Architecture, Construction, Home Repair
Gavin Black (Oswald Morris Wynd)
  • Paul Harris: Scot with a heavy equipment business in Singapore

Juliet Blackwell
  • Melanie Tanner: a failed anthropologist now running her father’s construction company, in the Historic Home Renovation mysteries

James Bradberry
  • Jamie Ramsgill: architect and Princeton professor in New Jersey
Francis Durbridge
  • Tim Frazer: young engineer who gets involved in intrigue

Christy Evans
  • Georgiana Neverall: software engineer turned plumber, returning to her old home town of Pine Ridge, Oregon

Sally Gunning
  • Peter Bartholomew: odd-jobs company owner in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Roy Lewis (b.1933)
  • Arnold Landon: medieval architecture expert and researcher in Northumberland, England

Edward Marston
  • Christopher Redmayne: architect, and Jonathan Bale, a constable in 1600s London, England

Keith Miles (Edward Marston)
  • Merlin Richards: 1920s young Welsh architect in Phoenix, Arizona
Herbert Resnicow
  • Alexander Gold: construction engineer and puzzle maven, in New York City

Stephen Santogrossi
  • Tim Ryder: carpenter in Palm Springs, California

Aileen Schumacher
  • Tory Travers: structural engineer in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and David Alvarez, a police detective in El Paso, Texas

Shelley Singer
  • Rosie Vicente: carpenter in Berkeley, California

Les Standiford
  • John Deal: building contractor in Miami, Florida

Aaron Marc Stein
  • Matt Erridge: construction engineer

Malcolm Torrie (Gladys Mitchell)
  • Timothy Herring: running a society for Preservation of Buildings of Historic Interest, in London, England

Valerie Wolzien
  • Josie Pigeon: owner of an all-woman construction firm in the Northeast USA

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