Politics and Government
Kenneth Abel
  • Danny Chaisson: former Assistant District Attorney, now bagman for a crooked state senator in New Orleans, Louisiana

Tony Aspler and Gordon Pape
  • Non-series political thrillers

David Baldacci
  • The Camel Club: four men who investigate political conspiracies in Washington, DC

Kate Borden (Kate Grilley)
  • Peggy Jean Turner: mayor of Cobb’s Landing, a town in New England

Michael Bowen
  • Richard Michaelson: retired Foreign Service Office diplomat, and Marjorie Randolph, a bookstore owner, in Washington, DC

Robert Campbell
  • Jimmy Flannery: sewer inspector and Democratic precinct captain in Chicago, Illinois

Jerome Charyn
  • Isaac Sidel: deputy police commissioner, later Mayor, in New York City

David Craig (Bill James)
  • Roy Rickman: Home Office Administrator in London, England
Eric C. Evans
  • Sam McKall: political advisor in Utah

David Everson
  • Robert (Bobby) Miles: minor league baseball player turned private investigator and troubleshooter for the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives

Susan Ford
  • Eve Cooper: aspiring photographer and daughter of U.S. President Elliot Cooper, in Washington, DC

Richard Forrest
  • Bea Wentworth: state senator, and Lyon Wentworth, a children’s book author, in Connecticut

Anthony Gilbert
  • Scott Egerton: politician

Ed Gorman
  • Dev Conrad: political consultant in Chicago, Illinois

Joe Hensley
  • Donald Robak: crusading defense attorney and state legislator, in Bington, Indiana
Edward Koch
  • Edward Koch: mayor of New York City

Mike Lawson
  • Joe De Marco: lawyer and trouble-shooter for the Speaker of the House, as Counsel Pro Tem for Liaison Affairs, based in Washington, DC

Jim Lehrer
  • One-eyed Mack: the Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma

Gillian Linscott
  • Nell Bray: suffragette in England

Robert Ludlum
  • Covert-One: the President’s personal, super-secret agency

Robert MacLeod (Bill Knox)
  • Talos Cord: United Nations troubleshooter in New York City

Shane Maloney
  • Murray Whelan: political aide in Australia

James Melville
  • Ben Lazenby: British Council official in England

Barbara Mikulski & Marylouise Oates
  • Eleanor “Norrie” Gorzack: Polish-American US Senator from Pennsylvania
Richard North Patterson
  • Kerry Kilcannon: senator then President of the USA, in Washington, DC

Eliot Pattison
  • Shan Tao Yun: Chinese bureaucrat imprisoned in a Himalayan labor camp

Michael Pearce
  • Garth Owen (Mamur Zapt): British head of Cairo’s Political CID in Cairo, Egypt

Jo-Ann Power
  • Carly Wagner: Texas congresswoman, and Mr. Jones, a bodyguard and private investigator, in Washington, DC

Elliot Roosevelt
  • Eleanor Roosevelt: 1940s First Lady in Washington, DC

Maggie Sefton
  • Molly Malone: a senator’s daughter and the widow of a congressman, working as a consultant for a senator in Washington, DC

Richard Stevenson
  • Timothy Calahan: legislative aide for a New York state senator, and Donald Strachey, a gay private investigator, in Albany, New York

David Wishart
  • Marcus Corvinus: member of the Senatorial class in first century Rome

Stuart Woods
  • Will Lee: the chief aide to a senator in Georgia, later the President of the United States

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