Kyle Mills
Mark Beamon, an FBI special agent in the US:

Rising Phoenix (1997)

Storming Heaven (1998)

Free Fall (2000)

Sphere of Influence (2002)

Darkness Falls (2007)

Covert-One, the President’s personal, super-secret agency, continuing Robert Ludlum’s Covert-One series:

The Ares Decision (2011)
AKA: Robert Ludlum’s The Ares Decision

The Utopia Experiment (2013)
AKA: Robert Ludlum’s The Utopia Experiment

The Patriot Attack (2015)
AKA: Robert Ludlum’s The Patriot Attack

Continuation of Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series:

The Survivor (2015)
[Vince Flynn novel completed by Kyle Mills]

Order to Kill: A Mitch Rapp Novel (2016)


Burn Factor (2002)

Smoke Screen (2003)

Fade (2005)

The Second Horseman (2006)

Lords of Corruption (2009)

The Immortalists (2011)