Acting, Theater, Movies
Jane Adams
  • Rina Martin: retired actress who played a private investigator in a television series, in Frantham, England

Lydia Adamson
  • Alice Nestleton: actress and cat-sitter in New York City

Elizabeth Adler

Mac Reilly: star of a television private eye series, and his girlfriend and partner Sunny Alvarez, jet-setting here and there

Gary Alexander

Buster Hightower: standup comic who gets entangled in international intrigue

Conrad Allen (Edward Marston)
  • George Porter Dillman: yacht-builder-turned-actor-turned-detective

Bevan Amberhill
  • Jean-Claude Keyes: actor, writer, and amateur sleuth, at the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Sheila York
  • Lauren Atwill, a screenwriter, and private investigator Peter Winslow, based in 1940s Hollywood, California

Marian Babson
  • Trixie Dolan and Evangeline Sinclair: aging actresses in London, England

Linda Barnes
  • Michael Spraggue III: wealthy actor and ex-PI in Boston, Massachusetts

Mary Branham
  • Sydney Reardon: actress turned jet-set decorator

Carol Brennan
  • Emily Silver: actress in New York Cit

Simon Brett
  • Charles Paris: charming alcoholic actor in England

Gwendoline Butler
  • Stella Pinero: actress, and her husband John Coffin, a police inspector rising through the ranks to Commissioner, in south London, England

James Calder
  • Bill Damen: filmmaker turned sleuth, in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

Laura Caldwell
  • Izzy McNeil: young entertainment lawyer in Chicago, Illinois

Glyn Carr
  • Sir Abercrombie (“Filthy”) Lewker: former commando and pompous Shakespearean actor who solves murders while mountaineering, mainly in Wales and the Alps

Jennifer Lee Carrell
  • Kate Stanley: an academic sleuth, directing Shakespeare at the rebuilt Globe Theatre in London, England, and elsewhere

Jeffrey Cohen
  • Elliot Freed: recently divorced writer and proprietor of an old movie theater, in New Jersey, in the Double Feature mysteries

Lesley Cookman
  • Libby Sarjeant: middle-aged actress and private investigator, in Kent, England

Michael Craft
  • Claire Gray: theatrical director in Palm Springs, California
Catherine Dain
  • Faith Cassidy: actress-turned-therapist, in Los Angeles, California

Eileen Davidson
  • Alexis Peterson: soap opera actress for 20 years, in the Soap Opera mysteries

Dorothy Salisbury Davis
  • Julie Hayes: actress turned gossip columnist and fortune teller, in New York City

Jeffery Deaver
  • Rune: aspiring filmmaker with punk tendencies, in New York City

Jane Dentinger
  • Jocelyn O’Roarke: actress in New York City

Eileen Dewhurst
  • Helen Markham-Johnson: actress recruited by the Secret Service in London, England
  • Phyllida Moon: private eye on television, in London, England

Elizabeth J. Duncan
  • Charlotte Fairfax, formerly the costume mistress of the Royal Shakespeare Company, now working as a costume designer for a small company in upstate New York, in the Shakespeare in the Catskills mysteries

Susan Dunlap
  • Darcy Lott: movie stuntwoman and Zen practitioner, in northern California

Terence Faherty
  • Scott Elliott: 1940s failed actor turned PI, in Hollywood, California

Gillian B. Farrell
  • Annie McGrogan: actor and private investigator in New York City

Christa Faust
  • Angel Dare: retired porn star running Daring Angels, an adult modeling agency, in Van Nuys, California

Irene Fleming (Kate Gallison)
  • Emily Dagett Weiss: struggling young movie-maker in the early 20th century, in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Eileen Fulton
  • Mina McFall: TV soap opera star, and Dino Rossi, a police lieutenant, in New York City

Alan Furst
  • Jean Casson: film producer caught up in the Resistance during WWII, in German-occupied Paris, France

Sarah Gainham
  • Julia Homburg: leading actress with the Burg Theater in the late 1930s and 1940s, in Vienna, Austria

John Godey
  • Jack Albany: small-time actor mistaken for a Mafia hit-man, in New York City

Philip Gooden
  • Nick Revill: actor in Shakespearean times in London, England

Susan Goodwill
  • Kate London: who owns the Egyptian Theatre with her Aunt Kitty, an eccentric former B-grade movie star, on the west coast of Michigan

Ed Gorman
  • Jack Dwyer: ex-cop part-time actor and security guard, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Robert Gott
  • William Power: would-be private detective leading a troupe of incompetent Shakespearean actors during World War II, in Australia

Ron Goulart
  • Groucho Marx: movie star in Hollywood, California

Ann Granger
  • Fran Varady: out-of-work actress turned private investigator, in London, England

Elly Griffiths
  • Max Mephisto, formerly part of the Magic Men, stage magicians who performed special missions during WWII, and Edgar Stephens, a detective inspector, in 1950s Brighton, England

Kathryn Miller Haines
  • Rosie Winter: an actress during WWII, in Manhattan, New York City

Parnell Hall
  • Stanley Hastings: actor and private investigator in New York City

Simon Hawke
  • Tuck Smythe: aspiring actor, and Will Shakespeare, a young writer, the Elizabethan era’s answer to Holmes and Watson, in London, England

William Jefferies (Jeffery Deaver)
  • John Pellam: location scout for a movie studio

R.T. Jordan
  • Polly Pepper: an aging, legendary TV actress from the golden age, in Hollywood, California
Cady Kalian
  • Maggie Mars: struggling screenwriter and former investigative journalist, in Los Angeles, California

Patrick A. Kelley
  • Harry Colderwood: professional magician

Frank King (Lydia Adamson)
  • Sally Tepper: unemployed actress with five dogs in New York City

Robert S. Levinson
  • Stevie Marriner: soap opera star, and former spouse Neil Gulliver, ex- newspaper crime reporter, in Los Angeles, California

Edward Marston
  • Nicholas Bracewell: stage manager for an Elizabethan acting company in London, England

Stefanie Matteson
  • Charlotte Graham: actress in New Jersey

John Miles (Jack Bickham)
  • Johnelle “Johnny” Baker: blonde former actress made sheriff as a publicity stunt in Tenoclock, Colorado

Anne Morice
  • Tessa Crichton: actress and sleuth in England

Dallas Murphy
  • Artie Deemer: jazz aficionado supported by his dog Jellyroll, a movie and dog-food commercial star, in New York City

Deborah Nicholson
  • Kate Carpenter: theater manager in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Charles O’Brien
  • Anne Cartier: ex-vaudeville actress, then a tutor for deaf children, in England and France on the eve of the French Revolution
Patrick Quentin
  • Peter Duluth: alcoholic theatrical producer, and Iris Pattison, an actress (and later wife), in California, Mexico City, and New York City

Les Roberts
  • Saxon: actor and private eye in Los Angeles, California

Clive Rosengren
  • Eddie Collins: part-time actor and part-time sleuth, in Hollywood, California

Barnaby Ross (Ellery Queen)
  • Drury Lane: Shakespearian actor retired due to progressive deafness, on the Hudson River, New York

Anne Rutherford
  • Suzanne Thornton: former kept woman, organizing a troupe of actors at the Globe, in 1660s London, England, in the Restoration mysteries

Louise Shaffer
  • Angie DaVito: TV soap opera producer in New York City

Elizabeth Sims
  • Rita Farmer: aspiring actress and single mother, in Los Angeles, California

Simon Shaw
  • Philip Fletcher: British thespian and killer in London, England

Kit Sloane
  • Margot O’Banion: a film editor, and Max Skull, a movie director, based in Los Angeles, California

Richard Stark (Donald E. Westlake)
  • Alan Grofield: actor and part-time bank robber, in New York City

Jim Stinson
  • Spencer Churchill (Stoney) Winston: filmmaker at the bottom of the Hollywood food chain, screenwriter, and film workshop teacher, in Los Angeles, California

Susan Sussman & Sarajane Avidon
  • Morgan Taylor: struggling actress in Chicago, Illinois, and on a Caribbean cruise ship

Julian Symons
  • Sheridan Haynes: Sherlock Holmes actor, in England

Scarlett Thomas
  • Lily Pascale: ex-teacher, ex-bartender, and ex-actress, now a professor of creative writing in Devon, England

Nathan Walpow
  • Joe Portugal: actor and plant lover in Los Angeles, California

Melinda Wells (Linda Palmer)
  • Della Carmichael: owner of a cooking school and star of “Della Cooks,” a cable TV cooking show, in Santa Monica, California

Collin Wilcox
  • Alan Bernhardt: actor-director private investigator in San Francisco, California

Sherryl Woods
  • Holly Dewitt: film producer and single mother in Miami, Florida

Edward Wright
  • John Ray Horn: former B-movie cowboy star and ex-con turned debt-collector, in 1940s Los Angeles, California

Dorian Yeager
  • Victoria Bowering: 6-ft-redhead sometime-actress in New York City

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