Games & Gaming & Gambling
David Anthony
  • Stanley Bass: professional gambler in southern California

Gretchen Archer
  • Davis Way: on the security team at the Bellissimo Resort and Casino, in Biloxi, Mississippi

Nero Blanc
  • Annabella Graham: crossword puzzle editor for the Newcastle Evening Crier, and Rosco Polycrates, a private eye, in Newcastle, Massachusetts

Richard Condon
  • Colin Huntington: retired Royal Navy captain and compulsive gambler

Deborah Coonts
  • Lucky O’Toole: statuesque beauty in charge of customer relations for the mega-casino Babylon Hotel, on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada
Rick Gadziola
  • Jake Morgan: disgraced Boston police officer turned blackjack dealer in Las Vegas, Nevada

Parnell Hall
  • Cora Felton: crossword creator with a nationally-syndicated column in Bakerhaven, Connecticut

Peter Hautman
  • Joe Crow, Sam O’Gara, Axel Speeter, and Tommy Fabian: group of small-town gamblers in Minnesota
J.J. Lamb
  • Zachariah Tobias Rolfe III: private investigator specializing in gambling-related crimes, based in Las Vegas, Nevada

Grant McCrea
  • Rick Redman: lawyer, drinker, rookie investigator, father, and poker hound, in New York City,

Susan Moody
  • Cassie Swann: professional bridge player, in Bellington, England

William Murray
  • Shifty Lou Anderson: professional magician and horseplayer, in southern California
Judson Philips
  • Danny Coyle: gambler and his assistant, Donovan

Anthony Rome (Marvin Albert)
  • Tony Rome: gambler and private investigator, in Miami, Florida

John Sandford
  • Lucas Davenport: police detective and war games designer in Minneapolis, Minnesota

James Swain
  • Tony Valentine: ex-cop investigator specializing in catching casino cheats in Las Vegas, Nevada

Peter Temple
  • Jack Irish: lawyer and gambler, turned debt collector and people finder, in Melbourne, Australia

P.J. Tracy
  • Grace MacBride: founder of Monkeewrench, a game software company, in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lono Waiwailoe
  • Wiley: unemployed poker player in Portland, Oregon

Jess Walter
  • Vince Camden: member of the witness-protection program, manager of a donut shop by day, and a gambler and thief by night, in Spokane, Washington

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