L.L. Enger
  • Gun Pedersen: ex-major-league ballplayer and recluse, mostly in the north woods of Minnesota

Alison Gordon
  • Kate Henry: baseball sportswriter in Toronto, Canada

Charlie Huston
  • Henry Thompson: former high school star baseball player, now a bartender with a drinking problem in Paul's Place, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City:

Richard Rosen
  • Harvey Blissberg: ex-major league baseball player turned private eye, in Boston Massachusetts

G.S. Rowe
  • Will Beaman: working in a baseball front office starting in 1897, in Boston, Massachusetts

Troy Soos
  • Mickey Rawlings: 1910s journeyman second baseman in the USA

Nichelle D. Tramble
  • Maceo Redfield: disillusioned baseball star and college dropout, in Oakland, California

Mark Richard Zubro
  • Scott Carpenter: gay baseball player, in Chicago, Illinois, and Tom Mason, a gay teacher


Harlan Coben
  • Myron Bolitar: injured basketball player turned sports agent in New York City


Earl Emerson
  • Thomas Black: bicycling-enthusiast private eye in Seattle, Washington

Greg Moody
  • Will and Cheryl Ross: in the Cycling Murder mysteries

Boating & Sailing

Conrad Allen (Edward Marston)
  • George Porter Dillman: yacht-builder-turned-actor-turned-detective

Baron R. Birtcher
  • Mike Travis: newly retired cop building a charter sailing business, in Los Angeles, California

Candy Calvert
  • Darcy Cavanaugh: ER nurse who takes a job on a cruise ship

Clive Cussler
  • Mercenaries, known as the Corporation: headquartered on the ship Oregon, a seagoing marvel of science and technology disguised as an ancient, rust-bucket cargo vessel, in the Oregon Chronicles

Dorothy Dunnett
  • Johnson Johnson: British agent and yachtsman on the “Dolly”

Bill Eidson
  • Jack Merchant: ex-DEA agent, living on his retirement plus his photography on the sloop Lila, and Sarah Ballard, running her father’s business repossessing boats for banks, in Charlestown (a Boston suburb) Massachusetts

Tony Gibbs
  • Gillian Verdean: boat owner in Long Island, New York

Phoebe Atwood Taylor
  • Asey Mayo: former sailor and auto racer in Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Cathie John
  • Nick Cavanaugh: Navy vet and Fleet Boxing Champ, in 1940s Newport, Kentucky

David Liss
  • Benjamin Weaver: Jewish ex-pugilist hired by gentry to pursue debtors and thieves, in 18th Century London, England

Eddie Muller
  • Billy Nichols: boxing columnist for the Inquirer newspaper, in late 1940s San Francisco, California

Robert B. Parker
  • Spenser: ex-boxer, ex-state cop turned private eye, in Boston, Massachusetts

Robert J. Randisi
  • Miles Jacoby: boxer turned private investigator in New York City

Tom Schreck
  • Duffy Dombrowski: Elvis-loving boxer and social worker, and his basset hound, Al, in a town near New York City


Glyn Carr
  • Sir Abercrombie (“Filthy”) Lewker: former commando and pompous Shakespearean actor who solves murders while mountaineering, mainly in Wales and the Alps

Clinton McKinzie
  • Antonio “Ant” Burns: agent of the Division of Criminal Investigation and amateur rock climber in Wyoming

Gwen Moffat
  • Miss Melinda Pink: middle-aged magistrate and mountaineer who solves mysteries at various mountainous locations


John Galligan
  • Ned “Dog” Oglivie: traveling the United States in a 1984 RV, trout fishing until his money runs out, in the Fly Fishing mysteries

Victoria Houston
  • Lewellyn Ferris: fly fishing wonder and the Chief of Police, in Loon Lake, Wisconsin

David Leitz
  • Max Addams: fly-fisherman and owner of Whitefork Lodge, a bed and breakfast in Vermon

William G. Tapply
  • Brady Coyne: sports fisherman and lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts


Ace Atkins
  • Nick Travers: ex-football star, part-time detective, and full-time expert on blues in New Orleans, Louisiana

Robert Irvine
  • Moroni Traveler: non-Mormon ex-football player and private eye in Salt Lake City, Utah

Paul Levine
  • Jake Lassiter: ex-linebacker turned lawyer in Miami, Florida

Mike Lupica
  • Jack “The Jammer” Molloy: former Las Vegas casino concierge, now owner of the New York Hawks football team

Bob Morris
  • Zack Chasteen: former Miami Dolphin linebacker, in Florida and the Caribbean

W.L. Ripley
  • Wyatt Storme: ex-NFL star, Vietnam vet, and private investigator, in Branson, Missouri


John Corrigan
  • Jack Austin: golf player on the PGA circuit

Don Dahler
  • Huck Doyle: pro golfer and non-practicing lawyer working as a private investigator, in Los Angeles, California

Aaron Elkins and Charlotte Elkins
  • Lee Ofsted: struggling woman golfer, and Graham Sheldon, her cop boyfriend

J.M. Gregson
  • Superintendent John Lambert and Detective Sergeant Bert Hook: policemen and golf enthusiasts in Gloucestershire, England

Roberta Isleib
  • Burdette, Cassie: a professional golfer

Keith Miles (Edward Marston)
  • Alan Saxon: professional golfer

Maggie Toussaint
  • Cleopatra Jones: accountant, golfer, and divorced mother of two, in Hogan’s Glen, Maryland


Terry Carroll
  • Carl North: small-town cop and amateur hockey goalie, in Belleford and then St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

G.B. Joyce
  • Brad Shade: journeyman pro hockey player for 14 years, now scouting for Los Angeles in the National Hockey League

Michael McKinley
  • Martin Carter: former star Canadian hockey player, now retired due to a head injury and working with the New York St. Patricks team in community relations

Martial Arts

Victoria Blake
  • Samantha (Sam) Falconer: world judo champion turned private investigator at the Gentle Way investigation agency in London, working in Oxford, England

George C. Chesbro
  • John “Chant” Sinclair: Medal of Honor winner in Vietnam and martial arts master turned artist

John Donohue
  • Connor Burke: university professor and martial-arts student in New York City

Nicola Griffith
  • Aud Torvingen: half-American, half-Norwegian lesbian ex-Atlanta cop and self-defense teacher

Marc Olden
  • Frank DiPalma martial arts thrillers
  • Robert Sand: the Black Samurai, trained for seven years by a Japanese samurai master, fighting to save the world from sinister threats

Zoë Sharp
  • Charlotte “Charlie” Fox: self-defense expert based in England

Philip Singerman
  • Roland Troy: martial arts expert and ex-cop


Jamie Freveletti
  • Emma Caldridge: chemist and international ultramarathon runner, and Edward Banner of the security company Darkview

Ami Elizabeth Reeves
  • Sally Brown: marathoner in Delight, Arkansa


David Stukas
  • Monette O’Reilley: star player of the Leaping Lesbians soccer team and graphic artist, Robert Wilsop, a recovered Catholic and copywriter for feminine hygiene products, and Michael Stark, the oversexed heir-apparent to a herpes ointment fortune, in New York


John DeCure
  • J. Shepard: lawyer who surfs in Christianitos, California

Kem Nunn
  • Non-series surfer-noir set in southern California

Jeff Shelby
  • Noah Braddock: surfer and private investigator in San Diego, California

Don Winslow
  • Boone Daniels: private investigator who would rather be surfing, in San Diego, California


Michael Blair
  • Joe “Shoe” Schumacher: ex-cop, professional wrestler, and bodyguard, in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Liza Cody
  • Eva Wylie: wrestler and security guard in London, England

Jerome Doolittle
  • Tom Bethany: former political consultant and wrestler working as a private investigator in Boston, Massachusetts

Other Sports

Rudolfo Anaya
  • Sonny Baca: part-time rodeo rider private eye in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Shannon Baker
  • Nora Abbot: operator of a ski resort in northern Arizona

Joan Bartlett
  • Berrien Gamble: co-owner of the Nice Skates Ice Arena and an amateur sleuth, in the fictitious costal town of Portugal, 40 miles south of San Francisco, California

Jack Bickham
  • Brad Smith: championship tennis player and part-time CIA agent, in the United States

Leo Bruce
  • Sergeant Beef: beer-and-darts-loving common man in England

Joelle Charbonneau
  • Rebecca Robbins: Chicago mortgage broker inheriting a roller skating rink from her mother, in fictional Indian Falls, Illinois

John A. Flanagan
  • Jesse Parker: ex-Denver police detective, returning to his hometown to work on the ski patrol, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Sue Henry
  • Jessie Arnold: dog sled racer, and Sergeant Alex Jensen, a state trooper, in Anchorage, Alaska

Gillian Linscott
  • Birdie Linnet: ex-cop fitness trainer in London, England

Carolyn Morwood
  • Marlo Shaw: professional female cricketer and amateur sleuth, in Melbourne, Australia

Martin O’Brien
  • Daniel Jacquot: former rugby player, now a homicide chief inspector, in Marseilles, France

Horses and Horse Racing

Sports Media

Alina Adams
  • Rebecca “Bex” Levy: figure skating researcher for the 24/7 network, in the Figure Skating mysteries

John Billheimer
  • Lloyd Keaton: local sportswriter with a gambling addiction, in fictional Menkenburg, a city in east-central Ohio

Jon Breen
  • Jerry Brogan: track announcer at Surfside Meadows, in California

Steve Brewer
  • Drew Gavin: Albuquerque Gazette sports columnist in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Richard Curtis
  • Dave “The Pro” Bolt: professional athletic agent, former star with the Dallas Cowboys

Jen Estes
  • Cat McDaniel: rookie baseball sportswriter starting with the Las Vegas Chips baseball team, and moving on to the Buffalo Soldiers

Crabbe Evers
  • Duffy House: ex-sportswriter turned investigator in Chicago, Illinois

Alison Gordon
  • Kate Henry: baseball sportswriter in Toronto, Canada

Jody Jaffe
  • Natalie Gold: reporter on the horse show circuit in Charlotte, North Carolina

John Logue
  • John Morris: Associated Press sportswriter focusing on golf and football, and his love interest Julia Sullivan, based in 1970s Atlanta, Georgia

Eddie Muller
  • Billy Nichols: boxing columnist for the Inquirer newspaper, in late 1940s San Francisco, California

Shannon O’Cork
  • T.T. Baldwin: sports photographer in New York City

Herbert Resnicow
  • Marcus Aurelius Burr: sportswriter in New York City

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