CSI & Forensics
Keith Ablow
  • Frank Clevenger: forensic psychiatrist in Massachusetts

Beth Amos
  • Mattie Winston: nurse and deputy coroner in a small town in Wisconsin

Lin Anderson
  • Dr. Rhona MacLeod: forensic scientist in Glasgow, Scotland

Lori Andrews
  • Dr. Alexandra Blake: geneticist and forensic specialist working for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington DC

Sarah Andrews
  • Em Hansen: forensic geologist in Wyoming

Harry Asher (Brian Freemantle)
  • Claudine Carter: Anglo-French forensic psychologist and criminal profiler working for Europol, in Europe

Lindsay Ashford
  • Dr. Megan Rhys: forensic psychologist in Birmingham, England

Noreen Ayres
  • Samantha “Smokey” Brandon: ex-stripper and forensic pathologist in Orange County, California

Jefferson Bass
  • Dr. Bill Brockton: forensic anthropologist in Tennessee, in the Body Farm series

Elizabeth Becka
  • Evelyn James: forensic expert in the medical examiner’s office, in Cleveland, Ohio

Simon Beckett
  • Dr. David Hunter: forensic anthropologist in England

Benjamin Black (John Banville)
  • Quirke: coroner in 1950s Dublin, Ireland

Lisa Black (Elizabeth Becka)
  • Theresa MacLean: forensic scientist, in Cleveland, Ohio

Kathy Brandt
  • Hannah Sampson: CSI diver in the British Virgin Islands

Robin Burcell
  • Sydney Fitzpatrick: FBI forensic artist in San Francisco, California

Sarah Kemp (Michael Butterworth)
  • Dr. Tina May: television celebrity pathologist and amateur sleuth, in England

Max Allan Collins
  • CSI: crime scene investigators, in either Las Vegas, Nevada, or Miami, Florida

Beverly Connor
  • Lindsay Chamberlain: forensic archeologist at the University of Georgia, in Athens, Georgia
  • Diane Fallon: forensic anthropologist, museum director and reluctant detective

Patricia Cornwell
  • Dr. Kay Scarpetta: chief medical examiner in Richmond, Virginia

N.J. (Natasha) Cooper
  • Karen Taylor: forensic psychologist on the Isle of Wight, UK

Colin Cotterill
  • Dr. Siri Paiboun: 70-something national coroner, Nurse Dtui, and Geung, a developmentally challenged morgue assistant, in 1970s Laos
Barbara D’Amato
  • Dr. Gerritt DeGraaf: forensic pathologist in Chicago, Illinois

Kaye Davis
  • Maris Middleton: lesbian forensic chemist working as an independent crime scene specialist, in Dallas, Texas

Jeffery Deaver
  • Lincoln Rhyme: disabled ex-head of NYPD forensics, and Amelia Sachs, a rookie beat cop in New York City

D.J. Donaldson
  • Andy Broussard: medical examiner, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Tim Downs
  • Dr. Nick Polchak: the Bug Man, a roving forensic entomologist

Susan Dunlap
  • Kiernan O’Shaughnessy: former San Francisco medical examiner turned private investigator, in La Jolla, California

Zoë Ferraris

Katya Hijazi: a forensic scientist, and Nayir Sharqi, a Palestinian-Bedouin desert guide, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Kathryn Fox
  • Dr. Anya Crichton: forensic pathologist in Sydney, Australia

Ariana Franklin
  • Adelia: (Vesuvia Adelia Rachel Ortese Aguilar of Salerno) coroner working for King Henry II in 12th century England

Meg Gardiner
  • Jo Beckett: forensic psychiatrist in San Francisco, California

Elizabeth George
  • Simon Allcourt-St. James: forensic pathologist, his wife Deborah, lab assistant Lady Helen Clyde, Thomas Lynley, a Scotland Yard inspector, and Sergeant Barbara Havers in London, England

Tess Gerritsen
  • Maura Isles: medical examiner, and Jane Rizzoli, a detective, in Boston, Massachusetts

Leonard S. Goldberg
  • Joanna Blalock: forensic pathologist in Los Angeles, California

C.L. Grace (P.C. Doherty)
  • Kathryn Swinbrooke: physician, apothecary, and death investigator in 15th century Canterbury, England

Christine Green
  • Kate Kinsella: nurse and medical examiner, in England

Susanna Gregory
  • Matthew Bartholomew: physician, and his colleague Brother Michael, in the 14th century Cambridge, England

Paul Harding
  • John Cranston: coroner, in 14th century London, England

Erin Hart
  • Nora Gavin: American pathologist, in Ireland

Dana Haynes
  • Leonard Tomzak: pathologist and crash investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board

Jonathan Hayes
  • Dr. Edward Jenner: forensic pathologist who quit his job in Manhattan after 9/11, later a medical examiner in fictional Port Fontaine, Florida

Richard Helms
  • Pat Gallegher: failed seminarian, retired forensic psychologist, and jazz musician in, New Orleans, Louisiana

Louise Hendricksen
  • Dr. Amy Prescott: forensic scientist in Seattle, Washington

Casey Hill
  • Reilly Steel: US-trained CSI investigator in Dublin, Ireland

Maureen Jennings
  • Christine Morris: forensic profiler from Canada, in the Hebrides, Scotland

Iris Johansen
  • Eve Duncan: forensic sculptor

Tamara Siler Jones
  • Dubric Byerly: head of security at Castle Faldorrah, in a forensic fantasy series
Bernard Knight
  • Sir John de Wolfe: crowner (coroner), in 12th century Devon, England, in the Crowner John series
  • Richard Pryor: a pathologist, and Angela Bray, a biologist, running a private forensic practice in 1950s Britain, in the Forensic Mystery series

Marsha Landreth
  • Dr. Samantha Turner: medical examiner in Sheridan, Wyoming

Jeff Lindsay
  • Dexter Morgan: blood spatter technician for Miami Dade Police Department, and sociopathic serial killer in Florida

Gabrielle Lord
  • Jack McCain: ex-crime scene detective and forensic scientist, in Sydney, Australia

Sheila Lowe
  • Claudia Rose: handwriting analyst, in Los Angeles, California, in the Forensic Handwriting mysteries

Sarah Lovett
  • Sylvia Strange: forensic psychologist in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Arthur Lyons (written with Thomas Noguchi)
  • Dr. Eric Parker: chief coroner for Los Angeles County, in California

Priscilla Masters
  • Martha Gunn: coroner in Shrewsbury, England

Peter May
  • Margaret Campbell: American pathologist, and Li Yan, a Chinese detective, in Beijing, China

Keith McCarthy
  • Dr. John Eisenmenger: former forensic pathologist in charge of St. Benjamin’s Museum of Anatomy and Pathology, and Helena Flemming, a solicitor, in England

Nigel McCrery
  • Dr. Samantha (Sam) Ryan: pathologist working for the Home Office, in London, England

Sharyn McCrumb
  • Elizabeth MacPherson: forensic anthropologist in southern USA

D.E. Meredith
  • Adolphus Hatton: professor and forensic scientist advising the police, and his trusty assistant, Albert Roumande, in late 1850s London, England

Chris Mooney
  • Darby McCormick: holding a doctorate in criminal psychology and working as a crime scene investigator, in Boston, Massachusetts

Tara Moss
  • Makedde Vanderwall: part-time Canadian model and forensic psychology student, in Sydney, Australia (and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
James Patterson
  • Claire Washburn: medical examiner and founding member of The Women’s Murder Club, in San Francisco, California

John Philpin
  • Lucas Frank: retired forensic psychiatrist

Bill Pomidor
  • Calista Marley: forensic pathologist, and Plato Marley, a family physician, in Cleveland, Ohio

Claire Rayner
  • Dr. George Barnabas: forensic and general pathologist at Royal Eastern Hospital, in London, England

Kathy Reichs
  • Temperance Brennan: forensic anthropologist in the Province of Quebec, Canada, and Charlotte, North Carolina

Anna Salter
  • Michael Stone: forensic psychologist in Vermon

Margaret Scherf
  • Dr. Grace Severance: retired pathologist in Arizona

Karin Slaughter
  • Dr. Sara Linton: pediatrician and coroner in Grant County, Georgia

Robert W. Walker
  • Jessica Coran: doctor and FBI medical examiner, in Washington, DC

Shirley Wells
  • Jill Kennedy: forensic psychologist, and Max Trentham, a detective chief inspector and her ex-lover, in the village of Kelton Bridge, Lancashire, England

Lis Wiehl with Pete Nelson
  • Dani Harris: forensic psychiatrist, and Tommy Gunderson, a former football star and aspiring private investigator, in fictional East Salem, New York, in the East Salem series

R.D. Zimmerman
  • Maddy Phillips, a blind forensic psychiatrist, and her brother Alex Phillips, a technical writer, on an island in Lake Michigan

Mark Zuehlke
  • Elias McCann: reluctant community coroner, in Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

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