Museums & Galleries
Peter Abresch
  • Dodee Swisher: gallery owner, and Jim Dandy, a retired physical therapist, in North America

Oliver Banks
  • Amos Hatcher: the art world’s foremost detective

Sheila Connolly
  • Eleanor “Nell” Pratt: fundraiser for The Society for the Preservation of Pennsylvania Antiques, in the Museum mysteries

Beverly Connor
  • Diane Fallon: forensic anthropologist, museum director and reluctant detective
Cecil Dawkins
  • Ginevra Prettifield: art museum assistant director, in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Aaron Elkins
  • Chris Norgren: art museum curator in Seattle, Washington

Kathleen Ernst
  • Chloe Ellefson: the new collections curator of an 1870s pioneer living history museum, in rural 1980s Wisconsin

Earlene Fowler
  • Albenia “Benni” Harper: ex-rancher and folk art museum curator, in San Celina, California

Charlotte Hinger
  • Lottie Albright: editor for the county historical society in a small town in western Kansas
Michael Kilian
  • Bedford Green: art gallery owner and his assistant Sloan Smith, in 1920s Greenwich Village, New York

Keith McCarthy
  • Dr. John Eisenmenger: former forensic pathologist in charge of St. Benjamin’s Museum of Anatomy and Pathology, and Helena Flemming, a solicitor, in England

Lise McClendon
  • Alix Thorssen: gallery owner and art forgery expert, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Marcia Muller
  • Elena Oliverez: Director of Museum of Mexican Arts in Santa Barbara, California
Iain Pears
  • Jonathan Argyll: English art dealer, and Flavia di Stefano, of the Art Theft Squad, in Rome, Italy

Margaret Truman
  • Annabel Reed: gallery owner, and Mackenzie Smith, a law professor, in Washington, DC

Clarissa Watson
  • Persis Willum: artist and art gallery assistant, in Long Island, New York, and France

Dorian Yeager
  • Elizabeth Will: watercolorist and gallery owner in Dovekey, New Hampshire

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