Laura Childs
Gerry Schmitt
Theodosia Browning, owner of the Indigo Teahouse in Charleston, South Carolina, in the Tea Shop Mysteries:

Death by Darjeeling1 (2001)

Gunpowder Green1 (2002)

Shades of Earl Grey1 (2003)

English Breakfast Murder (2003)

The Jasmine Moon Murder (2004)

Chamomile Mourning (2005)

Blood Orange Brewing (2006)

Dragonwell Dead (2007)

The Silver Needle Murder (2008)

Oolong Dead (2009)

The Teaberry Strangler (2010)

Scones & Bones (2011)

Agony of the Leaves (2012)

Sweet Tea Revenge (2013)

Steeped in Evil (2014)

Ming Tea Murder (2015)

Devonshire Scream (2016)

Pekoe Most Poison (2017)

Carmela Bertrand, owner of a scrapbooking shop in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Scrapbooking Mysteries:

Keepsake Crimes2 (2003)

Photo Finished2 (2004)

Bound for Murder2 (2004)

Motif for Murder (2006)

Frill Kill (2007)

Death Swatch (2008)

Tragic Magic (2009)

Fiber & Brimstone (2010)

Skeleton Letters (2011)

Postcards from the Dead (2012)

Gilt Trip3 (2013)

Gossamer Ghost (2014)

Parchment and Old Lace4 (2015)

Crepe Factor4 (2016)

Three semi-desperate, 40+ women running the egg-themed Cackleberry Club in the small town of Kindred:

Eggs in Purgatory (2008)

Eggs Benedict Arnold (2009)

Bedeviled Eggs (2010)

Stake & Eggs (2012)

Eggs in a Casket (2014)

Scorched Eggs (2014)

Egg Drop Dead (2016)

Written as Gerry Schmitt [real name]
Afton Tangler, a family liaison officer with the police department, in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Little Girl Gone (2016)