George Baxt
  • The Celebrity Murder series: featuring celebrity detectives from the 1920s through 1950s

Raymond Benson
  • Judy Cooper: 1950s costumed female vigilante known as the Black Stiletto

Benjamin Black (John Banville)
  • Quirke: coroner in 1950s Dublin, Ireland

Jack Bludis
  • Brian Kane: private investigator in 1950s Hollywood, California

Alan Bradley
  • Flavia de Luce: an 11-year old sleuth and aspiring chemist in 1950, in the small village of Bishop’s Lacey, England

Alan Cook
  • Gary Blanchard: amateur sleuth in the American West, starting in the 1950s
Gaylord Dold
  • Mitch Roberts: private investigator in 1950s Wichita, Kansas, later in London, England, and elsewhere

Peter Doyle
  • Billy Glasheen: a lurk merchant and milk bar cowboy, in post-WWII Sydney, Australia

P.S. Elsner
  • Nick Dallas: young but retired cop, now a private investigator, in 1950s Detroit, Michigan

Tom Gabbay
  • Jack Teller: in World War II and later as a CIA agent

Pip Granger
  • Rosie Featherby: child raised by her Aunt Maggie and Uncle Bert running a Soho cafe in early 1950s London, England

Elly Griffiths
  • Max Mephisto, formerly part of the Magic Men, stage magicians who performed special missions during WWII, and Edgar Stephens, a detective inspector, in 1950s Brighton, England

Isidore Haiblum
  • Morris Weiss: Yiddish detective at Weiss and Weiss, in 1950s New York City

Suzette A. Hill
  • Rev. Francis Oughterard: the vicar of Molehill and a flustered murderer and blackmail victim, along with Bouncer the dog and Maurice the cat, in 1950s Surrey, England

Kathleen Hills
  • John McIntire: retired military intelligence officer and newly appointed township constable, in 1950s St. Adele, on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Bernard Knight
  • Richard Pryor: a pathologist, and Angela Bray, a biologist, running a private forensic practice in 1950s Britain, in the Forensic Mystery series

Ken Kuhlken
  • Tom Hickey: private investigator, in California and Nevada, and the next generation, Clifford Hickey

John Lawton
  • Frederick Troy: police sergeant and later Chief Inspector, from the late 1940s to the 1960s, in London, England

Amanda Matetsky
  • Paige Turner: mystery novelist and crime reporter, and a Korean War widow, in 1950s New York City

Craig McDonald
  • Hector Lassiter: legendary crime novelist who writes what he lives and lives what he writes, in the 1930s-1950s

Walter Mosley
  • Paris Minton: Watts bookstore owner, and the dangerous but principled Fearless Jones, in 1950s Los Angeles, California
  • Easy Rawlins: black WWII veteran living in 1940s–1950s Los Angeles, California

Tamar Myers
  • Amanda Brown: young American missionary in the Belgian Congo in the 1950s

Malla Nunn
  • Emmanuel Cooper: detective sergeant in 1950s South Africa

Mark Oldfield
  • Vengeance of Memory trilogy, following three time-lines: Ana María Galindez, a Guardia Civil forensic investigator in contemporary Madrid, Spain; Comandante Leo Guzmán, in the 1950s under Franco; and the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930s
Richard Parrish
  • Joshua Rabb: Jewish lawyer in late 1940s and early 1950s working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and privately, in Tucson, Arizona

Robert Reginald
  • Richard Curtis Van Loan (The Phantom of 1930s-40s fame), drawn out of retirement, in 1950s southern California, in the Phantom Detective Agency mysteries

James Runcie
  • Sidney Chambers: 32-year-old bachelor, vicar of Grantchester, and amateur sleuth, in 1950s Cambridgeshire, England, in the Grantchester mysteries

Craig Russell
  • Lennox: shady private investigator in 1950s Glasgow, Scotland

A.D. Scott
  • Journalists in the offices of the Highland Gazette, in the mid-1950s in the highlands of Scotland

Tom Rob Smith
  • Leo Demidov: secret police officer in 1950s Moscow, Russia

Andrew Taylor
  • The Lydmouth series: featuring an ensemble cast, including Richard Thornhill, a detective inspector, and Jill Francis, a journalist, in Lydmouth, England, in the 1950s

Simon Tolkien
  • William Trave: detective inspector, and Adam Clayton, a detective constable, in late 1950s-1960s Oxford, England

Jo Walton
  • Peter Carmichael: Scotland Yard inspector, in an alternative history starting in 1949 Britain, where WWII ended with a truce in 1941

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