Banking & Finance
William Arden (Michael Collins)
  • Kane Jackson: industrial espionage expert and detective

Nikki Baker
  • Virginia Kelly: black lesbian stockbroker in Chicago, Illinois

John C. Boland
  • Donald McCarry: commodities trader at Morgenstern Ozick, on Wall Street
  • Richard Welles: young financial advisor at the investment bank Ambrose and Welles, in Baltimore, Maryland

Anne Burton (Sara Woods)
  • Richard Trenton: banker in England

Mike Cooper
  • Silas Cade: black-ops Iraq war veteran and contract consultant working for Wall Street hedge fund managers and investors, based in New York City
Robert Dietrich (E. Howard Hunt)
  • Steve Bentley: adventurous certified public accountant based in Washington, DC

Felicia Donovan
  • Jane Landers: financial whiz, ex-cop Katie Mahoney, computer forensics expert Alexandria Axelrod, office manager Margo Norton, of the Black Widow Agency, who right the wrongs done to innocent women by dastardly men, in New Hampshire

Paul E. Erdman
  • Non-series financial thrillers

Connie Feddersen
  • Amanda Hazard: sexy small-town CPA, in Vamoose, Oklahoma

Gwen Freeman
  • Fifi Cutter: bi-racial, 20-something, freelance insurance investigator, in Los Angeles, California

Stephen Frey
  • Christian Gillette: CEO of Everest Capital, a Manhattan-based investment firm, in New York City

Tony Gibbs
  • Diana Speed: chief financial officer for a publishing company, in New York City

Sarah Graves
  • Jacobia Tiptree: onetime financial advisor to the Mob, now living in Eastport, Maine, in the Home Repair Is Homicide mysteries

William Haggard
  • Paul Martiny: accountant exacting revenge against the privileged, in Cyprus and England

Ian Hamilton
  • Ava Lee: petite young Chinese-Canadian forensic accountant specializing in tracking large debts, working for “Uncle” based in Hong Kong

Tim Heald
  • Simon Bogner: special investigator with the Board of Trade, in London, England

Sara Sue Hoklotubbe
  • Sadie Walela: daughter of a Cherokee father and white mother, and a banker in the Cherokee Nation of northeastern Oklahoma
Jon Katz
  • Kit DeLeeuw: Wall Street shark turned suburban detective, in Rochambeau, New Jersey

Diane Kelly
  • Tara Holloway: CPA and Criminal Investigations Division agent with the IRS, based in Dallas, Texas, in the Death and Taxes series

Ronald A. Knox
  • Miles Bredon: insurance investigator for the Indescribable Insurance Company, in England

J. Dayne Lamb
  • Teal Stewart: Certified Public Accountant in Boston, Massachusetts

Emma Lathen
  • John Putnam Thatcher: Wall Street financial whiz, based in New York City

Lawrence Light
  • Karen Glick: feature writer for a Wall Street magazine, in New York City

Nancy Livingston
  • G.D.H. Pringle: retired tax inspector in England

Gabrielle Lord
  • Gemma Lincoln: private investigator specializing in insurance traces, in Sydney, Australia

John Malcolm
  • Tim Simpson: financial consultant turned art investment specialist in London, England

Arthur Maling
  • Brock Potter: Wall Street securities analyst

A.E. Maxwell
  • Fiddler and Fiora Flynn: knight-errant and an investment banker, in Crystal Cove, California

Annette Meyers
  • Xenia Smith and Leslie Wetzon: Wall Street headhunters

Haughton Murphy
  • Reuben Frost: retired Wall Street super-lawyer and private investigator

Warren Murphy
  • Julian “Digger” Burroughs: freelance insurance investigator, in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Devlin “Trace” Tracy: freelance insurance investigator, in Las Vegas, Nevada
Dianne G. Pugh (Dianne Emley)
  • Iris Thorne: investment counselor in Los Angeles, California

Keith Raffel
  • Ian Michaels: Silicon Valley entrepreneur, in Palo Alto, California, in the Silicon Valley mysteries

Robert Reeves (born 1912)
  • Cellini Smith: accountant for the Mob in New York City, turned honest private investigator in Los Angeles, California

Linda L. Richards
  • Madeline Carter: former stockbroker in New York, turned day trader in Los Angeles, California

Michael Ridpath
  • Alex Calder: former RAF fighter pilot, now a City bond trader based in London, England
  • Security trading books of suspense in England

Cindy Sample
  • Laurel McKay: divorced soccer mom working at Hangtown Bank, in the gold country town, Placerville, California

Lawrence Sanders
  • Timothy Cone: Wall Street financial detective in New York City

Justin Scott
  • Ben Abbott: ex-Wall Street financier turned realtor, in Newbury, Connecticut

Michael Sears
  • Jason Stafford: a former Wall Street trader trying to put his life together after two years in prison, and his young autistic son, in Manhattan, New York

Maggie Sefton
  • Kelly Flynn: corporate accountant from Washington DC, who has relocated to Ft. Connor, Colorado and is learning to knit at the House of Lambspun

Connie Shelton
  • Charlie (Charlotte) Parker: Certified Public Accountant in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Patricia Smiley
  • Tucker Sinclair: 30-something divorcee and financial adviser, in Los Angeles, California

Ian Stuart
  • David Grierson: bank inspector in London England
  • Graham Lorimer: investigator for the Home Office concerning infringements on British interests overseas

Jennifer Sturman
  • Rachel Benjamin: investment banker and amateur sleuth, based in New York City

Malinda Terreri
  • Maggie Connors: stock broker and Tim Gallen, an IRS agent

Maggie Toussaint
  • Cleopatra Jones: accountant, golfer, and divorced mother of two, in Hogan’s Glen, Maryland

Lee Vance
  • Non-series financial thrillers

Piers Venmore-Rowland
  • Rafi Khan: a London fund manager, and detective inspector Kate Adams of the City’s economic crime unit

Norb Vonnegut
  • Grove O’Rourke: stockbroker at the investment firm of Sachs, Kidder, and Carnegie, in New York City

Kathryn R. Wall
  • Bay Tanner: widowed financial consultant, in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Noah Webster (Bill Knox)
  • Jonathan Gaunt: external auditor the Queen in Edinburgh, Scotland

David Williams
  • Mark Treasure: merchant banker in London, England

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