Priests, Rabbis, Monks, Nuns
Boris Akunin
  • Sister Pelagia: nun in a province beyond the Volga, in 19th century Russia

Irene Allen
  • Elizabeth Elliot: 60-something widowed Quaker meeting clerk in Cambridge, Massachusetts

C.C. Benison
  • Father Tom Christmas: widower with a 9-year-old daughter, and the new vicar in Thornford Regis, a picturesque village in England

Nancy Bilyeau
  • Joanna Stafford: young aristocratic nun in 1530s England

Veronica Black
  • Sister Joan: investigative nun in Cornwall, England

Michelle Blake
  • Lily Connor: Episcopalian priest in Boston, Massachusetts

Freda Bream
  • Rev. Jabal Jarrett: eccentric Anglican vicar in and near Auckland, New Zealand

William Brodrick
  • Father Anselm: lawyer turned monk, in Larkwood Priory, England

Barbara Ninde Byfield
  • Simon Bede: an Episcopal priest and assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Helen Bullock, a world-famous photographer

Kate Charles
  • Callie Anson: newly ordained Anglican cleric, her boyfriend Mark Lombardi, a police officer, and DI Neville Stewart, in London, England
  • Book of Psalms mysteries: Lucy Kingsley, an artist, David Middleton-Brown, a solicitor, in London, England

G.K. Chesterton
  • Father Brown: gentle, quiet little cleric in England

Alys Clare
  • Abbess Helewise: and Sir Josse d’Acquin, a French knight, at the Hawkenly Abbey in England during the 12th century

Cassandra Clark
  • Hildegard: wealthy recent widow who becomes an abbess in late 14th century York, England, in the Abbess of Meaux mysteries

Margaret Coel
  • John Aloysius O’Malley: Jesuit missionary, and Vicky Holden, an Arapaho attorney, on the Wind River Reservation, Wyoming

Donna Fletcher Crow
  • Felicity Howard, a young American studying for the Anglican priesthood at the College of the Transfiguration in Yorkshire, England, in the Monastery Murders series
Paul Doherty (originally written as Paul Harding)
  • Brother Athelstan: Dominican monk, and John Cranston, a coroner, in 14th century London, England

Stephanie Jaye Evans
  • Walker “Bear” Wells: former college football player now serving as a minister in Sugar Land, Texas

Dean Feldmeyer
  • Rev. Daniel Thompson: small-town Methodist minister with some personal problems, in Baird, Kentucky

Margaret Frazer
  • Sister Frevisse: nun in the 1400s in Oxfordshire, England

Kate Gallison
  • Mother Lavinia Grey: Episcopal vicar and therapist, in Fishersville, New Jersey

Barbara Reichmuth Geisler
  • Dame Averilla: infirmaress at the Benedictine abbey near Shaftesbury in 12th century Norman England

Juan Gómez-Jurado
  • Anthony Fowler: former priest, CIA operative, and member of the Vatican’s secret service

Andrew M. Greeley
  • Father John Blackwood “Blackie” Ryan: Catholic priest in Chicago, Illinois

D.W. Greenwood
  • Theodora Braithwaite: clergy woman in London, England

Susanna Gregory
  • Brother Michael and Matthew Bartholomew, physician, in 14th century Cambridge, England

Lynette Hampton
  • Willa Hinshaw: spunky associate minister at Liverpoole First United Methodist Church, in Liverpoole, North Carolina

Mollie Hardwick
  • Rodney Chelmarsh: vicar, and his wife Doran Fairweather, antiques seller, in Kent, England

Lee Harris
  • Christine Bennett: ex-nun in New York

Cora Harrison
  • Reverend Mother Aquinas, in 1920s Cork, Ireland

Suzette A. Hill
  • Rev. Francis Oughterard: the vicar of Molehill and a flustered murderer and blackmail victim, along with Bouncer the dog and Maurice the cat, in 1950s Surrey, England

Edward D. Hoch
  • Simon Ark: 2000 year old Coptic priest, in New York City

Isabelle Holland
  • Rev. Claire Aldington: psychologist and Episcopal priest at St. Anselm’s, in Manhattan, New York

H.H. Holmes (Anthony Boucher)
  • Sister Ursula: nun detective

Alison Joseph
  • Sister Agnes Bourdillon: ex-cloistered nun, in London, England
Sharon Kahn
  • Ruby Rothman: rabbi’s widow in Eternal, Texas

Harry Kemelman
  • David Small: rabbi sleuth in Barnard’s Crossing, Massachusetts

William X. Kienzle
  • Father Robert Koesler: Catholic priest in Detroit, Michigan

Deryn Lake
  • Reverend Nick Lawrence: new 28-year-old vicar in the village of Lakehurst, Sussex, England

S.L. Linnea
  • Major Jaime Richards: US Army chaplain in Iraq, searching for Eden

Michael Lister
  • John Jordan: prison chaplain at the Potter Correctional Institution in north Florida

William F. Love
  • Francis X. Regan: wheelchair-bound Catholic Bishop, and his assistant David Goldman, a Jewish ex-cop private eye, in New York City

G.M. Malliet
  • Max Tudor: former MI-5 agent, now vicar at St. Edwold’s in the idyllic village of Nether Monkslip, England

David Manuel
  • Brother Bartholomew: member of a religious community at Faith Abbey in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Ralph M. McInerny
  • Father Roger Dowling: St. Hilary’s parish priest in Fox River, Illinois

Marilyn Meredith
  • Tempe Crabtree: woman deputy torn between her Native American (Yanduchi) traditions and her loyalty to Hutch, her minister husband, in Bear Creek, California

Charles Meyer
  • Reverend Lucas Holt: Episcopal priest and ex-prison chaplain, in Austin, Texas

Tamar Myers
  • Amanda Brown: young American missionary in the Belgian Congo in the 1950s

Sharan Newman
  • Catherine LeVendeur: novice and scholar in 12th-century France

Carol Anne O’Marie
  • Sister Mary Helen: retired nun in San Francisco, California
Katherine Hall Page
  • Faith Fairchild: marries a clergyman and leaves New York City for a small town in New England

Ellis Peters
  • Brother Cadfael: 12th century monk and herbalist in Shrewsbury, England

Monica Quill (Ralph M. McInerny)
  • Mary Teresa Dempsey: 5'2'' 200-lb. nun in Chicago, Illinois

Simon Quinn (Martin Cruz Smith)
  • Francis Xavier Killy: “The Inquisitor,” a lay brother investigator for the Vatican

Brad Reynolds
  • Father Mark Townsend: Jesuit priest in Washington State

Emilie Richards
  • Aggie Sloan-Wilcox: wife of the minister of the Consolidated Community Church, in Emerald Springs, Ohio, in the Ministry Is Murder series

Phil Rickman
  • Merrily Watkins: Anglican priest and single mom, near the Welsh border, in northeast Herefordshire, England

Caroline Roe
  • Bishop Berenguer and Isaac, a blind physician, in 1350s Girona, Spain

Priscilla Royal
  • Eleanor, Prioress of Tyndal in 11th century East Anglia, England

James Runcie
  • Sidney Chambers: 32-year-old bachelor, vicar of Grantchester, and amateur sleuth, in 1950s Cambridgeshire, England, in the Grantchester mysteries

Margaret Scherf
  • Reverend Martin Buell: Episcopal rector in Farmington, Montana

Charles Merrill Smith
  • Reverend C.P. “Con” Randollph: a former professional football quarterback, now minister of the Church of the Good Shepherd, housed in a skyscraper where the penthouse serves as the manse, in Chicago, Illinois

Julia Spencer-Fleming
  • Clare Fergusson: newly-ordained Episcopal priest, and Russ Van Alystyne, Chief of Police, in Millers Kill, New York

Winona Sullivan
  • Cecile Buddenbrooks: licensed private investigator and heiress-nun, in Boston, Massachusetts

Jennifer Stanley
  • Cooper Lee: a newly single office machine repair woman and member of the Sunrise Bible Study Group in Richmond, Virginia, in the Hope Street Church mysteries

Joseph Telushkin
  • David Winter: rabbi in West Los Angeles, California

Aimee and David Thurlo
  • Sister Agatha: former investigative journalist, now one of the extern sisters, the convent's link to the outside world, at the Our Lady of Hope Monastery, in New Mexico

Marilyn Todd
  • Iliona: high priestess blackmailed into spying for Sparta, in 5th century BCE Greece

Peter Tremayne
  • Sister Fidelma: 7th century Celtic sister and legal advocate in Kildare, Ireland

Deborah Woodworth
  • Sister Rose Callahan: eldress of the community of believers at the Shaker village of North Homage, Kentucky

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