Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Sherlock Holmes: detective in London, England (the original)

Val Andrews
  • Sherlock Holmes: sleuth based in London, England

Rick Boyer
  • Sherlock Holmes: detective in London, England

Carole Buggé
  • Sherlock Holmes: detective in London, England

Philip J. Carraher
  • Sherlock Holmes: detective in London, England
Martin Davies
  • Mrs. Hudson: Sherlock Holmes’s housekeeper, in London, England
Loren D. Estleman
  • Sherlock Holmes: 19th century consulting detective in London, England

Quinn Fawcett
  • Mycroft Holmes: Sherlock’s older brother, in London, England

Robert L. Fish
  • Schlock Homes of 211B Bagel Street, a Sherlockian pastiche with a Yiddish perspective, in London, England

Brian Freemantle
  • Sebastian Holmes: fathered out of wedlock by Sherlock Holmes while recuperating from his tumble off the Reichenbach Falls

John Gardner
  • Professor Moriarty: archenemy of Sherlock Holmes in London, England

Barry Grant
  • Sherlock Holmes, who returns to the present after thawing from a Swiss glacier, and James Wilson, a middle-aged British journalist

L.B. Greenwood
  • Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson pastiches

Sydney Hosier
  • Mrs. Hudson: housekeeper for the other sleuth of Baker Street, in London, England

H. Paul Jeffers
  • Sherlock Holmes pastiches
Laurie R. King
  • Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell, his student and then wife

Michael Kurland
  • Professor Moriarty: the Napoleon of Crime and nemesis of Sherlock Holmes, in 1890s London, England

Andrew Lane
  • Young Sherlock Holmes (young adult series)

Nicholas Meyer
  • Sherlock Holmes, from the posthumous memoirs of Dr. Watson, in the 1890s in Europe

Larry Millett
  • Sherlock Holmes: British detective, and Shadwell Rafferty, an Irish saloonkeeper in Minnesota
Ted Riccardi
  • Sherlock Holmes pastiches

Barrie Roberts
  • Sherlock Holmes pastiches

Michael Robertson
  • Reggie and Nigel Heath: solicitors with office space on Baker Street in London, England, who receive letters written to Sherlock Holmes

Donald Thomas
  • Sherlock Holmes short stories

June Thomson
  • Sherlock Holmes series

Wayne Worcester
  • Sherlock Holmes: detective in London, England, from the journals of Dr. Watson

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