Authors & Characters Added in 2022

Authors and Characters Added in January and February 2022

Tove Alsterdal: Eira Sjödin, a young police detective in northern Sweden, in the High Coast series

Yasmin Angoe: Nena Knight, stolen as a child from her village in Ghana, now an elite assassin for a business syndicate called the Tribe

Gabriel Bergmoser: non-series thrillers set in Australia

Elizabeth Breck: Madison Kelly, a private investigator, in San Diego, California

Marco Carocari: non-series

New Jennifer J. Chow series: Yale Yee and her cousin Celine from Hong Kong, who open a food stall at a night market in Los Angeles, California

Katherine Cowley: Mary Bennet (the middle sister in Pride and Prejudice), involved in intrigue and spying for the British government, in the Secret Life of Mary Bennet series

Abigail Dean: non-series

Erin Flanagan: non-series

Tracy Gardner: Savanna Shepherd, a former art authenticator, now teaching art in grade school after moving back to her hometown, near her sisters, on the east side of Lake Michigan in the Shepherd Sisters mysteries; Avery Ayers, moving back home to Lilac Grove, New York, to take over the family Antiquities & Artifacts Appraised business in New York City, in the Antique Mystery series

Daryl Gregory: non-series

Carolyn Jess-Cooke: non-series; non-series thrillers written as C.J. Cooke

Callie Hutton: Lady Amy Lovell, a celebrated mystery author, in 1890s Bath, England, in the Victorian Bookclub mysteries

Thomas Kies: Geneva Chase, a veteran reporter, starting on Long Island, New York

Brian Klingborg: Lu Fei, a police inspector in rural China

Vera Kurian: non-series

Will Leitch: non-series

Robert J. Lloyd: Harry Hunt, assistant to Robert Hooke, Curator of Experiments at the new Royal Society for Improving Natural Knowledge, beginning in 1678 London, England

David McCloskey: non-series

Taylor Moore: Garrett Kohl, a DEA agent fighting off drug cartels, on the high plains of Texas

Fabian Nicieza: Andie Stern, a suburban mother of five and former FBI profiler, and Kenneth Lee, a disgraced local journalist, in West Windsor, New Jersey

C.S. O’Cinneide: Candace Starr, an ex-con former contract killer turned private investigator, and her friend Chien-Shiung Malone, a police detective

Elizabeth Penney: Iris Buckley, managing her apron shop, Ruffles & Bows, in Blueberry Cove, Maine, in the Apron Shop series; Molly Kimball, and her mother Nina, helping Aunt Violet run the family bookshop, in Cambridge, England, in the Cambridge Bookshop series

Laura Purcell: non-series gothic suspense

Raquel V. Reyes: Miriam Quiñones-Smith, a Cuban-American cooking show star, sleuthing in Miami, Florida, in the Caribbean Kitchen mysteries

Kat Rosenfield: non-series

Connor Sullivan: non-series

JoAnne Tompkins: non-series

P.J. Vernon: non-series thrillers

Caitlin Wahrer: non-series

Beatriz Williams: Schuyler Sisters mysterious family saga, in 1912 Europe and 1964 New York City; Wicked City series, featuring two generations of women in a Greenwich Village apartment, a flapper and a modern-day Manhattanite


Authors and Characters Added in March 2022

Andrea Bartz: non-series

New Janet Evanovich series: Gabriela Rose, a globe-trotting insurance fraud investigator

New John Sandford series: Letty Davenport, a researcher for the Department of Homeland Security, and Lucas Davenport’s adopted daughter


Authors and Characters Added in April 2022

New Kelley Armstrong series: Mallory Atkinson, a police detective in present-day Vancouver, Washington, who wakes up in the body of an illiterate housemaid in 1869 Edinburgh

New David Baldacci series: Aloysius Archer, a decorated WWII vet working as a private investigator for a detective agency in Bay Town, California, beginning in 1949

David Guterson: non-series

Stephen Graham Jones: Jade Daniels, a half-Blackfeet slasher film fan from the small town of Proofrock, Idaho, on the shores of Indian Lake

Alma Katsu: non-series

Hervé Le Tellier: non-series

New Catherine Lloyd series: Lady Caroline Morton, compelled by circumstances to become a lady’s companion, in Regency England, in the Miss Morton mysteries

New Guillermo Martínez series: G, an Argentine student of mathematical logic at Oxford University

New Carol Miller series: Hope and Summer Bailey, sisters who run Bailey’s Boutique, a mystic shop in Asheville, North Carolina, in the Fortune Telling mysteries

Rob Osler: Hayden McCall, a 25-year-old five foot four gay redhead, and Hollister, a tall curvy Black lesbian with a six-inch mohawk, in Seattle, Washington

New Gigi Pandian series: Tempest Raj, a magician who was almost killed onstage when one of her illusions didn't work as expected, in the Secret Staircase mysteries

Cherie Priest: Leda Foley, owner of Foley’s Far-Fetched Flights of Fancy travel agency with unreliable psychic abilities, and police detective Grady Merritt in Seattle, Washington, in the Booking Agents series

Nita Prose: non-series

Antti Tuomainen: Henri Koskinen, loses his job as an insurance mathematician and inherits an adventure park near Helsinki, Finland

Colson Whitehead: the Harlem Trilogy


Authors and Characters Added in May 2022

Taylor Adams: non-series thrillers

Mally Becker: non-series

Jessica Chiarella: non-series

New Michael Craft series: Dante O’Donnell, a concierge for vacation rental company Sunny Junket, and Jazz Friendly, a cop turned PI, in Palm Springs, California

New Jessica Ellicott series: Billie Harkness, a constable in the new women's police constabulary unit in Hull, England, beginning in 1940

Fiona King Foster: non-series

Lori Duffy Foster: Lisa Jamison, a newspaper reporter, in Seneca Springs, New York

Amanda Jayatissa: non-series thrillers

Dietrich Kalteis: non-series

Shari Lapena: non-series domestic suspense

Philip Miller: non-series

New Boyd & Beth Morrison series: Gerard Fox, an ex-communicated English knight, and Lady Isabel of Kentworth, beginning in 1351

Judy L. Murray: Helen Morrisey, a real estate agent, in a small town on Chesapeake Bay, in Port Anne, Maryland

A.E. Osworth: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in June 2022

Alice Bienia: Jorja Knight, a private investigator, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

New Ellen Byron series: Ricki James, a 28-year-old widow who leaves Los Angeles and launches Miss Vee’s Vintage Cookbooks and Kitchenware, in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Vintage Cookbook mysteries

New Karen Charlton series: The York Ladies’ Detective Agency mysteries set in 1940 York, England

Aaron Philip Clark: Paul Little, an ex-con returning to a life of crime, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Trevor “Finn” Finnegan, a black LAPD detective, later a private investigator, in Los Angeles, California

Eloísa Díaz: non-series

Jackie Elliott: Andrea “Andi” Silvers, once a star reporter, starting over in Coffin Cove, a fishing village on the Vancouver coast, in British Columbia, Canada

New Mark Greaney series: Joshua Duffy, a former military contractor Close Protection Agent (professional bodyguard) working as a mall cop in Virginia after losing his lower left leg

New John Grisham series: Lacy Stoltz, an investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct

Cheryl A. Head: Charlene “Charlie” Mack, a former Homeland Security agent, now a private investigator running Mack Investigations, in Detroit, Michigan, in the Motown mysteries

New John Keyse-Walker series: Henry Gore, a former midwesterner who works as a private investigator in 1950s Havana, in the Cuban Noir series

Heather Levy: non-series

New G.M. Malliet series: Augusta Hawke, a widowed best-selling mystery author in a small villiage in Virginia

Nev March: Jim Agnihotri, an Anglo-Indian British Army Captain, beginning in 1892 Bombay, India, and then Boston, Massachusetts

Stewart O’Nan: non-series

Jane Pek: Claudia Lin, an investigator for Veracity, a discreet agency that verifies the truth of online dating profiles, in New York City

Eric Redman: non-series

Marie Rutkoski: non-series

Robert Thorogood: Richard Poole, a detective inspector from London, seconded to the Caribbean island of Saint-Marie, in the Death in Paradise series; Judith Potts, a septuagenarian crossword compiler, Suzie Harris, a dog-walker, and Becks Starling, the vicar’s wife, on the River Thames, in England, in the Marlow Murder Club series

New Simon Toyne series: Tannahil Khan, Detective Chief Inspector with the North London Murder Squad

New M.J. Trow series: Geoffrey Chaucer, Comptroller of the King’s Woollens and court poet, beginning in 1380 England


Authors and Characters Added in July 2022

Tariq Ashkanani: police detectives in a small, troubled town, Cooper, Nebraska

New Lisa Black series: Ellie Carr, a forensic expert with the FBI evidense response team in Washington DC, and Rachael Davis, with the Locard Institute forensic lab, in the Locard Institute thrillers

Veronica Bond: Nora Drake, an actress in a murder-mystery troupe performing in Castle Dark in Wood Glen, Illinois, in the Dinner and a Murder Mystery series (Julia Buckley pseudonym)

Jacqueline Bublitz: non-series

Simone Buchholz: Chastity (“Chas”) Riley, a public prosecutor, in Hamburg, Germany

Jillian Cantor: non-series, mostly historicals

W.H. Flint: non-series

Janice Hallett: non-series

Kōtarō Isaka: the Hitman series

New David Lagercrantz series: Michaela Vargas, a Swedish police officer, and Professor Hans Rekke, a specialist in interrogation techniques

New Denise Mina series: Anna McDonald, whose husband Hamish has just left her for Estelle her best friend, and Fin Cohen, Estelle's estranged husband, chasing across Europe, in the Anna and Fin mysteries

Sacha Naspini: non-series

Karin Nordin: Kjeld Nygaard, a suspended police detective, returning to his home town in Northern Sweden

New Mark Pryor series: Inspector Henri Lefort, beginning in 1940 Paris, France

Sascha Rothchild: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in August 2022

Lisa Barr: non-series historical art thrillers

New Laurien Berenson series: Peg Turnbull, a dog show judge, and her sister-in-law Rose Donovan, a former nun married to a former priest, in Greenwich, Connecticut, in the Senior Sleuths mysteries

Zac Bissonnette: Cindy Cooper and Jay Allan, co-owners of Hooray for Hollywood, a movie memorabilia store in Palm Springs, California, in the Hollywood Treasures series

Tamron Hall: Jordan Manning, an ambitious Black crime reporter for a television station in Chicago, Illinois

New Ausma Zehanat Khan series: Inaya Rahman, a Denver police detective sent to solve murders in immigrant communities, in Colorado

Danya Kukafka: non-series thrillers

Ellery Lloyd: non-series thrillers

Robbie Morrison: Jimmy Dreghorn, a police inspector, in 1932 Glasgow, Scotland

Rahul Raina: non-series

Katharine Schellman: Lily Adler, a young widow determined to create a meaningful single life in London society, beginning in 1815 London, England; Vivian Kelly, an orphan living with her serious and practical older sister Florence in a tenement, escaping each night to The Nightingale, an underground dance hall serving illegal drinks, beginning in 1924 New York City, in the Nightingale mysteries

Samira Sedira: non-series

Peng Shepherd: non-series mystery fantasy thrillers

New Viveca Sten series: Hanna Ahlander, a police officer in the ski resort town of Åre, Sweden, in the Åre Murders series


Authors and Characters Added in September 2022

Jonathan Ames: Happy “Hank” Doll, a former Los Angeles police officer now working as a private detective

Emma Bamford: non-series

Tom Benjamin: Daniel Leicester, an English private detective working for Faidate Investigations in Bologna, Italy

New Amanda Flower series: Emily Dickenson, the poet, sleuthing in Amherst, Massachusetts, beginning in 1855

Tom Mead: Joseph Spector, a retired stage magician assisting Scotland Yard Inspector George Flint with “impossible” crimes, beginning in 1936 London, England, in the Locked-Room mysteries

Harini Nagendra: Kaveri Murthy, a young doctor’s wife with a passion for mathematics and a talent for detection, beginning in 1921 Bangalore, India, in the Bangalore Detectives Club mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in October 2022

Eliza Jane Brazier: non-series; non-series YA gothic fiction written as Eliza Wass

James Byrne: Desmond Aloysius Limerick, known as Dez, a recently retired military contractor and bass guitar player, traveling around America

New Charles Cumming series: Lachlan “Lockie” Kite, the operational commander of the secret Anglo-American spy unit known as BOX 88

New Mark de Castrique series: Ethel Fiona Crestwater, a legendary 75-year-old retired FBI agent, in Arlington, Virginia

New Christopher Chambers series: Dickie Cornish, a former homeless drug addict now working as an unlicensed priviate investigator in Washington DC

New David Hewson series: Arnold Clover, a retired archivist assisting the Carabinieri, in the Venetian mysteries

Lark O. Jensen: Stacie Calder, a tour boat guide in Alaska, in the Alaska Untamed mysteries (Linda O. Johnston pseudonym)

New Andrew Klavan series: Cameron Winter, a former spy for a covert government entity called the Division, now an English professor at a Midwestern university

New Clare Mackintosh series: Detective Constable Ffion Morgan of the North Wales Police

New Cindy Sample series: Sierra Sullivan, a former entertainer and cruise director, relocating to Spindrift Cove, Washington, to be near her daughter Melanie, who works for the Spendrift Cove police department, in the Spindrift Cove mysteries

Jeremy Scott: non-series

Gustaf Skördeman: Sara Nowak, a police detective in Stockholm, Sweden

Frederick Weisel: four detectives in Santa Rosa, California: Steve Frames, Eddie Mahler, Daniel Rivas, and Eden Somers, in the Violent Crime Investigations Team mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in November 2022

Christi Daugherty: Harper McClain, a crime reporter, in Savannah, Georgia; Emma Makepeace, a spy in the British Secret Service (written as Ava Glass); YA written as C.J. Daugherty

New Barry Eisler series: Dox, a former Marine sniper, beginning in 1991

Ramona Emerson: non-series

New Gwen Florio series: Julia Geary, a public defender in the small community of Duck Creek in an unspecified state

New John MacLachlan Gray series: police officer Calvin Hook, freporter Ed McCurdy, and eavesdropping telephone operator Mildred Wickstram, beginning in 1924 Vancouver, Canada

New Roy Johansen series: Jessie Mercado, a private detective in San Diego (spin-off from Kendra Michaels series co-authored with Iris Johansen)

New David Mark series: Cordelia Hemlock, a disgraced academic recruited by MI6, beginning in 1968 Scotland

Peter Mohlin & Peter Nyström: John Adderley, an FBI Agent (half Nigerian, half Swedish) in witness protection after being exposed as an undercover agent by a Nigerian drug cartel

New Caro Ramsay series: Detective Constable Christine Caplan, seconded to the Highlands of Scotland after a minor misdemeanour

New Jeri Westerson series: Will Somers, court jester for King Henry VIII, beginning in 1529, in the King’s Fool series

New Reavis Z. Wortham series: Tom Bell, a Texas Ranger beginning in 1931

New James W. Ziskin series: Danny Jacobs, an American journalist on a new assignment in Bombay, India, beginning in 1975


Authors and Characters Added in December 2022

Samantha Jayne Allen: Annie McIntyre, a young private investigator’s apprentice in the hardscrabble town of Garnett, Texas

New Kelley Armstrong series: Casey Duncan and her husband Sheriff Eric Dalton, relocated from Rockton to Haven’s Rock, a refuge built deep in the Yukon wilderness for people needing to disappear, in the Haven’s Rock series

New Tamara Berry series: Tess Harrow, a recently divorced bestselling thriller writer and her daughter Gertrude, turn an inherited hardware store into a book store, in small-town Winthrop, Washington, in the By the Book mysteries

Lan Samantha Chang: non-series

New Tracy Clark series: Harriet Foster, a detective in the Chicago PD

Bertie Denham: Derek Thyrde, Chief Whip in the British House of Lords

New Juan Gómez-Jurado series: Antonia Scott, a gifted forensic analysis, the daughter of a British diplomat and a Spanish mother, in Bilbao, Spain

Anastasia Hastings: Violet Manville, taking over the Miss Hermione agony aunt column, beginning in 1885 London, England, in the Dear Miss Hermione mysteries (Connie Laux pseudonym)

New Alma Katsu series: Lyndsey Duncan, a CIA intelligence agent, in the Red Widow series

New Kathleen Kent: Melvina (Mel) Donleavey, a young CIA agent, beginning in 1990

Grace D. Li: non-series

Tracey Lien: non-series

New Randye Lordon series: Mary Moody, a “concierge to the rich and the richer” in the Hamptions, New York

New Javier Marías series: Tomás Nevinson, returns to Madrid from Oxford where he has been recruited as a spy, unbeknownst to his wife Berta Isla

New Julie Mulhern series: Poppy Fields, a social influencer and super-secret spy, in Hollywood, California

Hayley Scrivenor: non-series

Charmaine Wilkerson: non-series


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