Security & Bodyguards
Jo Bailey
  • Jan Gallagher: head of Special Security Projects at Jackson General Hospital in Abilene, Texas

Jack Barnao (Ted Wood)
  • John Locke: ex-SAS counterterrorist operative, now a globetrotting bodyguard, based in Canada

Cara Black
  • Aimee Leduc: owner of a detective agency specializing in corporate security, in Paris, France

R.D. Brown
  • Cheney Hazzard: private security agent in Brownsville, Texas

Rex Burns
  • Devlin Kirk: ex-secret service agent and owner of high-tech security company, in Denver, Colorado

Leonard Chang
  • Allen Choice: Korean-American Silicon Valley investigator, in Los Angeles, California

John Clarkson
  • Jack Devlin: ex-Secret Service turned security firm investigator, in the USA

Liza Cody
  • Eva Wylie: wrestler and security guard, in London, England
Laura DiSilverio
  • Emma-Joy “EJ” Ferris: 30-something medically-retired military policewoman, now a security officer with the Fernglen Galleria, in Vernonville, Virginia, near Washington DC, in the Mall Cop series

Joseph Finder
  • Nick Heller: ex-Special Forces, now an international security consultant

Christy Tillery French
  • Jonce Striker: founder of Investigative Services, Inc., and Natasha Chamberlain, a young investigator, in Knoxville, Tennessee

Lee Goldberg
  • Charlie Willis: ex-cop turned studio security agent, in Los Angeles, California

Ed Gorman
  • Jack Dwyer: ex-cop part-time actor and security guard, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Paul Grescoe
  • Dan Rudnicki: Ukrainian-Canadian widower with two teenage daughters, working for TransWorld Security, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Keith Heller
  • George Man: 18th-century parish watchman in London, England

Hialeah Jackson (Polly Whitney)
  • Annabelle Hardy-Maratos: deaf president of a large Miami security firm, and Dave the Monkeyman, her sidekick and main ASL signer, in Miami, Florida

Tamara Siler Jones
  • Dubric Byerly: head of security at Castle Faldorrah, in a forensic fantasy series
Janice Law
  • Anna Peters: reformed blackmailer and oil company researcher turned security expert, in Connecticut

Leena Lehtolainen
  • Hilja Ilveskero: professional bodyguard in Finland and Russia

Claire McNab
  • Denise Cleever: agent for the Australian Security Intelligence Organization

Marcia Muller
  • Joanna Stark: Art Security Expert in San Francisco, California

T. Lynn Ocean
  • Jersey Barnes: former marine anti-terrorist specialist turned private security investigator and bar owner, in Wilmington, North Carolina
Jo-Ann Power
  • Mr. Jones: private investigator and bodyguard for Carly Wagner, a Texas congresswoman, in Washington, DC

Michael Prescott
  • Abby Sinclair: freelance security consultant who hunts stalkers, and Tess McCallum, FBI special agent, in Los Angeles, California

Greg Rucka
  • Atticus Kodiak: bodyguard in New York City

C.J. Songer
  • Meg Gillis: security officer in Los Angeles, California

T.A. Stone
  • Jonathan Kraag: former FBI profiler now a PI, Director of Security, ADMS in Ravensburg, Illinois

Marc Strange
  • Joe Grundy: ex-boxer, chief of security at the Lord Douglas Hotel, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Andrew Taylor
  • William Dougal: post-grad student and security firm employee, in England

Dave White
  • Jackson Donne: ex-cop private investigator, or night security guard when times are hard, in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Derek Wilson
  • Tim Lacy: security expert investigating crime and fraud in the international art world

Eric Wright
  • Joe Barley: part-time lecturer in English Literature and part-time security guard

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