Lydia Adamson
  • Deirdre Quinn Nightingale: veterinarian in New York City

Doug Allyn
  • Dr. David Westbrook: veterinarian in Michigan

Robert E. Armstrong
  • Dr. Duncan A. MacDonell: veterinarian in Houston, Texas

Cynthia Baxter
  • Jessica Popper: veterinarian in Long Island, New York, in the Reigning Cats & Dogs mysteries

Claudia Bishop
  • Austin McKenzie: veterinarian, and his wife Madeline, in Trumansburg in upstate New York

Eileen Brady
  • Kate Turner: veterinarian in Oak Falls, New York, in the DVM mysteries

Laura Crum
  • Gail McCarthy: veterinarian in an equine practice, in Santa Cruz, California

Eileen Dewhurst
  • Anna Weston: veterinarian, and Tim LePage, a detective inspector, on the island of Guernsey, UK
Barbara Moore
  • Gordon Christy: veterinarian and Gala, a Doberman, in New Mexico
Sandra Parshall
  • Rachel Goddard: veterinarian in McLean, Virginia

Lillian M. Roberts
  • Andi Pauling: veterinarian in Palm Springs, California

Betty Webb
  • Theodora “Teddy” Bentley: zookeeper living on a houseboat on the central coast of California, in the Zoo mysteries

Karen Ann Wilson
  • Samantha Holt: veterinary technician in Paradise Cay, Florida

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