African-American & Black
Lynn Abercrombie (Walter Sorrells)
  • Mechelle Deakes: African-American police detective demoted to the cold case unit, in Atlanta, Georgia

Frankie Y. Bailey
  • Professor Lizabeth “Lizzie” Stuart: 30-something African-American crime historian, in Kentucky and Virginia

Nikki Baker
  • Virginia Kelly: black lesbian stockbroker in Chicago, Illinois

John Ball
  • Virgil Tibbs: black homicide detective based in Pasadena, California

Robert Banfelder
  • Justin Barnes: black American maverick with his own brand of justice

Robert Barnard
  • Charlie Peace: young black Scotland Yard detective first in London and then in Leeds, England

Karen Grigsby Bates
  • Alex (Alexa) Powell: African-American newspaper columnist in Los Angeles, California

George Baxt
  • Pharoah Love: gay, black police detective in New York City

Eleanor Taylor Bland
  • Marti MacAlister: widowed black police detective in Lincoln Prairie, Illinois

Austin S. Camacho
  • Morgan Stark: black mercenary soldier

Stephen L. Carter
  • Talcott Garland: African-American law professor at an Ivy League university

John William Corrington & Joyce Hooper Corrington
  • Ralph “Rat” Trapp: black homicide detective captain, in New Orleans, Louisiana
Kenn Davis
  • Carver Bascombe: black poet and private investigator, in San Francisco, California

Kyra Davis
  • Sophie Katz: half-Black, half-Jewish mystery writer, in San Francisco, California

Nora Deloach
  • Mama, (Grace “Candi” Covington), an African-American county social worker in Otis, South Carolina, and her daughter Simone Covington, a paralegal in Atlanta, Georgia

Grace F. Edwards
  • Mali Anderson: black female ex-NYPD cop, turned sleuth in Harlem, New York

Mary Anna Evans
  • Faye Longchamp: black archaeology student digging up artifacts for the black market on her plantation on North Florida’s Gulf Coast

Robert Greer
  • CJ Floyd: black bail bondsman, later Western collectible dealer, in Denver, Colorado

Terris McMahan Grimes
  • Theresa Galloway: plus-sized African-American personnel officer at the Department of Environmental Equity in Sacramento, California

Barbara Hambly
  • Ben January: surgeon and music teacher in 1833 New Orleans, Louisiana

David Handler
  • Desiree “Des”Mitry: black police detective, in Dorset, Connecticut

Gar Anthony Haywood
  • Aaron Gunner: black private investigator in Los Angeles, California

James Hime
  • Clyde Thomas: first black deputy sheriff, in Brenham, Texas

Chester Himes
  • Grave Digger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson: detectives in Harlem, living in Astoria, Queens, New York
Ed Lacy
  • Lee Hayes: black police detective, in New York City
  • Toussaint Moore: black postal worker turned private detective

Joe R. Lansdale
  • Leonard Pine: gay and black, in East Texas

John Lescroart
  • Abe Glitsky: black, Jewish cop in San Francisco, California

N.J. Lindquist
  • Jacqueline (Jackie) Ryan: black cop recently promoted to Detective, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dick Lochte with Christopher Darden
  • Nicolette (Nikki) Hill: 30-something black prosecutor in Los Angeles, California

Glenville Lovell
  • Blade Overstreet: black ex-cop, in New York City

Richard A. Lupoff
  • Marvia Plum: black homicide detective, in Berkeley, California

Ann McMillan
  • Judah Daniel: freedwoman who is also the local herbalist, at the time of the Civil War in Virginia

Penny Mickelbury
  • Carole Ann Gibson: black criminal defense attorney in Washington, DC

Walter Mosley
  • Easy Rawlins: black WWII veteran living in 1940s–1950s Los Angeles, California
  • Leonid McGill: black ex-boxer, old-school private investigator, in New York City
  • Paris Minton, Watts bookstore owner, and the dangerous but principled Fearless Jones, in 1950s Los Angeles, California

Barbara Neely
  • Blanche White: middle-aged black domestic in North Carolina

Kris Nelscott
  • Smokey Dalton: African-American unlicensed private investigator in Memphis, Tennessee

Hilary Norman
  • Sam Becket: African-American homicide detective, and wife Grace Lucca, a child psychologist, in Miami Beach, Florida

Marc Olden
  • Robert Sand: the Black Samurai, trained for seven years by a Japanese samurai master, fighting to save the world from sinister threats
George P. Pelecanos
  • Derek Strange: black ex-cop turned private investigator, in Washington, DC

P.J. Parrish
  • Louis Kincaid: a biracial cop starting in Mississippi in 1983, then Michigan, and by the third book in south Florida, and later a private investigator

Gary Phillips
  • Ivan Monk: African-American private investigator in Los Angeles, California

Mike Phillips
  • Sam Dean: Jamaica-born black journalist in London, England

Pamela Samuels-Young
  • Vernetta Henderson: African-American attorney at a large law firm in Los Angeles, California

James Sallis
  • Lew Griffin: black private investigator in New Orleans, Louisiana

Robert Skinner
  • Wesley Farrell: Creole nightclub owner passing for white, in 1930s New Orleans, Louisiana

Julie Smith
  • Talba Wallis: (AKA Baroness de Pontalba), a black poet and computer expert, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Pamela Thomas-Graham
  • Nikki Chasei: black economics professor in Cambridge Massachusetts in the Ivy League Mystery series

Ernest Tidyman
  • John Shaft: tough, black private detective in New York City

Valerie Wilson Wesley
  • Tamara Hayle: black ex-cop turned private investigator, in Newark, New Jersey

Darryl Wimberley
  • Barrett “Bear” Raines: first black detective in an all-white police force in Deacon Beach, Florida

Paula L. Woods
  • Charlotte Justice: black woman homicide detective in Los Angeles, California

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