Mansell Black (Adam Hall)
  • Richard Vaness: American pilot

Stephen Coonts
  • Jake Grafton: naval aviator
Lester Dent
  • Chance Malloy: wealthy, 39-year-old bachelor running an aviation business in South America

Philip Donlay
  • Donovan Nash: pilot for hire

Dolores Gordon-Smith
  • Jack Haldean: former Royal Flying Corps pilot and mystery writer, in early 1920s England

Jack D. Hunter
  • Bruno Stachel: German flying ace from WWI to 1945
Kam Majd
  • Kate Gallagher: commercial airline pilot
Michael Ridpath
  • Alex Calder: former RAF fighter pilot, now a City bond trader based in London, England

Megan Mallory Rust
  • Taylor Morgan: medi-flight pilot in Alaska

C.J. West
  • Randy Black: part-time stunt pilot with a fondness for alcohol, bent on vengeance, but perhaps not beyond redemption

Penelope Williamson
  • Daman Rourke: ex-WWI flying ace and police detective in 1927 New Orleans, Lousiana

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