E.C. Ayres
  • Tony Lowell: photographer and private investigator on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Jo Bannister
  • Mickey Flynn: American photojournalist

Michael Blair

Tom McCall: commercial photographer living on a houseboat, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in the Granville Island mysteries

Janie Bolitho
  • Rose Trevelyan: painter and photographer, in Cornwall, England

Herbert Brean
  • Reynold Frame: young freelance writer and photographer, and amateur sleuth, in New York City and New England

Barbara Ninde Byfield
  • Simon Bede: an Episcopal priest and assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Helen Bullock, a world-famous photographer

Meredith Cole
  • Lydia McKenzie: an edgy art photographer who also works as an administrative assistant at the D’Angelo detective agency, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York City

Tom Corcoran
  • Alex Rutledge: freelance photographer in Key West, Florida

George Harmon Coxe
  • Jack “Flashgun” Casey: crime photographer in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Kent Murdock: hard-drinking crime photographer, and frequent co-star, tough guy Jack Fenner, in Boston, Massachusetts
John Douglas
  • Jack Reese: photographer in Shawnee, West Virginia

Robert Eversz
  • Nina Zero: smart, sexy photographer in California

Susan Ford
  • Eve Cooper: aspiring photographer and daughter of U.S. President Elliot Cooper, in Washington, DC

Elizabeth Hand
  • Cass “Scary” Neary: amoral speedfreak kleptomaniac murderous alcoholic bisexual heavily-tattooed American female photographer

David Hunt (William Bayer)
  • Kay Farrow: color-blind photojournalist in San Francisco, California
Mary Anne Kelly
  • Claire Breslinsky: former fashion model and world-wanderer, turned photographer, from Queens, New York

Geoffrey McGeachin
  • Alby Murdoch: Australian secret agent and international photographer

Susan Moody
  • Penny Wanawake: 6-foot photographer in England

Shannon O’Cork
  • T.T. Baldwin: sports photographer in New York City

Patricia Hall
  • Kate O’Donnell: aspiring photographer in 1960s London, England

Victor O’Reilly
  • Hugo Fitzduane: photographer and current occupant of his family’s ancient castle in Ireland
Craig Rice
  • Bingo Riggs and Handsome Kuzak: photographers traveling across the USA

Kelley Roos
  • Haila and Jeff Troy: a married detective team, she a former actress, he a photographer, in New York City

Betty Rowlands
  • Sukey Reynolds: police photographer and crime scene investigator, in England

Medora Sale (Carolyn Roe)
  • Harriet Jeffries: photographer, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Eve K. Sandstrom
  • Nicky Titus: photographer and wife of Sam Titus, sheriff of Holton, Oklahoma

Peter Townend
  • Philip Quest: photographer and amateur sleuth, in Spain, Sardinia, and Corsica

Kerry Tucker
  • Libby Kincaid: magazine photographer in New York City

Michael Wolfe
  • Michael Keefe: photographer with DEPOE (Defense Photo Operations Executive), mostly in Vietnam

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