Authors & Characters Added in 2021

Authors and Characters Added in January 2021

Aravind Adiga: non-series literary fiction with a criminous flavor

New David Ashton series: Jean Brash, a feisty, self-made woman turned sleuth in Victorian Edinburgh, Scotland

Daisy Bateman: Claudia Simcoe, a computer programmer leaving San Francisco to open a farm-to-table market on the California coast

Micki Browning: Mer (Meredith) Cavallo, a marine biologist working as a divemaster in the Florida Keys; Jo Wyatt, a police detective, in fictional Echo Valley, in southwest Colorado [written as M.E. Browning]

New Lynn Cahoon series: Mia Malone, a witch running a catering business, in fictional Magic Springs, Idaho, in the Kitchen Witch series

New Judith Campbell series: Viridienne Greene, a fiber artist and amateur sleuth, in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Heather Chavez: non-series

Vivien Chien: Lana Lee, back working in her family’s restaurant after a break-up, in Cleveland, Ohio, in the Noodle Shop mysteries

Jennifer J. Chow: Winston Wong, a former video game tester, now an amateur sleuth [written as J.J. Chow]; Mimi Lee, running a pet-grooming shop, in Los Angeles, California, in the Sassy Cat series

Caroline B. Cooney: Janie Johnson, a 15-year old, begins to wonder about her past [YA]

New Wessel Ebersohn series: Beloved Childe, a prison expert in South Africa

Ruth Gilligan: non-series

New Danielle Girard series: Kylie Milliard, the only police detective, in Hagen, North Dakota, in the Badlands series

New Jeanne Glidewell series: Rip and Rapella Ripple, full-time recreational vehicle tourers throughout in the USA, in the Ripple Effect mysteries

New Elly Griffiths series: Harbinder Kaur, a 36-year-old gay Sikh female detective sergeant, in the West Sussex constabulary, in England

New Suzette A. Hill series: Rosie Gilchrist, attempting to lead an untroubled life working at the British Museum, starting in 1953 London, England

New Lee Hollis series: Maya, a private investigator, and Sandra, her housewife friend, in Portland, Maine [Rick Copp pseudonym]

New Anne Holt series: Selma Falck, a lawyer who has lost everything, in Norway

New Jørn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger series: Alexander Blix, a violent crimes detective, and journalist Emma Ramm, in Oslo, Norway

Terry Kay: non-series

Mary Keliikoa: Kelly Pruett, a single mom of a deaf daughter who inherits her father’s private investigator business, in Portland, Oregon

New Diane Kelly series: Hattie Hayes, a moonshinter continuing a family tradition, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the Southern Homebrew series

Nancy Jooyoun Kim: non-series

Rosalie Knecht: Vera Kelly, recruited by the CIA from the gay community of 1962 Greenwich Village, New York City, later a private investigator

New Lynda La Plante series: Jack Warr, a detective constable in London, England

New Pierre Lemaître series: the Enfants du Désastre trilogy set between the two World Wars

Nev March: non-series

New Amanda Matetsky series: Annie March, a literacy tutor and amateur sleuth, on Long Island, New York

New Beverley McLachlin series: Jilly Truitt, a top criminal defense lawyer, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

New Kasey Michaels series: Grady Sullivan, a private investigator, and Quinn Delaney, an ex-cop turned bodyguard, in the D&S Security series

Jessica Moor: non-series

New John Moss series: Harry Lindstrom, a private investigator, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Angel Harris, born without use of her legs, an anthropologist expert in cave exploration, in the Silver Medallion series

Richie Narvaez: non-series

Scott O’Connor: non-series thrillers

New James Patterson & David Ellis series: Billy Harney and Kate Fenton, police detectives on the elite Special Operations Section in Chicago, Illinois

New Sharon Sala series: Charlie Dodge, a private investigator, in the Jigsaw Files

Halley Sutton: non-series

Maryla Szymiczkowa: Zofia Turbotńska, a bored medical professor’s wife who becomes an amateur sleuth, beginning in 1893 Cracow, Poland

Elisabeth Thomas: non-series

New Ashley Weaver series: Electra McDonnell, in a family of burglars, during World War II in England

Sung J. Woo: Siobhan O’Brien, a Korean-American adoptee, whose boss leaves her a private intestigation agency, in New York City

Stephanie Wrobel: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in February 2021

New Dale Brown series: Captain Nick Flynn, a US Air Force intellegence officer banished to a remote outpost in Alaska

New Colleen Coble series: Jane Hardy, appointed interim sheriff in Pelican Harbor, Alabama, after her father retires

New Jim Eldridge series: DCI Coburg and DS Lampson in 1940 London, England, in the Hotel mysteries

New Frances Fyfield series: Diana Porteous, a rich young widow and art collector, as well as a skilled thief, in London, England

New Seán Haldane series: Chad Hobbes, a policeman just arrived from England, in 1869 Victoria, British Columbia, and in 1871 on Prince Edward Island, Canada

Dolores Hitchens: Jim Sader, a private investigator, in Long Beach, California; Collins & McKechnie, detectives in California [written with Bert Hitchens]; John Farrel, a railroad detective in southern California [written with Bert Hitchens]; Rachel and Jennifer Murdock, elderly sisters and amateur sleuths, along with Samantha the cat, and their friendly rival, police detective Lieutenant Stephen Mayhew , set mostly in Los Angeles, California [written as D.B. Olsen]; A. Pennyfeather, an English professor at Clarenden College, set mostly in California [written as D.B. Olsen]

New Ed Ifkovic series: Anna Farkas, a 65-year-old housewife, in the Hungarian-American community around New Haven, Connecticut

New Michael Kurland series: Captain Jacob Welker, an American counter-intelligence agent, Lord Geoffrey Saboy, British cultural attache, and his wife Lady Patricia, beginning in 1938

New Debbi Mack series: Erica Jensen, an unlicensed private investigator and Marine veteran with PTSD, in Baltimore, Maryland

New Andy McNab series: Tom Buckingham, a sergeant in the British Army Special Air Service, in the SAS thrillers

New Viet Thanh Nguyen series: A half-French, half-Vietnamese army captain double agent who leaves Vietnam after the fall of Saigon in 1975, taking on the alias Vo Danh (nameless)

Sara Sligar: non-series psychological suspense

Kate Weinberg: non-series

New Robin Yocum series: Hutchinson Van Buren, Attorney General of Ohio


Authors and Characters Added in March 2021

Kia Abdullah: Zara Kaleel, a former barrister now working as a sexual assault counsellor for Artemis House, in London, England

Esme Addison: Aleksandra (Alex) Daniels, returning to her family home to help in their herbal apothecary, in Bellamy Bay, North Carolina, in the Enchanted Bay mysteries

New Allison Brennan series: Kara Quinn, a young homicide detective, and Matt Costa, a loner FBI agent, in the Mobile Response Team series

New Larry Brooks series: Wolfgang Schmitt, a former underwear model and later a reluctant undercover agent for the FBI

Tina deBellegarde: Bianca St. Denis, a recently widowed new arrival in Batavia-on-Hudson, in the Catskills of New York

New Sherry Harris series: Chloe Jackson, a Chicago transplant helping Vivi Slidell, her late friend’s grandmother, run the Sea Glass Saloon in Emerald Cove on the the Florida Panhandle

Matthew Hart: Alex Turner, former CIA agent now a US Treasury operative based in New York City and investigating blood diamond smuggling around the world

Chris Hauty: Hayley Chill, a 25-year-old Army veteran working as an intern in the West Wing, in Washington, DC

New Maria Hummel series: Maggie Richter, a staff editor at the fictional Rocgue Museum in Los Angeles, California

David James: Amanda Thorne, a real estate agent, recently divorced from her husband and business partner, in Palm Springs, California (David Stukas pseudonym)

New James Oswald series: Constance Fairchild, a detective constable in London, England

New Bill Stackhouse series: Caitlin O’Rourkean, running an Irish pub, in Nashville, Tennessee

Laura Jensen Walker: Teddie St. John, a baker and mystery writer, in Lake Potawatomi, Wisconsin, in the Bookish Baker mysteries; Hope Taylor, first female pastor of Faith Chapel Episcopal Church, in Apple Springs, California, in the Faith Chapel mysteries

New Jincy Willett series: Amy Gallup, a reclusive widow, published at age 22, teaching a writing class at the university extension, and her flatulent basset hound Alphonse, in Escondido, California


Authors and Characters Added in April 2021

Raye Anderson: Roxanne Calloway, a young RCMP corporal promoted to the Major Crimes Unit, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Ava Barry: non-series

Don Bentley: Matt Drake, a Defense Intelligence Agency operative

New Jay Bonansinga series: Oswald Means, a small-time Chicago hit man haunted by the ghosts of his former kills who tries to redeem himself by saving as many lives as he took

Marjorie Celona: non-series

Randall Denley: Kris Redner, a 40-year-old crime columnist for the Citizen, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tracy Dobmeier & Wendy Katzman: non-series

Candas Jane Dorsey: an unnamed pansexual, grammar-obsessed, private investigator, and her cat, Bunnywit, in a Canadian city, in the Epitome Apartments mysteries

Cecilia Ekbäck: historical mysteries set in Sweden, ranging from the 1700s to World War II

Alex Finlay: non-series (Anthony Franze pseudonym)

New J.F. Freedman series: Luke Garrison, a former former District Attorney whose error caused the execution of an innocent man, in Santa Barbara, California

New Layton Green series: Andromeda "Andie" Robertson, an astrophysics PhD candidate, and Cal Miller, an investigative reporter, following clues around the world in search of a mysterious device invented by Andie’s mentor, the famous physicist Dr. James Corwin

Puja Guha: Petra Shirazi, a former CIA agent, and Ahriman, an Iranian assassin, in the Ahriman Legacy series

Emily Hepditch: non-series psychological thrillers set in Newfoundland, Canada

Helen Humphreys: non-series

Ann Lambert: Roméo Leduc, Chief Inspector of Homicide, and Marie Russell, an amateur sleuth, in the region of Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Kevin Major: Sebastian Synard, a tour guide in Newfoundland, Canada

New Mary Miley series: Maddie Pastore, a widow who researches the backgrounds of clients for Chicago mystic Madame Carlotta Romany, beginning in 1924, in the Mystic’s Accomplice series

Roz Nay: non-series

Katrina Onstad: non-series

Sarah Penner: non-series

New Henry Porter series: Paul Sampson, a former MI6 agent with a talent for tracking missing persons

New Christine Poulson series: Katie Flanagan, a young researcher in a drug lab, based in England

Francesca Serritella: non-series

Tiffany Tsao: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in May 2021

New Camilla Läckberg series: Faye Adelheim, a vengeful Stockholm housewife

New John McFetridge series: Gordon Stewart, a movie location scout in Canada

Kate Quinn: non-series historical thrillers

David Stafford: Arthur Skelton, a criminal defense barrister, in 1929 London, England

Yun Ko-eun: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in June 2021

Eva Björg Ægisdóttir: Elma, Chief Investigating Officer, who returns to Akranes following a failed relationship, and her collegues Sævar and Hörður, in the Forbidden Iceland series

Fredrik Backman: non-series

Roxanne Bouchard: Joaquin Moralès, a police detective in the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec, Canada

Mary Dixie Carter: non-series psychological suspense

Ben Creed: Revol Rossel, a virtuoso violinist, now a state militia cop, in 1950s Leningrad, Russia, in the City of Ghosts series

New Steve Goble series: Ed Runyon, a former New York City cop relocated to Mifflin County, Ohio, hoping for a quieter life as a sheriff’s detective

Chris Lloyd: Elisenda Domenech, head of the Serious Crime Unit, in Girona, Catalonia, Spain; Eddie Giral, a World War I veteran and police detective in 1940 Paris, France, during the German occupation

Mia P. Manansala: Lila Macapagal, a 25-year-old Filipino-American working at her aunt’s restaurant, Tita Rosie’s Kitchen, in Shady Palms, Illinois

Chris McKinney: The Water City trilogy, featuring a police detective in 2142; non-series noir sagas, set mostly in Hawaii

New Derek B. Miller series: Sheldon Horowitz, beginning in 1937 [prequel to Norwegian by Night]

Stacie Murphy: Amelia Matthews, a young fortune-teller in 1893 New York City

Paraic O’Donnell: non-series gothic thrillers

Agnes Ravatn: non-series

Seeley Regester: non-series

Chris Whitaker: non-series

New F. Paul Wilson series: Stanka Daley, a con artist from Los Angeles, California, who melds with a slug-like creature with healing powers


Authors and Characters Added in July 2021

Alexandra Andrews: non-series

New Arnaldur Indriðason series: Konrád (Konráð), a retired police detective, working cold cases, in Reykyavik, Iceland

New Shannon Baker series: Michaela Sanchez, an officer with the Arizona Rangers

Nicole Glover: Hetty and Benjy Rhodes, former conductors on the Underground Railroad now solving mysteries with the help of magic, in 1870s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the Murder & Magic series

Sandie Jones: non-series psychological thrillers

Audrey Keown: Ivy Nichols, a 28-year-old hotel clerk, in a Beaux Arts hotel, in Chattanoga, Tennessee

New Vaseem Khan series: Persis Wadia, India’s first female police detective in 1950s Bombay

New T.E. Kinsey series: Ivor “Skins” Maloney and Bartholomew “Barty” Dunn, jazz musicians in 1925 London, England, in the Dizzy Heights mysteries

Stephanie Scott: non-series

Emma Stonex: non-series

New Don Winslow series: Irish and Italian warring crime syndicates in Providence, Rhode Island, during the 1980s and 1990s


Authors and Characters Added in August 2021

Emilia Bernhard: Rachel Levis and Magda Stevens, amateur American sleuths, in Paris, France, in the Death in Paris series

Rae Cairns: non-series

New Kathryn Casey series: Clara Jefferies, a police detective returning to her childhood home in Alber, Utah

Lucy Foley: non-series

New Val McDermid series: Allie Burns, a reporter at the Daily Clarion, starting in 1979 Glasgow, Scotland

Charity Norman: non-series

Kyle Perry: non-series

Max Seeck: Jessica Niemi, a homicide detective in Helsinki, Finland

Sarah Thornton: Clementine Jones, a disgraced corporate lawyer, in Australia

Greg Woodland: Mick Goodenough, a new town constable demoted from a big-city detective job, in 1960s Moorabool, a fictional town in the New England region of Australia


Authors and Characters Added in September 2021

Anna Bailey: non-series

Kate Belli: Genevieve Stewart, a society girl-turned-investigative journalist, and wealthy Daniel McCaffrey, starting in 1888 New York City, in the Gilded Gotham mysteries

Ginger Bolton: Emily Westhill, running a donut shop with her retired police chief father-in-law, and her tabby cat, Deputy Donut, in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin, in the Deputy Donut mysteries (Janet Bolin pseudonym)

Bryan Christy: non-series

Elle Cosimano: Finlay Donavan, a single-mother of two small children, struggling to make ends meet, finish her next novel, and quash the rumor that she is a killer-for-hire, in Virginia; the Nearly Gone YA urban thriller series

Paul Herron: non-series

New Kate Kingsbury series: Vivian Wainwright, a middle-aged widow running the Misty Bay Tearoom, an English-accented shop on the Oregon coast

Richard O’Rawe: James “Ructions” O’Hare, an ex-IRA soldier with a talent for bank robbery, starting in 2004 Ireland

Jesse Q. Sutanto: Meddelin “Meddy” Chan, and her Chinese-Indonesian family in comedy-thrillers set in greater Los Angeles, California; YA romantic thrillers in the Obsession series, set in a private school in Northern California

Ruth Sawtell Wallis: Eric Lund, a cop turned FBI lawman, in Massachusetts and Minnesota

Kate Young: Marygene Brown, running the family Peach Diner with help from Mama’s spirit, on Peach Cove Island, in Georgia; Lyla Moody, the receptionist for her uncle’s private investigative firm, in Sweet Mountain, Georgia, in the Jane Doe Book Club mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in October 2021

Zakiya Dalila Harris: non-series

Jean Hanff Korelitz: non-series

Paula McLain: non-series

Silvia Moreno-Garcia: non-series mysteries, gothic, and noir, set in México

T.J. Newman: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in November 2021

Jonathan Ames: non-series

New Karen Odden series: Michael Corravan, a senior detective inspector at Scotland Yard, starting in 1878 London, England

Nancy Tucker: non-series

Geling Yan: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in December 2021

Ashley Audrain: non-series

New Lisa Gardner series: Frankie Elkin, a recovering alcoholic who travels the country searching for missing people, particularly minorities

Chris Hadfield: non-series

New Joanne Harris series: psychological suspense set in St. Oswald’s Grammar School for Boys in North Yorkshire, England

New Cynthia Kuhn series: Lucy and Emma Starrs, sisters running the Starlit Bookshop in Silvercrest, Colorado

New Lilja Sigurðardóttir series: Áróra, a half-Icelandic financial investigator living in the UK, returning to Iceland to find her older sister Ísafold

Wanda M. Morris: non-series

Nora Page: Cleo Watkins, a 70-something librarian, in Catalpa Springs, Georgia, in the Bookmobile mysteries (Ann Myers psuedonym)

New Daniel Pyne series: Aubrey Sentro, a former CIA agent

New Qiu Xiaolong series: Dee Renjie (Judge Dee), Empress Wu’s Imperial Circuit Supervisor for the Tang Empire in 7th Century China, in the Judge Dee Investigations

Hansjörg Schneider: Peter Hunkeler, a police inspector, in Basel, Switzerland

New M.J. Trow series: Margaret Murray, the real-life British archeologist, beginning in 1900 London, England

Jeff VanderMeer: sci-fi speculative thrillers

Brandon Webb & John David Mann: Chief Finn, a Navy SEAL sniper with a mysterious past


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