Monica Ferris
Mary Monica Pulver
Betsy Devonshire, a needlework shop owner in Excelsior, Minnesota, in the Needlecraft mysteries:

Crewel World1 (1999)

Framed in Lace1 (1999)

A Stitch in Time1 (2000)

Unraveled Sleeve2 (2001)

A Murderous Yarn2 (2002)

Hanging by a Thread2 (2003)

Cutwork (2004)

Crewel Yule (2004)

Embroidered Truths (2005)

Sins and Needles (2006)

Knitting Bones (2007)

Thai Die (2008)

Blackwork (2009)

Buttons and Bones (2010)

Threadbare (2011)

And Then You Dye (2012)

The Drowning Spool (2014)

Darned If You Do (2015)

Knit Your Own Murder (2016)

Written as Mary Monica Pulver
Peter Brichter, a police detective, and Kori Price Brichter, a horse breeder, in Illinois:

Murder at the War (1987)
APA: Knight Fall (1992)
Finalist 1988 Anthony Award for Best First Novel

The Unforgiving Minutes (1988)

Ashes to Ashes (1988)

Original Sin (1991)

Show Stopper (1992)

Written as Margaret Frazer1
Dame Frevisse, a medieval nun in Oxfordshire, England:

The Novice’s Tale (1992)

Servant’s Tale (1993)

The Outlaw’s Tale (1994)

The Bishop’s Tale (1994)

The Boy’s Tale (1995)

The Murderer’s Tale (1996)

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