Sarah Andrews
  • Em Hansen: forensic geologist in Wyoming
  • Valena Walker: geology student

Alan Bradley
  • Flavia de Luce: an 11-year old sleuth and aspiring chemist in 1950, in the small village of Bishop’s Lacey, England

Alex Brett
  • Morgan O’Brien: Canadian government investigator specializing in science fraud, based in Ottawa, Ontario

C.F. Button
  • Tom Kreuger: biologist working for the Bureau of Land Management in a small town in a western state of the US

Clive Cussler
  • Dirk Pitt: marine engineer in the United States
Kaye Davis
  • Maris Middleton: lesbian forensic chemist working as an independent crime scene specialist, in Dallas, Texas

Jana DeLeon
  • Maryse Robicheaux: a botanist researcher whose husband absconded, the wisecracking ghost of her mother-in-law Helena Henry, and her friend Sabine LeVeche, in Mudbug, Louisiana, in the Ghost-in-Law Mystery Romance series

Jack Du Brul
  • Philip Mercer: engineer, geologist, and eco-warrior

Karen Dudley
  • Robyn Devara: field biologist, ecologist, and amateur sleuth, based in western Canada

Francis Durbridge
  • Tim Frazer: young engineer who gets involved in intrigue

Warren Fahy
  • Nell Duckworth: a botanist, and Geoffrey Binswanger, a biologist, investigate a South Pacific island (and other places) where evolution went off in a different direction

Nancy Fairbanks
  • Jason Blue: scientist specializing in how to clean toxins from the environment, and his wife Carolyn, a food writer, in El Paso, Texas

Jamie Freveletti
  • Emma Caldridge: chemist and international ultramarathon runner, and Edward Banner of the security company Darkview

Margaret Haffner
  • Catherine Edison: biologist in fictional Kingsport, Ontario, Canada
Peter May
  • Enzo Macleod: Scottish biologist based in France

Susan Cummins Miller
  • Frankie MacFarlane: geologist based in Tucson, Arizona

Lee Mims
  • Cleo Cooper: geologist in North Carolina

Camille Minichino
  • Gloria Lamerino: 50-something physicist in Revere Beach, Massachusetts
Robin Paige (Susan Wittig Albert)
  • Sir Charles Sheridan: landed peer and amateur scientist, and Kathryn Ardleigh, an American author who moves to Victorian Dedham, England

Bernadette Pajer
  • Benjamin Bradshaw: electrical engineering professor at the University of Washington in Seattle in the early 1900s

S.J. Parris
  • Giordano Bruno: monk, philosopher, and astronomer on the run from the Roman Inquisition, serving as an agent for Queen Elizabeth I, in late 16th century England

Herbert Resnicow
  • Alexander Gold: construction engineer and puzzle maven, in New York City

James Rollins
  • Sigma Force: elite covert arm of the US Defense Department made up of former Special Forces officers trained as experts in various scientific fields

Aileen Schumacher
  • Tory Travers: structural engineer in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and David Alvarez, a police detective in El Paso, Texas

Sarah Smith
  • Alexander von Reisden: young Austrian biochemist, and Perdita Halley, a concert pianist, first in pre-WWI Boston, Massachusetts, and then Paris, France

Aaron Marc Stein
  • Matt Erridge: construction engineer

James M. Tabor
  • Hallie Leland: microbiologist and adventurer, combatting biological threats

L.A. Taylor
  • J.J. Jamison: computer engineer and investigator with CATCH (Committee for Analysis of Tropospheric and Celestial Happenings), in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Randy Wayne White
  • Marion “Doc” Ford: ex-operative, marine biologist in Sanibel Island, Florida

Martin Woodhouse
  • Giles Yeoman: scientist reluctantly working with British intelligence

Dirk Wyle
  • Ben Candidi: free-spirited, nature-loving biomedical scientist, and Rebecca Levis, a medical student, later MD, in Florida, Washington, DC, and elsewhere

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