Reed Farrel Coleman
  • Moe (Moses) Prager: ex-cop private investigator in 1980s New York City

Kathleen Ernst
  • Chloe Ellefson: the new collections curator of an 1870s pioneer living history museum, in rural 1980s Wisconsin

Ed Gorman
  • Leo Guild: 1980s bounty hunter in the western United States

Tami Hoag
  • Tony Mendez: Sheriff's detective in mid-1980s Oak Knoll, California, in the Deeper than the Dead series

Con Lehane
  • Brian McNulty: a bartender in 1980s Manhattan, New York City

Adrian McKinty
  • Sean Duffy: detective sergeant in 1980s Northern Ireland, in the Troubles Trilogy

P.J. Parrish
  • Louis Kincaid: a biracial cop starting in Mississippi in 1983, then Michigan, and by the third book in south Florida, and later a private investigator

Cornelia Read
  • Madeline Dare: former dubutante in 1980s New York and Massachusettss

Bernhard Schlink
  • Gerhard Self: former public prosecutor during the Nazi era, now a private investigator in his late 60s, in 1980s Mannheim, in the newly unified Germany

Michael Simon
  • Dan Reles: the only Jewish homicide detective in 1980s Austin, Texas

L.V. Sims
  • Dixie T. Struthers: detective sergeant in the early days of Silicon Valley (late 1980s), in San José, California

Kenneth Wishnia
  • Filomena Buscarsela: NYPD cop from Ecuador, who becomes an apprentice private eye, in 1980s New York City

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