Asian-American & Asian
Earl Derr Biggers
  • Charlie Chan: police detective based in Honolulu, Hawaii

Leonard Chang
  • Allen Choice: Korean-American Silicon Valley investigator in Los Angeles, California
Barry Eisler
  • John Rain: Japanese-American freelance assassin in Tokyo, Japan

Dale Furutani
  • Ken Tanaka: computer programmer in Los Angeles, California

Naomi Hirahara
  • Mas Arai: Japanese-American Hiroshima survivor, gardener, and sleuth, in Los Angeles, California
Andrew Lanh (Ed Ifkovic)
  • Rick Van Lam: an Amerasian (Vietnamese mother & American G.I. father) insurance investigator in Hartford, Connecticut

Ed Lin
  • Robert Chow: NYPD Chinatown beat cop in 1976 New York City

Irene Lin-Chandler
  • Holly-Jean Ho: bisexual Anglo-Chinese computer fraud consultant and private investigator, in London, England

Eric Van Lustbader
  • JNicholas Linnear: half-Asian, half-English crime fighter

Sujata Massey
  • Rei Shimura: Japanese-American English teacher who would like to become an antiques dealer in Tokyo, Japan

Doc Macomber
  • Jack Vu: Vietnamese-American investigator for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, in New Orleans, Louisiana, and elsewhere

Harker Moore
  • James Sakura: Japanese-American NYPD lieutenant in New York City
Kel Robertson
  • Bradman (Brad) Chen: 5th-generation Chinese-Australian ex-rugby star and inspector with the Australian Federal Police, in Canberra, Australia

S.J. Rozan
  • Lydia Chin: 30-something Chinese-American private eye

Anne Wingate
  • Mark Shigata: Japanese-American ex-FBI agent turned sheriff in Bayport, Texas

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