Native Peoples
Lori G. Armstrong
  • Mercy Gunderson: a former Army sniper who is one-quarter Minneconjou Sioux, returning home to South Dakota

Wayne Arthurson
  • Leo Desroches: Aboriginal Issues reporter with gambling and drinking problems, born to a Cree mother, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Sallie Bissell
  • Mary Crow: half-Cherokee assistant district attorney, in Atlanta, Georgia

Bill S. Ballinger
  • Joaquin Hawks: CIA operative in Southeast Asia of Hispanic and Native American descent

Suzanne Blanc
  • Miguel Menendez: Indio investigator for the Bureau of Tourism, in San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Johnny D. Boggs
  • Daniel Killstraight: young Comanche sent off to the Carlisle School for seven years before returning to the Comanche Nation to serve as a policeman

Peter Bowen
  • Gabriel Du Pré: Métis (Cree and French, maybe a little English) cattle inspector and sometimes sheriff, in Montana

Brenda Chapman
  • Kala Stonechild: First Nations police recruit, and detective Jacques Rouleau, in Ottawa, later Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Brenda Chapman
  • Kala Stonechild: First Nations police recruit, and detective Jacques Rouleau, in Ottawa, later Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Pamela (Pam) Christie
  • Fernando (Nando) Aguilar: half-Indian spy working for Governor Juan Batista de Anza, in 1780s Santa Fe, New Mexico

Margaret Coel
  • Vicky Holden: Arapaho attorney, on the Wind River Reservation, Wyoming
James Doss
  • Charlie Moon: Ute police officer in Grant Creek, Colorado

Lee Driver (S.D. Tooley)
  • Sara Morningsky: Native American girl with divine shape-shifting powers

John Enright
  • Apelu Soifua: detective sergeant, formerly with the San Francisco Police Department, now back home in Pago Pago, American Samoa, in the Jungle Beat mysteries

Stanley Evans
  • Silas Seaweed: a Coast Salish Aboriginal beat cop on the streets of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

John Farrow (Trevor Ferguson)
  • Emile Cinq-Mars: detective sergeant of French and Indian extraction, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Brian Garfield
  • Sam Watchman: Navajo state trooper in Arizona

Christine Gentry
  • Ansel Phoenix: half-Blackfoot and half-Anglo, who draws dinosaurs for magazines, books, and museum displays, in Big Toe, Montana

Kat Goldring
  • Willi Gallagher: part-time English teacher, looking into her American Indian background, and Quannah Lassiter, a Lakota-speaking special investigator for the Texas Rangers, in Nickleberry, Texas

Jean Hager
  • Molly Bearpaw: major crimes investigator and advocate for the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

J.M. Hayes
  • Mad Dog: part Cheyenne half-brother to English, known as Englishman, a divorced, single-father sheriff of Benteen County, in Buffalo Springs, Kansas

Anne Hillerman
  • Bernadette (Bernie) Manualito: Navajo Nation Police Officer (continuation of father Tony Hillerman’s series)

Tony Hillerman
  • Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee: Navajo tribal police officers in the southwest USA

Sara Sue Hoklotubbe
  • Sadie Walela: daughter of a Cherokee father and white mother, and a banker in the Cherokee Nation of northeastern Oklahoma

Stan Jones
  • Nathan Active: Inupiak Alaska State Trooper assigned to his village of birth after being raised by a white couple in Anchorage, Alaska
Graeme Kent
  • Ben Kella: police sergeant and hereditary spiritual peacekeeper of the Lau people, and Sister Conchita, a 20-something American nun, in the 1960s Solomon Islands

Henry Kisor
  • Steve “Two Crows” Martinez: Lakota Indian by birth, eastern white by upbringing, and deputy sheriff in Porcupine City, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

William Kent Krueger
  • Cork O’Connor: a three-quarters Irish and one-quarter Ojibwe ex-sheriff in Aurora, Minnesota

Christopher Lane
  • Ray Attla: Inupiat police officer who returns to his native home after growing up in Anchorage, Alaska

M.J. McGrath
  • Edie Kiglatuk: former polar bear hunter and the best guide in her isolated Inuit community in the Canadian Arctic

Mardi Oakley Medawar
  • Tay-bodal: 19th century Kiowa healer in Oklahoma

Marilyn Meredith
  • Tempe Crabtree: woman deputy torn between her Native American (Yanduchi) traditions and her loyalty to Hutch, her minister husband, in Bear Creek, California

Kirk Mitchell
  • Emmett Quanah Parker: part-Comanche, part-white Bureau of Indian Affairs agent, and Anna Turnipseed, a part-Modoc, part-Japanese FBI special agent, in New Mexico and elsewhere
Jake Page
  • Connie Barnes: Anglo-Hopi girlfriend to a private investigator in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Thomas Perry
  • Jane Whitefield: Native American guide in Deganawida, New York

Neil Plakcy
  • Kimo Kanapa’aka: gay police detective in Honolulu, Hawaii

Kieran Shields
  • Archie Lean, newly appointed deputy marshal, and Perceval Grey, a part-Indian Pinkerton agent, in 1890s Portland, Maine

Susan Slater
  • Benson (Ben) Pecos: reservation medical investigator from Tewa Pueblo, and Tommy Spottedhorse, a tribal police officer, in New Mexico

Dana Stabenow
  • Kate Shugak: native Alaskan ex-DA investigator in Alaska

Richard Martin Stern
  • Johnny Ortiz: half-Apache, half-Chicano, police lieutenant, around Santa Fe, New Mexico

Paul Thomas
  • Tito Ihaka: Maori detective sergeant, in Auckland, New Zealand

Aimee and David Thurlo
  • Ella Clah: Navajo FBI agent in Shiprock, New Mexico

Sandra Tooley
  • Samantha (Sam) Casey: Native American detective sergeant who can hear the dead speak, in Chasen Heights, Illinois

J.F. Trainor
  • Angela Biwaban: ex-embezzler Anishinabe princess in Minnesota

C.M. Wendelboe
  • Manny Tanno: former Oglala Lakota tribal cop, now an FBI Special Agent returning to the Pine Ridge Reservation, in South Dakota

Robert Westbrook
  • Howard Moon Deer: private investigator in San Geronimo, New Mexico

Sue Owens Wright
  • Elsie "Beanie" MacBean: freelance writer and a member of the Washoe Tribe and her basset hound, Cruiser, in South Tahoe, Nevada

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
  • Charles Spotted Moon: attorney and Ojibway tribal shaman in San Francisco, California

Scott Young
  • Matteesie Kitologitok, “the great brain of Arctic crime,” an Inuit inspector in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, based in the Northwest Territories of Canada

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