William Ard
Timothy Dane, a private investigator in New York City:

The Perfect Frame (1951)

.38 (1952)
APA: You Can’t Stop Me (1953)
APA: This Is Murder (1954)

The Diary (1952)

A Private Party (1953)
APA: Rogue’s Murder (1955)

Don’t Come Crying to Me (1954)

Mr. Trouble (1954)

Hell Is a City (1955)
APA: The Naked and the Innocent (1960)

Cry Scandal (1956)

The Root of His Evil (1957)
APA: Deadly Beloved (1958)

Danny Fontaine:

As Bad as I Am (1959)
APA: Wanted: Danny Fontaine1 (1960)

When She Was Bad (1960)

Lou Largo, a private investigator in New York City:

All I Can Get (1959)

Like Ice She Was (1960)

Babe in the Woods2 (1960)

Make Mine Mavis3 (1961)

And So to Bed (1962)3

Give Me This Woman3


You’ll Get Yours (1952)
[written as Thomas Wills]

A Girl for Danny4 (1953)

Double Cross (1953)
[written as Mike Moran]

No Angels for Me (1954)

Mine To Avenge (1955)
[originally written as Thomas Wills]

The Sins of Billy Serene (1960)

Written as Ben Kerr

Shakedown (1952)

Down I Go (1955)

Damned If He Does (1956)

I Fear You Not (1956)

Club 17 (1957)

The Blonde and Johnny Malloy (1958)

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