Australia Mysteries
Mark Abernethy
  • Alan “Mac” McQueen: true-blue Australian intelligence agent, in Southeast Asia and Australia

Robin Adair
  • Nicodemus Dunne: a fallen Bow Street Runner working as a running patterer, spreading the daily news by word of mouth, transported to 1828 Sydney, Australia, in the Curious Murder mysteries

Robert G. Barrett
  • Les Norton: nightclub bouncer in Sydney, Australia

Lenny Bartulin
  • Jack Susko: used book dealer and amateur sleuth in Sydney, Australia

Jean Bedford
  • Anna Southwood: private enquiry agent in Sydney, Australia

Margaret Bevege
  • Elizabeth Ludowski: detective appointed to the Police Commissioner’s Special Assignment Squad, in Queensland, Australia

Carmel Bird
  • Courtney Frome: sassy freelance journalist who investigates crimes, in Australia

Kirsty Brooks
  • Cassidy Blair: 29-year-old amateur sleuth, later private investigator, in Australia

Lindy Cameron
  • Kit O’Malley: former police officer, now a private investigator in Melbourne, Australia

Patricia Carlon
  • Cassandra Lisle: private detective, in 1960s Australia

J.R. (John) Carroll
  • Don Bartholomew: anti-hero in Sydney, Australia
  • Dennis Gatz: homicide detective in Melbourne, Australia

Alan Carter
  • Cato Kwong: Detective Senior Sergeant in Western Australia

Jon Cleary
  • Scobie Malone: a family-man and a police inspector, in Sydney, Australia

Jane Clifton
  • Non-series set in Australia

Cathy Cole
  • Nicola Sharpe: tall, tough 29-year-old private investigator, in the Balmain area of Sydney, Australia

Peter Corris
  • Richard Browning: private investigator with Hollywood ties, in Sydney, Australia
  • Ray Crawley: Federal Security Agency director in Sydney, Australia
  • Luke Dunlop: agent for the Witness Protection Agency in Australia
  • Cliff Hardy: private investigator in Australia

S.H. Courtier
  • Digger Haig: police inspector, in Australia
  • Ambrose Mahon: police inspector, later superintendent, in Australia

Sandy Curtis
  • Non-series romantic thrillers set in Australia
John Dale
  • Non-series mysteries set in Australia

Emma Darcy
  • K.C. Gordon: successful romance novelist in Australia

Marele Day
  • Claudia Valentine: private investigator, in Sydney, Australia

Garry Disher
  • Hal Challis: Detective Inspector on the Peninsula south-east of Melbourne, Australia
  • Wyatt: a thief in Melbourne, Australia

Peter Doyle
  • Billy Glasheen: a lurk merchant and milk bar cowboy, in post-WWII Sydney, Australia

Pat Flower
  • Bert Swinton: intuitive detective inspector in Sydney, Australia

Kathryn Fox
  • Dr. Anya Crichton: forensic pathologist in Sydney, Australia

Susan Geason
  • Syd Fish: former political press secretary, now a private investigator, in Sydney, Australia

Sulari Gentill
  • Rowland Sinclair: young artist and gentleman from a wealthy family, and reluctant amateur sleuth, in 1930s Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Leah Giarratano
  • Jill Jackson: police detective sergeant, and childhood rape victim, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Robert Gott
  • William Power: would-be private detective leading a troupe of incompetent Shakespearean actors during World War II, in Australia

Kerry Greenwood
  • Corinna Chapman: former banker, now running a bakery, Earthly Delights, in Melbourne, Australia
  • Phryne Fisher: in 1920s Melbourne, Australia

Jarad Henry
  • Rubens McCauley: maverick detective in the Criminal Investigation Unit in St. Kilda, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia

Katherine Howell
  • Ella Marconi, a police detective and a revolving cast of ambulance paramedics, in Sydney, Australia

Fergus Hume
  • Samuel Gorby and Kilsip, police detectives, and Calton, a leading lawyer, in Melbourne, Australia

Adrian Hyland
  • Emily Tempest: part white and part aborigine, who returns to the Austrialia outback

Dorothy Johnston
  • Sandra Mahoney: government clerk, later a computer security consultant, in Canberra, Australia
Randall Longmire
  • John Morton and Regina Gardner: police detectives in Sydney, Australia

Gabrielle Lord
  • Gemma Lincoln: private investigator specializing in insurance traces, in Sydney, Australia
  • Jack McCain: ex-crime scene detective and forensic scientist, in Sydney, Australia

Barry Maitland
  • Harry Belltree: homicide detective in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Shane Maloney
  • Murray Whelan: political aide in Australia

Andrew Masterson

Joe Panther: drug dealer, killer, messiah, and private investigator, in Melbourne, Australia

Andrew McGahan

Non-series set in Australia

Geoffrey McGeachin
  • Charlie Berlin: ex-bomber pilot and POW in World War II, rejoining the police force in 1947 Victoria, Australia
  • Alby Murdoch: Australian secret agent and international photographer

Philip McLaren

Non-series set in Australia

Claire McNab
  • Carol Ashton: lesbian detective inspector in Sydney, Australia
  • Denise Cleever: an agent for the Australian Security Intelligence Organization in Australia
  • Kylie Kendall: lesbian manager of a pub in tiny Wollegudgerie, Australia, who inherits 51% of her father's private detective agency in Los Angeles, California

Carolyn Morwood
  • Marlo Shaw: professional female cricketer and amateur sleuth, in Melbourne, Australia

Tara Moss
  • Makedde Vanderwall: part-time Canadian model and forensic psychology student, in Sydney, Australia (and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Alex Palmer
  • Paul Harrigan: detective inspector in the New South Wales Police Force, later a private security consultant, and his partner Grace Riordan, a detective constable, later an undercover intelligence agent, in Sydney, Australia

Leigh Redhead
  • Simone Kirsch: who stripdances as “Vivien Leigh,” a private investigator in Melbourne, Australia

Matthew Reilly
  • Jack West, Jr.: adventurer from the Australian Outback

Kel Robertson
  • Bradman (Brad) Chen: 5th-generation Chinese-Australian ex-rugby star and inspector with the Australian Federal Police, in Canberra, Australia

Jennifer Rowe
  • Verity “Birdie” Birdwood: TV researcher in Australia
  • Holly Love: a reluctant and accidental private investigator working at Gorgon Office Supplies, in the Blue Mountains of Australia
  • Tessa Vance: senior detective in Sydney, Australia

Caroline Shaw
  • Lenny Aaron: ex-cop female private investigator and cat finder, who is obsessed with Japan, in Melbourne, Australia

Steve J. Spears
  • Stella Pentangeli, detective to the stars and producer of a web-zine, the Pentangeli Papers, and Investigator Ng of the homicide squad, somewhere in Australia

Peter Temple
  • Jack Irish: lawyer and gambler, turned debt collector and people finder, in Melbourne, Australia

Emma Tom
  • Non-series set in Australia

Arthur Upfield
  • Inspector “Bony” Bonaparte: police officer in Australia

Dave Warner
  • Andrew “Lizard” Zirk: former rock star turned private investigator, based in Australia

Felicity Young
  • Stevie Hooper: a mother and a detective sergeant in the Sex Crimes unit, in Perth, Western Australia

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