Archeologists & Anthropologists
Margot Arnold
  • Penny Spring and Sir Toby Glendower: 60-something archaeologists, in Cambridge, England

Aileen Baron
  • Lily Sampson: young American graduate student archeologist, in late 1930s and early 1940s Jerusalem and Morocco
  • Tamar Saticoy: an archaeological consultant for Interpol

Jefferson Bass
  • Dr. Bill Brockton: forensic anthropologist in Tennessee

Simon Beckett
  • Dr. David Hunter: forensic anthropologist in England

Dana Cameron
  • Emma Fielding: an archaeologist

Barbara Cleverly
  • Leatitia Talbot: archeologist based in post-WWI France

Beverly Connor
  • Lindsay Chamberlain: forensic archeologist at the University of Georgia, in Athens, Georgia
  • Diane Fallon: forensic anthropologist, museum director and reluctant detective

Rebecca Cramer
  • Linda Bluenight: anthropologist and 4th-grade teacher, in and around Tucson, Arizona
Val Davis (Robert & Angie Irvine)
  • Nicolette Scott: archaeologist in the southwestern USA

Aaron Elkins
  • Gideon Oliver: anthropology professor in Port Angeles, Washington

Mary Anna Evans
  • Faye Longchamp: black archaeology student digging up artifacts for the black market on her plantation on North Florida’s Gulf Coast,

Ellen Godfrey
  • Rebecca Rosenthal: 80-year-old Polish-born anthropologist, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada,

Thomas Greanias

Conrad Yeats, an archeaologist, and Vatican linguist Sister Serena Serghetti, involved in international intrigue, in the Atlantis trilogy

Elly Griffiths

Dr. Ruth Galloway: forensic archaeologist, and Harry Nelson, a detective chief inspector, in the Saltmarsh area near Norfolk, England

Jamie Harrison
  • Jules Clement: archaeologist turned sheriff, in Blue Deer, Montana

Erin Hart
  • Cormac Maguire: Irish archaeologist, and Nora Gavin, an American pathologist, in Ireland
Raymond Khoury
  • Tess Chaykin, an archaeologist, and Sean Reilly, anFBI anti-terrorist specialist, and dealing with historical secrets and threats

Tom Knox
  • Archeological historical thrillers

Sharyn McCrumb
  • Elizabeth MacPherson: forensic anthropologist in southern USA

Rett MacPherson
  • Victory (Torie) O’Shea: genealogist in New Kassel, Missouri

Jessica Mann
  • Thea Crawford: archaeology professor in England
  • Tamara Hoyland: British secret agent and archaeologist, in England

Jeanne Matthews
  • Dinah Pelerin: amateur sleuth and wannabe anthropologist, here and there around the world
Elizabeth Peters
  • Amelia Peabody: Victorian feminist Egyptologist from Kent, England

Dilwyn Rees (Glyn Daniel)
  • Sir Richard Cherrington: archaeologist and Vice President of Fisher College, in Cambridge, England

Kathy Reichs
  • Temperance Brennan: forensic anthropologist in the Province of Quebec, Canada, and Charlotte, North Carolina

Malcolm Shuman
  • Alan Graham: contract archaeologist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Aaron Mark Stein
  • Tim Mulligan and Elsie Mae Hunt: professional archeologists and amateur sleuths

John Trench
  • Martin Cotterell: erudite and untidy archaeologist, in England

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