Jake Arnott
  • Harry Starks: charismatic homosexual gangster in 1960s London, England

Michael Bowen
  • Thomas Curry: ex-lawyer, and Sandrine Cadette Curry, a Girl Friday, in a law firm in 1960s New York City

Patricia Carlon
  • Jefferson Shields: private detective, in 1960s Australia

Charlotte Carter
  • Cassandra Lisle: college student in late-1960s Chicago, Illinois, in the Cook County mysteries
Carola Dunn
  • Eleanor Trewynn: a plucky widow running a charity shop in the fictional village of Port Mabyn, in 1960s Cornwall, England, in the Cornish Mysteries

Jeremy Duns
  • Paul Dark: a seasoned MI-6 agent with a past, in a trilogy set in late 1960s Europe and Africa

Tom Gabbay
  • Jack Teller: in World War II and later as a CIA agent

Patricia Hall
  • Kate O’Donnell: aspiring photographer in 1960s London, England

June Hampson
  • Daisy Lane, caught up in gangster life starting in 1960s London and Gosport, England
Graeme Kent
  • Ben Kella: police sergeant and hereditary spiritual peacekeeper of the Lau people, and Sister Conchita, a 20-something American nun, in the 1960s Solomon Islands

Hans Olav Lahlum
  • Kolbjorn Kristiansen (K2), a detective inspector, and his wheelchair-bound assistant Patricia, starting in late 1960s, Oslo, Norway, in the K2 and Patricia series

John Lawton
  • Frederick Troy: police sergeant and later Chief Inspector, from the late 1940s to the 1960s, in London, England
  • Joe Wilderness: with a dubious past in the military and MI-6 after World War II, now working covertly for his former black market partner in 1963 Berlin, Germany

Adrian Magson
  • Lucas Rocco: police inspector in the 1960s, formerly in Paris, now in Poissons-les-Marais, in rural northern France

David Markson
  • Harry Fannin: private detective, in 1960s New York City

Rosemary Martin (Rosemary Stevens)
  • Bebe Bennett: executive secretary in a modeling agency in 1960s New York City, in the Murder a-Go-Go Series

Colleen McCullough
  • Carmine Delmonico: police lieutenant in a fictional mid-1960s college town, Holloman, Connecticut

Danny Miller
  • Vince Treadwell: young police detective sent in 1964 from London to Brighton, England
William Shaw
  • Cathal Breen: detective sergeant, and WPC Helen Tozer, of the Metropolitan Police, in the late ’60s music scene, in London, England

Josef Škvorecký
  • Josef Boruvka: sensitive police lieutenant coping with bureaucracy and Soviet invasion in 1960s Prague, Czechoslovakia

Steve Thayer
  • Pliny Pennington: deputy the 1960s, in Kickapoo Falls, Wisconsin

Simon Tolkien
  • William Trave: detective inspector, and Adam Clayton, a detective constable, in late 1950s-1960s Oxford, England

John Trenhaile
  • Stepan Povin: Russian KGB general in the Cold War

Marco Vichi
  • Bordelli: police inspector (commissario) in 1960s Florence, Italy

John Morgan Wilson & Peter Duchin
  • Phil Damon: bandleader playing jazz in 1963 San Francisco, California

Reavis Z. Wortham
  • Ned Parker: farmer and part-time constable, in mid-1960s Center Springs, Lamar County, Texas, in the Red River mysteries

Sally S. Wright
  • Ben Reese: 1960s university archivist, in Ohio

James W. Ziskin
  • Ellie (Eleonora) Stone: young journalist working for a small town daily newspaper, in 1960s New Holland, New York

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