Police Procecurals
Arnaldur Indridason
  • Erlendur Sveinsson: detective inspector, and his colleagues Sigurdur Oli and Elinborg, in Reykjavik, Iceland

A.C. Baantjer
  • Jurrian De Cock (DeKok in US publications): detective inspector in the police department, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Giles Blunt
  • John Cardinal: detective near Algonquin Bay, Ontario, Canada

Stephen Booth
  • Detective Constable Ben Cooper: trying to fill his police sergeant father’s shoes, and new partner, Diane Fry, recently transferred to Edendale’s force, in the Peak District in England

Michael Connelly
  • Harry Bosch: homicide detective in Los Angeles, California

Deborah Crombie
  • Duncan Kincaid: Scotland Yard superintendent, and Gemma James, a sergeant, in London, England
Colin Dexter
  • Chief Inspector Morse: inspector in Oxford, England

K.J. Erickson
  • Marshall “Mars” Bahr, nicknamed Candy Man, a detective who serves as a special investigator reporting directly to the chief of police in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jasper Fforde
  • Thursday Next: agent of the Special Operations Network, Literary Division, in Great Britain
  • Detective Jack Spratt: investigator in the Nursery Crimes Division, in Reading, England

Karin Fossum
  • Inspector Konrad Sejer: working in a small mountain village in Norway

Christopher Fowler
  • Arthur Bryant and John May: detectives in the Peculiar Crimes Unit, in London, England

Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza
  • Inspector Espinosa: in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Elizabeth George
  • Thomas Lynley: Scotland Yard inspector and eighth Earl of Asherton, Sergeant Barbara Havers, forensic pathologist Simon Allcourt-St. James, his wife Deborah, and lab assistant Lady Helen Clyde, in London, England

Lee Goldberg
  • Adrian Monk: obsessive-compulsive police detective, in San Francisco, California, in the Monk TV novelizations

John Harvey
  • Will Grayson: detective inspector, and Helen Walker, a detective sergeant, in Cambridge, England
  • Charlie Resnick: jazz-loving police detective in Nottingham, England

Steven F. Havill
  • Bill Gastner: insomniac undersheriff, and Estelle Reyes-Guzman, later the new undersheriff, in Posadas County, New Mexico

Reginald Hill
  • Superintendent Andrew Dalziel and Sergeant Peter Pascoe: a pair of police inspectors in Yorkshire, England

P.D. James
  • Adam Dalgliesh: critically acclaimed poet and Scotland Yard commander, in London, England

Craig Johnson
  • Walt Longmire: veteran sheriff in Absaroka, Wyoming
Stuart M. Kaminsky
  • Abe Lieberman: 60-something Jewish police detective in Chicago, Illinois
  • Porfiry Rostnikov: police inspector in Moscow, Russia

Laurie R. King
  • Kate Martinelli: lesbian homicide detective, and her partner Alonzo Hawkin, in San Francisco, California

Barry Maitland
  • Kathy Kolla: young Scotland Yard detective, and David Brock, her mentor, in London, England

Henning Mankell
  • Kurt Wallander: inspector in Ystad, Sweden

Ngaio Marsh
  • Roderick Alleyn: second son of a baronet and police inspector in London, England

Archer Mayor
  • Joe Gunther: police detective in Brattleboro, Vermont

Ed McBain
  • 87th Precinct cops: in Isola, New York

Brian McGilloway
  • Benedict Devlin: Garda detective inspector, in the borderlands of Ireland

Jo Nesbø
  • Harry Hole: police detective in Oslo, Norway

Håkan Nesser
  • Chief Inspector Van Veeteren: veteran of 30 years of police work who appreciates fine food and drink, in a country that resembles Sweden
Robert B. Parker
  • Jesse Stone: homicide detective in Paradise, Massachusetts

Louise Penny
  • Armand Gamache: Chief Inspector of the Sûreté du Québec, in the village of Three Pines, in southern Quebec, Canada

Qiu Xiaolong
  • Chen Cao: Inspector in the Shanghai, China, Police Department

Ian Rankin
  • John Rebus: detective sergeant in Edinburgh, Scotland

Peter Robinson
  • Alan Banks: Eastvale detective chief inspector, in Yorkshire, England

Andrew Saville (Andrew Taylor)
  • Jim Bergerac: detective sergeant in the Bureau des Etrangers, on the island of Jersey in the English Channel, in novelizations of the BBC TV series

Jeffrey Siger
  • Andreas Kaldis: former Athens homicide detective, now the new police chief on Mykonos Island, Greece

Georges Simenon
  • Inspector Maigret: police inspector in Paris, France, and Madame Maigret, his wife

Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö
  • Martin Beck: police inspector in Stockholm, Sweden

Dana Stabenow
  • Liam Campbell: Alaskan State Trooper in Newenham, Alaska

Michael Stanley
  • David Bengu: large assistant police superintendent known as “Kubu” (hippopotamus), in Botswana

Josephine Tey
  • Alan Grant: Scotland Yard Inspector

Collin Wilcox
  • Frank Hastings: Sergeant (later, Lieutenant) co-commander of SFPD homicide in San Francisco, California
  • McCloud: New Mexico marshal in New York City

R.D. Wingfield
  • Jack Frost: detective inspector in Denton, England

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