Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists
Keith Ablow
  • Frank Clevenger: forensic psychiatrist in Massachusetts

Lindsay Ashford
  • Dr. Megan Rhys: forensic psychologist in Birmingham, England

Sandra Block
  • Zoe Goldman: hospital resident psychiatrist, in Buffalo, New York

N.J. (Natasha) Cooper
  • Karen Taylor: forensic psychologist on the Isle of Wight, UK
Catherine Dain
  • Faith Cassidy: actress-turned-therapist, in Los Angeles, California

David Laing Dawson
  • Dr. Robert Snow: at a psychiatric hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, and then Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

D.J. Donaldson
  • Kit Franklyn: criminal psychologist in New Orleans, Louisiana

Carole Nelson Douglas
  • Kevin Black: psychiatrist in Minnesota

Michael Allen Dymmoch
  • Jack Caleb: gay psychiatrist, in Chicago, Illinois

Wessel Ebersohn
  • Yudel Gordon, Jewish prison psychologist in Johannesburg, South Africa

G.H. Ephron
  • Dr. Peter Zak: Jewish psychologist in Boston, Massachusetts

E.X. Ferrars
  • Virginia Freer: physiotherapist, and Felix Freer, a thief, in London, England

Nicci French
  • Frieda Klein: psychotherapist in London, England

Kate Gallison
  • Mother Lavinia Grey: Episcopal vicar and therapist, in Fishersville, New Jersey

Meg Gardiner
  • Jo Beckett: forensic psychiatrist in San Francisco, California

Joseph Glass
  • Dr. Susan Shader: psychiatrist and criminal profiler in Chicago, Illinois

Ed Gorman
  • Robert Payne: psychological profile investigator in New Hope, Iowa

Alex Gray
  • Dr. Soloman Brightman: psychologist and criminal profiler, in Glasgow, Scotland

Camilla Grebe & Åsa Träff
  • Siri Bergman: 34-year-old psychologist living in an isolated cottage, working in Stockholm, Sweden

Lois Greiman
  • Christina McMullen: cocktail waitress turned professional psychologist, and homicide detective Jack Rivera, in Los Angeles, California

Richard Helms
  • Pat Gallegher: failed seminarian, retired forensic psychologist, and jazz musician, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Isabelle Holland
  • Rev. Claire Aldington: psychologist and Episcopal priest at St. Anselm’s, in Manhattan, New York

Anne Holt
  • Johanne Vik: Oslo University psychology professor and former FBI profiler, and Adam Stubø, a detective inspector, in Oslo, Norway

Charlotte Hughes
  • Dr. Kate Holly: clinical psychologist

Karen Irving
  • Katy Klein: former psychologist turned astrologer who lives in Ottawa, Canada

Roberta Isleib
  • Dr. Rebecca Butterman: clinical psychologist and advice columnist, in Guilford, Connecticut, in the Advice Column mysteries
Alex Kava
  • Maggie O’Dell: FBI Criminal Profiler, and Nick Morrelli, a sheriff in Platte City, Nebraska

Jonathan Kellerman
  • Alex Delaware: child psychologist in Los Angeles, California

Shirley Kennett
  • P.J. Gray: psychologist and computer expert in St. Louis, Missouri

Ellen Kirschman
  • Dot Meyerhoff: psychologist for the Kenilworth Police Department in northern California

Sarah Lovett
  • Sylvia Strange: forensic psychologist in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Alex Matthews
  • Cassidy McCabe: psychotherapist, and her calico cat Starshine, in Oak Park, Illinois

Helen McCloy
  • Basil Willing: psychiatrist and sleuth, in New York, and later Boston, Massachusetts

Val McDermid
  • Dr. Tony Hill: a forensic psychologist and criminal profiler, and Carol Jordan, a Detective Chief Inspector, based in fictional Bradfield, in northern England

Claire McGowan
  • Paula Maguire: forensic psychologist, returning from London to Ballyterrin, Northern Ireland

Margaret Millar
  • Dr. Paul Prye: psychiatrist detective

Gladys Mitchell
  • Beatrice Lestrange Bradley: psychiatrist and consultant to the Home Office in London, England

Chris Mooney
  • Darby McCormick: holding a doctorate in criminal psychology and working as a crime scene investigator, in Boston, Massachusetts

Maxine O’Callaghan
  • Anne Menlo: child psychologist in Phoenix, Arizona
Abigail Padgett
  • Blue McCarron: independent social psychologist and private investigator living outside San Diego, California

Dennis Palumbo
  • Daniel Rinaldi: psychologist specializing in treating victims of violent crime, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jeff Pate
  • Clark Hager: FBI-trained profiler working in North Carolina

James Patterson
  • Alex Cross: psychiatrist and homicide cop, in Washington DC

Ridley Pearson
  • Daphne Matthews: police psychologist in Seattle, Washington

Louise Phillips
  • Dr. Kate Pearson: criminal psychologist working with the police, in Dublin, Ireland

John Philpin
  • Lucas Frank: retired forensic psychiatrist

Lynne Raimondo
  • Mark Angelotti: psychologist who became blind due to a genetic disorder, in Chicago, Illinois

Kate Rhodes
  • Alice Quentin: psychologist in London, England

Michael Robotham
  • Joseph O’Loughlin: psychologist, and Vincent Ruiz, a detective inspector, in London, England

M.J. Rose
  • Dr. Morgan Snow: sex therapist in the Butterfield Institute, in New York City

Allyson Roy
  • Dr. Saylor Oz: a sex therapist, and her roommate, Benita Morales, a financial analyst and boxer, in Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York City

Anna Salter
  • Michael Stone: forensic psychologist in Vermont

Mark Schorr
  • Brian Hanson: Vietnam veteran and psychologist in a mental health clinic in Portland, Oregon

Manda Scott
  • Kellen Stewart: lesbian therapist in Great Britain

Harry Shannon
  • Mick Callahan: radio talk show psychologist in Dry Wells, Nevada

Rochelle Staab
  • Liz Cooper: clinical psychologist who is skeptical about the paranormal, in Los Angeles, California, in the Mind for Murder mysteries

T.A. Stone
  • Jonathan Kraag: former FBI profiler now a PI, Director of Security, ADMS in Ravensburg, Illinois

Karen Hanson Stuyck
  • Lis James: journalist turned public relations officer for a mental health center, in Houston, Texas

Denise Swanson
  • Skye Denison: school psychologist in Scumble River, Illinois

Frank Tallis
  • Max Liebermann: psychoanalytic detective in turn-of-the-20th-century Vienna, Austria

Lawrence Treat
  • Carl Wayward: professor of psychology, based in New York

Robert W. Walker
  • Meredyth Sanger: police psychiatrist, and Lucas Stonecoat, a police officer, in Houston, Texas

Shirley Wells
  • Jill Kennedy: forensic psychologist, and Max Trentham, a detective chief inspector and her ex-lover, in the village of Kelton Bridge, Lancashire, England

Stephen White
  • Alan Gregory: clinical psychologist, and Lauren Crowder, an attorney, in Boulder, Colorado

Lis Wiehl with Pete Nelson
  • Dani Harris: forensic psychiatrist, and Tommy Gunderson, a former football star and aspiring private investigator, in fictional East Salem, New York, in the East Salem series

Kate Wilhelm
  • Constance Leidl: psychologist, and Charlie Meiklejohn, an ex-arson investigator P.I., in New York

Jacqueline Winspear
  • Maisie Dobbs: psychologist and investigator based in 1920s and 1930s London, England

Bruce Zimmerman
  • Quinn Parke: phobia therapist and wealthy amateur sleuth, in San Francisco, California

R.D. Zimmerman
  • Maddy Phillips: blind forensic psychiatrist, and her brother Alex Phillips, a technical writer, on an island in Lake Michigan

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