Tour Guides & Travel

Gary Alexander
  • Luis Balam: ex-traffic cop turned tour operator in the Yucatán, México

Taffy Cannon
  • Roxanne Prescott: Williamsburg, Virginia, and then San Diego, California

Hy Conrad
  • Amy Abel, a shy, risk-averse woman, and her domineering mother Fanny, running a travel agency specializing in adventure, in the Amy’s Travel mysteries

Judith Cook
  • John Latymer: ex-copper and literary tour guide for groups of American tourists in Great Britain
Casey Daniels
  • Pepper Martin: tour guide at a cemetery, who can talk with a mob boss ghost, in Cleveland, Ohio

Sarah Dreher
  • Stoner McTavish: lesbian travel agent in Boston, Massachusetts

Zoë Ferraris

Nayir Sharqi: a Palestinian-Bedouin desert guide, and Katya Hijazi, a forensic scientist, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Linda Hall
  • Jake Rikker: private investigator, kayak adventurer, and whale-watching tour guide specializing in salvage operations, in the mostly Christian town of Fog Point, Maine

Lynne Heitman
  • Alex Shanahan: general manager of Majestic Airlines, in Boston, Massachusetts, and elsewhere, sometimes undercover investigator in the airline industry, and later a private investigator

Maddy Hunter
  • Emily Andrew: tour guide based in Iowa, in the Passport to Peril mysteries
M.J. McGrath
  • Edie Kiglatuk: former polar bear hunter and the best guide in her isolated Inuit community in the Canadian Arctic

Karin McQuillan
  • Jazz Jasper: American safari guide in Kenya
Livia J. Washburn
  • Delilah Dickenson: owner of a travel agency in Atlanta, Georgia, in the Literary Tour mysteries

Stella Whitelaw
  • Casey Jones: cruise director on the luxury cruise ship Countess Georgina, in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean

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