John Jakes
Johnny Havoc, a pint-sized (5'1"), unlicensed private investigator:

Johnny Havoc (1960)

Johnny Havoc Meets Zelda (1962)
APA: Havoc for Sale (1990)

Johnny Havoc and the Doll Who Had “It” (1963)
APA: Holiday for Havoc (1991)

Making It Big (1968)
APA: Johnny Havoc and the Siren in Red (1991)


Gonzaga’s Woman (1953)

A Night for Treason (1956)

The Devil Has Four Faces (1958)

The Impostor (1959)

On Secret Service (2000)

Written as Alan Payne:

This’ll Slay You (1958)

Written as Rachel Ann Payne:

Ghostwind (1966)

Written as Jay Scotland:

The Seventh Man (1958)

William Ard titles ghostwritten by John Jakes
Lou Largo, a private investigator in New York City

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