Selected 2019 Paperback Releases

Codes: [r] reprint from hardcover or earlier paperback, [SS] short stories,
[s] simultaneous hardcover/paperback release, [NS] non-series

January 2019

Receptor [sequel to The Dark Fields] by Alan Glynn

The Gun Also Rises [Garage Sale #6] by Sherry Harris

Take-Out and Other Tales of Culinary Crime [SS] by Rob Hart

No Escape Claws [Second Chance Cat #6] by Sofie Kelly

How It Happened [r] [NS] by Michael Koryta

The Liar’s Room [NS] by Simon Lelic

The Havana Game [Thomas Laker #2] by John Lutz

Murder, She Meowed [Pawsitively Organic #7] by Liz Mugavero

The Alchemist’s Illusion [Accidental Alchemist #4] by Gigi Pandian


Hemlock Needle [Maeve Malloy #2] by Keenan Powell

The Belting Inheritance [1965 reissue] by Julian Symons

The Old You [NS] by Louise Voss [1st US edition]

Murder Likes It Hot [Downward Dog #6] by Tracy Weber

The Frangipani Tree Mystery [Crown Colony #1] by Ovidia Yu

The Betel Nut Tree Mystery [Crown Colony #2] by Ovidia Yu

Amsterdam Noir [SS] edited by René Appel and Josh Pachter

Sydney Noir [SS] edited by John Dale

February 2019

The Murder Pit [William Arrowood #2] by Mick Finlay [1st US edition]

Fate: The Lost Decades of Uncle Chow Tung [Uncle Chow Tung #1] by Ian Hamilton

A Gentlewoman’s Guide to Murder [Emmeline St. Germaine #1] by Victoria Hamilton

The Inglorious Arts [Alex Brno #2] by Alan Hruska

My Little Eye [Starke & Bell #1] by Stephanie Marland


Missing Daughter [NS] by Rick Mofina

February’s Son [Harry McCy #2] by Alan Parks

The Book Artist [Hugo Marston #8] by Mark Pryor

The Other Woman [r] [Gabriel Allon #18] by Daniel Silva

The Bone Keeper [NS] by Luca Veste [1st US edition]

March 2019

Mrs. Jeffries Delivers the Goods [Mrs. Jeffries #37] by Emily Brightwell

Until the Day I Die [NS] by Emily Carpenter

The Case of the Careless Kitten [Perry Mason] by Earl Stanley Gardner [1942 reissue]

We All Fall Down [NS] by Daniel Kalla

Walking Shadows [r] [Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus] by Faye Kellerman


Murder by Matchlight [Robert Macdonald] by E.C.R Lorac [1945 reissue]

The Horseman’s Song [Martin Bora #6] by Ben Pastor

Allmen and the Pink Diamond [Allmen #2] by Martin Suter

Leave No Scone Unturned [Chef-To-Go #2] by Denise Swanson

Drowned Under [Cyd Redondo #2] by Wendall Thomas

April 2019

The Three Beths [r] [NS] by Jeff Abbott

Transcription [r] [NS] by Kate Atkinson

Wed, Read & Dead [Mystery Bookshop #43] by V. M. Burns

Wolfhunter River [Gwen Proctor #1] by Rachel Caine

Murder Knocks Twice [Speakeasy #1] by Susanna Calkins

Foul Play on Words [Mystery Writer #2] by Becky Clark

Girl Most Likely [NS] by Max Allen Collins

Murder at the Marina [Kelly Jackson #5] by Janet Finsilver

Condor: The Short Takes [SS & novella] by James Grady


A Bouquet of Rue [Maggie MacGowen #12] by Wendy Hornsby

An Artless Demise [Lady Darby #7] by Anna Lee Huber

Scot and Soda [Last Ditch #2] by Catriona McPherson

Magickal Mystery Lore [Abracadabra #4] by Sharon Pape

State University of Murder [Nick Hoffman #9] by Lev Raphael

A Risky Undertaking for Loretta Singletary [Samuel Craddock #8] by Terry Shames

Palm Beach, Finland [NS] by Antti Tuomainen

A Deceptive Devotion [Lane Winslow #6] by Iona Whishaw

May 2019

Below the Fold [Clare Carlson #2] by R.G. Belsky

The Jean Harlow Bombshell [Classic Star Biographies #1] by Mollie Cox Bryan

Cold for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone [Giuseppe Lojacono #4] by Maurizio de Giovanni

Death of an Art Collector [Nero Wolfe #14] by Robert Goldsborough

The Scandal [David Stone & Frankie Oliver #3] by Mari Hannah

The Scholar [Cormac Reilly #2] by Dervla McTiernan


The Last Thing She Remembers [NS] by J.S. Monroe

Shell Game [r] [V.I. Warshawski #19] by Sara Paretsky

Stasi Wolf [Karin Müller #2] by David Young [1st US edition]

Berlin Noir [SS] edited by Thomas Wörtche

Houston Noir [SS] edited by Gwendolyn Zepeda

Milwaukee Noir [SS] edited by Tim Hennessy

June 2019

The Pint of No Return [r] [Sloan Krause #2] by Ellie Alexander

The Dead Ringer [r] [Agatha Raisin #29] by M.C. Beaton

Random Act [Jack McMorrow #12] by Gerry Boyle

Bad Things [NS] by Nancy Bush

One Small Sacrifice [r] [Shadows of New York #1] by Hilary Davidson

Toxic Toffee [Amish Candy Shop #4] by Amanda Flower


Total Mayhem [Jonathan Grave #11] by John Gilstrap

Dead Big Dawg [Loon Lake #19] by Victoria Houston

A Matter of Will [NS] by Adam Mitzner

Blood Relations [NS] by Jonathan Moore

Grab a Snake by the Tail [Mario Conde #8] by Leonardo Padura

A Long Way Down [Ryan DeMarco #3] by Randall Silvis

July 2019

Uneasy Lies the Crown [r] [Lady Emily #13] by Tasha Alexander

The Heart Keeper [s] [NS] by Alex Dahl

Expire [Annabelle Schwartzman #4] by Danielle Girard

The Mountain Master of Sha Tin [Ava Lee #9] by Ian Hamilton

The Body in Griffith Park [Anna Blanc #3] by Jennifer Kincheloe


Gretchen [NS] by Shannon Kirk

The Subject of Malice [s] [Lila MacLean #4] by Cynthia Kuhn

Death in a Desert Land [s] [Agatha Christie #3] by Andrew Wilson

The Dead Girl in 2A [NS] by Carter Wilson

August 2019

Tahoe Deep [Owen McKenna #17] by Todd Borg

A Dance of Cranes [Birder Murder #6] by Steve Burrows

The Time for Murder is Meow [Purr N Bark #1] by T.C. LoTempio


The Moscow Deception [r] [The Guardian #2] by Karen Robards

The Bird Boys [Delpha Wade #2] by Lisa Sandlin

The Paper Bark Tree Mystery [Crown Colony #3] by Ovidia Yu

September 2019

The Other End of the Line [Salva Montalbano #24] by Andrea Camilleri

The Dead Beat Scrolls [August Riordan #7] by Mark Coggins

Valley of Shadows [Gus Parker & Alex Mills #3] by Steven Cooper

The Devil Close Behind [Jeri Howard #13] by Janet Dawson

A Talent for Killing [Revised version of Deadman’s Game (1976) plus an unpublished sequel] by Ralph Dennis

Gallows Court [Jacob Flint #1] by Martin Edwards [1st US edition]


Fiddling with Fate [Chloe Ellefson #10] by Kathleen Ernst

The Queen’s Gambit [Margaret Harkness & Arthur Conan Doyle #2] by Bradley Harper

The Murder of Harriet Monckton [NS] by Elizabeth Haynes [1st US edition]

Iced in Paradise [s] [Leilana Santiago #1] by Naomi Hirahara

The Quaker [NS] by Liam McIlvanney [1st US edition]

Deep Waters: Mysteries on the Waves [SS] edited by Martin Edwards

October 2019

Dread of Winter [NS] by Susan Alice Bickford

In Rhino We Trust [Jenny Willson #3] by Dave Butler

The Courier [NS] by Kjell Ola Dahl

No Way to Die [s] [Cal Claxton #7] by Warren C. Easley

The Devil’s Own Game [Somebody's Bound to Wind Up Dead #3] by Annie Hogsett

Penny for Your Secrets [Verity Kent #3] by Anna Lee Huber

A Merry Murder [Pennyfoot Hotel #22] by Kate Kingsbury


One Night Gone [NS] by Tara Laskowski

Skin in the Game [Cain & Harper #1] by D.P. Lyle

Boxing the Octopus [s] [Cape Weathers #4] by Tim Maleeny

Edgar Allan Poe and the Empire of the Dead [Poe & Dupin #3] by Karen Lee Street

The Art of Theft [Lady Sherlock #4] by Sherry Thomas

Little Siberia [NS] by Antti Tuomainen

The Best American Mystery Stories 2019 [SS] edited by Jonathan Lethem

November 2019

Poppy Redfern and the Midnight Murders [Woman of WWII #1] by Tessa Arlen

Watcher in the Woods [r] [Casey Duncan #4] by Kelley Armstrong

Justice [Curtis Chronicles #3] by Joe Badal

Killing Quarry [Quarry #15] by Max Allan Collins

Nothing More Dangerous [s] [NS] by Allen Eskens

Death Has Deep Roots [Inspector Hazelrigg #5, 1951 reissue] by Michael Gilbert

A Bottle of Rum [Spider John #3] by Steve Goble


Curtain Call [r] [Enora Andresson #1] by Graham Hurley

Paw of the Jungle [Paw Enforcement #9] by Diane Kelly

A Noël Killing [Provençal #8] by M.L. Longworth

Ghost of the Bamboo Road [Shinobi #7] by Susan Spann

Kopp Sisters on the March [r] [Kopp Sisters #5] by Amy Stewart

Night Watch [r] [Michael Cassidy #3] by David C. Taylor

Thread and Buried [Mainely Needlepoint #9] by Lea Wait

The Big Book of Reel Murders: Stories that Inspired Great Crime Films [SS] edited by Otto Penzler

December 2019

The Body in the Dumb River [1961 reissue] by George Bellairs

The Spy in a Box ( [NS] by Ralph Dennis

A Trace of Deceit [NS] by Karen Odden

Vendetta in Death [r] [Eve Dallas #47] by J.D. Robb


Pieces of Her [r] [NS] by Karin Slaughter

Brooklyn Legacies [Erica Donato #5] by Triss Stein

In the Dark [NS] by Loreth Anne White

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