Inns, Hotels, Bed-and-Breakfast
Claudia Bishop
  • Sarah Quilliam: inn owner, and Meg Quilliam, a chef, in Hemlock Falls, New York

Nancy Coco (Nancy J. Parra)
  • Allie McMurphy: renovating her family's old hotel, on Mackinac Island, Michigan, in the Candy-Coated mysteries

Deborah Coonts
  • Lucky O’Toole: statuesque beauty in charge of customer relations for the mega-casino Babylon Hotel, on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada

E.J. Copperman (Jeffrey Cohen)
  • Alison Kerby: guesthouse owner with two unexpected guests (ghosts) in her newly acquired Jersey Shore Victorian, in the Haunted Guesthouse mysteries

Daniel Edward Craig
  • Trevor Lambert: hotel manager and sometime house detective in various locations in North America

Bill Crider with Willard Scott
  • Stanley Waters: retired weatherman operating a Bed & Breakfast in Higgins, Virginia
Krista Davis
  • Holly Miller: returning home to run the pet-friendly Sugar Maple Inn, in fictional Wagtail, Virginia, in the Paws and Claws mysteries

Mary Daheim
  • Judith McMonigle Flynn: bed and breakfast owner in Seattle, Washington

Thomas B. Dewey
  • Singer Batts: Shakespearean scholar running a hotel in a small town in Ohio

Jane Finnis
  • Aurelia Marcella: young Roman innkeeper in 1st century Roman Britain

Jean Hager
  • Tess Darcy: bed-and-breakfast owner in Victoria Springs, Missouri, in the Iris House mysteries
Kate Kingsbury
  • Cecily Sinclair: Edwardian hotel owner in Badger’s End, England, in the Pennyfoot Hotel mysteries

Suzann Ledbetter
  • Hannah Garvey: former advertising executive managing the upscale Valhalla Springs retirement community in the Missouri Ozarks

David Leitz
  • Max Addams: fly-fisherman and owner of Whitefork Lodge, a bed and breakfast in Vermont

Karen MacInerney
  • Natalie Barnes: inn proprietor on Cranberry Island, Maine, in the Gray Whale Inn mysteries

Dan J. Marlowe

Johnny Killain: hotel detective at the Hotel Duarte and part-time private investigator, in New York City

Michael Morley

Jack King: former FBI profiler running a hotel with his wife, in Tuscany, Italy

Tamar Myers
  • Magdalena Yoder: owner and manager of a Mennonite Inn in Hernia, Pennsylvania, in the Pennsylvania Dutch mysteries

Tim Myers
  • Alex Winston: owner of the Hatteras West Inn and Lighthouse in the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills in North Carolina
Hugh Pentecost (Judson Philips)
  • Pierre Chamburn: resident manager of the Hotel Beaumont in New York City

Alan Russell
  • Am Caulfield: hotel detective in San Diego, California

Marc Strange
  • Joe Grundy: ex-boxer, chief of security at the Lord Douglas Hotel, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Mari Privette Ulmer
  • Christine Garcia y Grant: ex-lawyer running a bed and breakfast in Taos, New Mexico, in the Taos Festival Mysteries

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