Garrison Allen
  • Penelope Warren: ex-Marine mystery bookstore owner, and Mycroft (Big Mike), a 25 pound Abyssinian, in Empty Creek, Arizona

Delano Ames
  • Juan Llorca: sergeant in the Civil Guard in Spain

Lori Andrews
  • Dr. Alexandra Blake: geneticist and forensic specialist working for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington DC

Miles Archer
  • Doug McCool: Vietnam vet and process server in San Francisco, California

Robert E. Bailey
  • Art Hardin: retired colonel, now a low-key private investigator, in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Richard Barre
  • Wil Hardesty: Vietnam Vet private investigator, in Los Angeles, California

Simon Beaufort (Susanna Gregory) with Beau Riffenburgh
  • Sir Geoffrey Mappestone: knight during the time of the Crusades

Francis Beeding
  • Alistair Granby: Colonel, later General, in the British Intelligence Service in England and occasionally on the Continent

Larry Bond
  • Peter Thorn: army colonel and counter-terrorism expert, and Helen Gray, an FBI agent

Andrew Britton
  • Ryan Kealey: ex-CIA agent and former Special Forces soldier, dealing with terrorists in the US

Suzanne Brockmann
  • Navy SEALs and civilian counterterrorists are featured in the Troubleshooter series

Leo Bruce
  • Carolus Deene: ex-commando turned schoolmaster, in England

Miles Burton (John Rhode)
  • Desmond Merrion: military intelligence officer who becomes a private detective, and Henry Arnold, a Scotland Yard inspector, in England

Armand Cabasson
  • Quentin Margont: officer and investigator in the Grande Armée, in the early 1800s, during the Napoleonic Wars

Austin S. Camacho
  • Morgan Stark: black mercenary soldier, and Felicity O’Brian, an Irish jewel thief

Chester Campbell
  • Greg McKenzie: retired Air Force criminal investigator in Nashville, Tennessee

Henry Cecil
  • Colonel Brain: ex-army officer, and Ambrose Low, an ex-criminal, in England

Philip Chase (Philip Friedman)
  • William Kendall: chief troubleshooter for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and his friend Lt. Colonel Aaron Eisenberg, here and there in the world

George C. Chesbro
  • John “Chant” Sinclair: Medal of Honor winner in Vietnam and martial arts master turned artist

Lee Child
  • Jack Reacher: ex-military policeman in the USA

Tom Clancy
  • John Clark: ex-Navy Seal and creator of an elite, international anti-terrorist group based in England

James H. Cobb
  • Amanda Garrett: commander of a stealth US Navy warship in the near future

Max Allan Collins
  • Quarry: psychotic Vietnam vet and hired killer in Iowa

R. Cameron Cooke
  • Jack Tremain: navy lieutenant commander on submarines in the South Pacific during World War II

M.E. Cooper
  • W.W. Loring: Confederate General in 1862 Virginia

James Crumley
  • Milo Milodragovitch: ex-Army spy and private eye in Montana
  • C.W. Sughrue: ex-Army spy turned private eye, in Montana
Elizabeth Darrell
  • Max Rydal: military detective in the British Army’s Special Investigation Branch, and his sidekick Tom Black, mostly in Europe

Jim DeFelice
  • Jake Gibbs: American lieutenant colonel and spy, working for General George Washington during the Revolutionary War

Nelson DeMille
  • Paul Brenner: Vietnam combat veteran

Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr)
  • Sir Henry Merrivale: holder of one of the oldest baronetcies in England, physician, barrister, and head of military intelligence for the war office in England

David Dickinson
  • Lord Francis Powerscourt: ex-Indian army intelligence officer and Irish peer, working as an investigator in the late Victorian period, in England and elsewhere

P.C. Doherty
  • Matthew Jenkyn: 15th century soldier and double agent spy, in England

Ruth Downie
  • Gaius Petreius Ruso: recently divorced Roman army physician, in second century Roman Britain

Brendan DuBois
  • Lewis Cole: former Department of Defense research analyst, retired in Tyler Beach, New Hampshire

Margaret Duffy
  • Patrick Gillard: British army major, and Ingrid Langley, a novelist and British agent

Loren D. Estleman
  • Amos Walker: Vietnam vet private eye in Detroit, Michigan

Dale Furutani
  • Matsuyama Kaze: 17th century rogue samurai in rural Japan

Clyde W. Ford
  • Charlie Noble: ex-Coast Guard officer turned marine private investigator, in the West Coast series

Leslie Ford
  • Col John Primrose: career soldier, and Grace Latham, an attractive widow, in Washington, DC

Diana Gabaldon
  • Lord John Grey: soldier and gentleman, in mid-18th century London, England, and elsewhere

Tony Gibbs
  • Tory Lennox: Coast Guard lieutenant, and Neal Donahoe, a Harbor Patrol officer, in Santa Barbara, California

Ed Gorman
  • Noah Ford: military investigator for the Army in the post-Civil War US, in the Cavalry Man series

Andrew Grant
  • David Trevellyan: lieutenant commander with Royal Navy Intelligence, in New York City, and then Chicago, Illinois

W.E.B. Griffin
  • Charley Castillo: Delta Force Major working with the Department of Homeland Security, in the Presidential Agent series
  • The Honor Bound Series: featuring the OSS in neutral Buenos Aires, Argentina during 1942-43
  • Men at War Series: featuring the OSS during World War II

Frank Gruber
  • Simon Lash: ornery ex-soldier and ex-lawyer, in Los Angeles, California

William Haggard
  • Charles Russell: colonel heading the fictitious Security Executive, a British military intelligence organization
  • William Wilberforce Smith: an aristocratic Caribbean operative in the fictitious Security Executive, a British military intelligence organization

Brian Haig
  • Major Sean “Bulldog” Drummond: lawyer in the army's Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG)

Jeremiah Healy
  • John Francis Cuddy: Army police lieutenant turned private investigator, in Boston, Massachusetts

Jack Higgins
  • Liam Devlin: IRA hero in 1940s Ireland

Kathleen Hills
  • John McIntire: retired military intelligence officer and newly appointed township constable, in 1950s St. Adele, on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Richard Hoyt
  • John Denson: ex-reporter and ex-army intelligence operative, in Seattle, Washington

C.C. Humphreys
  • Jack Absolute: English army captain and spy (based on a character in Richard Sheridan’s play “The Rivals”) during the French and Indian War era (late 1750s-1760s) in colonial America and London, England

Jack D. Hunter
  • Bruno Stachel: the German flying ace from WWI to 1945

Stephen Hunter
  • Bob “the Nailer” Swagger: master sniper in the USA
  • Earl Swagger: WWII hero hired to clean up a corrupt gambling town in his home state of Arkansas

Cathie John
  • Nick Cavanaugh: Navy vet and Fleet Boxing Champ, in 1940s Newport, Kentucky
Gordon Kent
  • Alan Craik: young US Navy Intelligence officer on assignments around the world

Andrew Klavan
  • Jim Bishop: operative at Weiss Investigations with a penchant for violence and a mysterious military past, and Scott Weiss, an ex-cop owner of Weiss Investigations, in San Francisco, California

Charles Knief
  • John Caine: Navy SEAL turned private eye in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Wendi Lee
  • Angela Matelli: ex-Marine turned private investigator, in Boston, Massachusetts

Roy H. Lewis
  • Matthew Coll: antiquarian bookseller and former British military intelligence agent, in Dorset, England

Margit Liesche
  • Pucci Lewis: US Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) and undercover agent in World War II

Martin Limón
  • George Sueno and Ernie Bascom: US military police officers in 1960s-1970s Seoul, South Korea

S.L. Linnea
  • Major Jaime Richards: US Army chaplain in Iraq, searching for Eden

Chuck Logan
  • Nina Pryce: US Army major attached to Delta Force, and Phil Broker, an ex-undercover detective, in Minnesota

Gavin Lyall
  • Harry Maxim: Special Services major, assigned to 10 Downing Street in London, England

Doc Macomber
  • Jack Vu: Vietnamese-American investigator for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, in New Orleans, Louisiana, and elsewhere

James Macomber
  • John Cann: Vietnam Special Forces veteran, now a US-based lawyer dealing with international legal issues and ethical dilemmas in Europe

Jeffrey Marks
  • General Ulysses Grant: returning to his hometown of Georgetown, Ohio, after the Civil Wa

Edward Marston
  • Ralph Delchard: soldier, and Gervase Bret, a lawyer, in 11th century England, in the Domesday Series
  • Daniel Rawson: spy, adventurer, and captain in the British army under the Duke of Malborough in the 1700s in Europe and England

Van Wyck Mason
  • Hugh North: US Army intelligence officer, a captain at first, finally colonel, serving around the world as G-2’s greatest troubleshooter

Michael McClister
  • Elmo Finn: Vietnam Vet retired from the CIA, on Longboat Key in Sarasota, Florida

Philip McCutchan
  • Esmonde Shaw: Commander in the English Naval Intelligence Division, later with a semi-official intelligence agency called 6D2

Evan McNamara
  • Bill Tatum: former Army sniper and current Deputy Sheriff of Mineral County, in Dumont, Colorado

David Morrell
  • Rambo: American soldier of fortune

Magdalen Nabb
  • Salvatore Guarnaccia: marshal in the Italian Carabinieri in Florence, Italy
Ben Pastor
  • Martin Bora: anti-Nazi Anglo-German officer in World War II Europe

Rebecca Pawel
  • Carlos Tejada Alonso y Leon: sergeant in Guardia Civil in 1930s and 1940s Madrid, Spain

Don Pendleton
  • Aston Ford: former naval intelligence officer, now psychic private investigator

Wilder Perkins
  • Bartholemew Hoare: British Navy officer wounded in the throat during the Napoleanic Wars of the early 1800s, and assigned to espionage duties

David Poyer
  • Dan Lenson: US Navy officer rising through the ranks, on duty around the world

Richard Prather
  • Shell Scott: ex-Marine private investigator in Los Angeles, California

Sam Reaves
  • Cooper MacLeish: taxi driver and Vietnam vet, in Chicago, Illinois

Matthew Reilly
  • Shane Schofield: leader of a team of Marines

W.L. Ripley
  • Wyatt Storme: ex-NFL star, Vietnam vet, and private investigator, in Branson, Missouri

Patrick Robinson
  • Naval techno-thrillers

David Rollins
  • Major Vincent Cooper: agent of the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations
  • Tom Wilkes: sergeant in the Australian Special Air Service

James Rollins
  • Sigma Force: elite covert arm of the US Defense Department made up of former Special Forces officers trained as experts in various scientific fields

Sara Rosett
  • Ellie Avery: Air Force wife and professional organizer, in the Mom Zone mysteries

Laura Joh Rowland
  • Sano Ichiro: samurai and private investigator for the shogun, in the 1600s in Edo, Japan

William Ryan
  • Alexei Korolev: captain in the militia’s Criminal Investigation Division under Stalin, in 1930s Moscow, Russia

Leonard B. Scott
  • Men at War novels

Randy Striker (Randy Wayne White)
  • Dusky MacMorgan: ex-Navy SEAL, in Florida

Edwin Thomas
  • Martin Jerrold: lieutenant in the British Navy in the early 1800s, in the Reluctant Adventures trilogy

Ross Thomas
  • Artie Wu and Quincy Durant: soldiers of fortune for their company, WuDu Ltd.

Brad Thor
  • Scot Harvath: ex-Navy Seal, Secret Service agent, and counter-terrorism operative working all over the world

Ronald Tierney
  • Dietrich “Deets” Shanahan: 70-something former Army intelligence officer and semi-retired private investigator, in Indianapolis, Indiana

Don Tracy
  • Giff Speer: master sergeant and undercover agent in the US Army Military Police, around the USA

John Trenhaile
  • Stepan Povin: Russian KGB general in the Cold War

Andrew H. Vachss
  • Burke: outlaw soldier-of-fortune investigator in New York City

Sharon Wildwind
  • Elizabeth “Pepper” Pepperhawk: army nurse captain returning from Vietnam, and Avivah Rosen, a military police captain, in the early 1970s at Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Michael Wolfe
  • Michael Keefe: photographer with DEPOE (Defense Photo Operations Executive), mostly in Vietnam

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