
Alex Phillips, a technical writer and his sister, Maddy Phillips, a blind forensic psychiatrist, on an island in Lake Michigan:

Death Trance (1992)

Blood Trance (1993)

Red Trance (1994)
Todd Mills, a gay TV news reporter in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Closet (1995)
Finalist 1996 Anthony Award for Best Paperback

Tribe (1996)
Finalist 1997 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Hostage (1997)

Outburst (1998)

Innuendo (1999)


The Cross and the Sickle (1984)

The Red Encounter (1986)

Blood Russian (1987)

Murder Most Artful (1987)

Mindscream (1989)

Deadfall in Berlin (1990)
Finalist 1991 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

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