Donna Andrews
  • Turing Hopper: Artificial Intelligence Personality (AIP) in Crystal City, outside Washington, DC

Sally Chapman
  • Juliet Blake: computer fraud investigator in Silicon Valley, California

David Cole
  • Laura Winslow: false identity of a part-Hopi cyber-investigator, on the Arizona border
Ray Daniel
  • Aloysius Tucker: computer whiz in Boston, Massachusetts

Denise Danks
  • Georgina Powers: computer journalist in London, England

Truly Donovan
  • Lexy Connor: software consultant in Boulder, Colorado

Dale Furutani
  • Ken Tanaka: computer programmer in Los Angeles, California

Tom Grace
  • Nolan Kilkenny: ex-Navy SEAL, working at his father's online research firm in Michigan

Edward D. Hoch
  • Carl Crader and Earl Jazine: computer cops in the future

Susan Holtzer
  • Anneke Haagen: computer consultant in Ann Arbor, Michigan

J.A. Jance
  • Alison Reynolds: 40-something ex-newscaster and new "pajama-clad blogger" in Sedona, Arizona
Susan B. Kelly
  • Alison Hope: software designer, and Nick Trevellyan, a detective inspector, in Hop Valley, England

Shirley Kennett
  • P.J. Gray: psychologist and computer expert in St. Louis, Missouri

Patrick Lee
  • Sam Dryden: former Special Forces operative retired to a small town on the coast of southern California, in a series of high-tech thrillers

Irene Lin-Chandler
  • Holly-Jean Ho: bisexual Anglo-Chinese computer fraud consultant and private investigator, in London, England

Penny Mickelbury
  • Yolanda Aguillera: computer whiz, and Phil Rodriquez, a Puerto Rican ex-cop private investigator,in New York City
Keith Raffel
  • Ian Michaels: Silicon Valley entrepreneur, in Palo Alto, California, in the Silicon Valley mysteries

Mark Russinovich
  • Jeff Aiken: ex-government analyst, later running a cyber-security company, confronting menacing worldwide computer malfunctions, based in Washington, DC

Arlene Sachitano
  • Harley Spring: divorced single mother and supervisor with Sil-Trac, a computer chip company, in Hillsboro, near Portland, Oregon, by Arlene Sachitano

John Sandford
  • Kidd: computer whiz and LuEllen, a thief in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jean Sheldon
  • Kerry Grant: police detective and computer guru, in Chicago, Illinois

Julie Smith
  • Talba Wallis: (AKA Baroness de Pontalba), a black poet and computer expert, in New Orleans, Louisiana

L.A. Taylor
  • J.J. Jamison: computer engineer and investigator with CATCH (Committee for Analysis of Tropospheric and Celestial Happenings), in Minneapolis, Minnesota

P.J. Tracy
  • Grace MacBride: founder of Monkeewrench, a game software company, in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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