2008 Paperback Releases

Codes: [r] reprint from hardcover or earlier paperback, [s] simultaneous hardcover/paperback release, [NS] non-series

January 2008

Christine Falls [r] [Quirke #1] by Benjamin Black

A Diet of Treacle [r] [NS] by Lawrence Block (originally published as Pads Are for Passion under the pseudonym Sheldon Lord)

Bring Your Own Poison [Trailer Park #4] by Jimmie Ruth Evans

The Sinner [NS] by Petra Hammesfahr

State of the Onion [White House Chef #1] by Julie Hyzy

Hooked Up [Stock Car Racing #2] by Joyce and Jim Lavene

Shinjuku Shark [Samejima #1] by Arimasa Osawa


The Fever Kill [NS] by Tom Piccirilli

The Collaborator of Bethlehem [r] [Omar Yussef #1] by Matt Beynon Rees
APA: The Bethlehem Murders

Chili Con Corpses [Supper Club #3] by J.B. Stanley

Pushing Up Bluebonnets [Yellow Rose #5] by Leann Sweeney

Paris Noir: Capital Crime Fiction edited by Maxim Jakubowski

Queens Noir edited by Robert Knightly

February 2008

Special Assignments: The Further Adventures of Erast Fandorin by Boris Akunin

Deep Storm [r] [NS] by Lincoln Child

Lethal Legend [Diana Spaulding #4] by Kathy Lynn Emerson

Murder in Miniature [Dollhouse Mystery #1] by Margaret Grace

A Bone To Pick [r] [Aurora Teagarden #2] by Charlaine Harris


The Alibi Man [r] [Elena Estes #2] by Tami Hoag

Thugs & Kisses by Sue Ann Jaffarian

The K Hand Shape [Christine Morris #2] by Maureen Jennings

Dead-End Road [Jacob Tshabalala #3] by Richard Kunzmann

What Are You Wearing To Die? [Thoroughly Southern #10] by Patricia Sprinkle

March 2008

Dolly Departed [Dolls To Die For #3] by Deb Baker

The Prince of Bagram Prison [NS] by Alex Carr

Cold Pursuit [r] [Fran Harman #2] by Judith Cutler

Powerplay [r] [NS] by Joseph Finder

Bangkok Laws [Bryson Coventry #5] by Jim Michael Hansen

Three Bedrooms, One Corpse [r] [Aurora Teagarden #3] by Charlaine Harris

The Color of Blood [r] [Ed Loy #2] by Declan Hughes


Demons Are a Ghoul’s Best Friend [Ghost Hunter #2] by Victoria Laurie

At Some Disputed Barricade [r] [World War I #4] by Anne Perry

We Shall Not Sleep [r] [World War I #5] by Anne Perry

Sherlock Holmes and the American Angels [r] [Sherlock Holmes #9] by Barrie Roberts

Tie Dyed and Dead [Stain-Busting #6] by Sharon Short

Dry Ice [r] [Alan Gregory #15] by Stephen White

April 2008

Murder Is Binding [Booktown #1] by Lorna Barrett

Sundowner Ubuntu [Russell Quant #5] by Anthony Bidulka

The Paper Moon [Inspector Montalbano #9] by Andrea Camilleri

French Pressed [Coffeehouse #6] by Cleo Coyle

Index to Murder [Miss Zukas #11] by Jo Dereske

Mouths of Babes [r] [Saz Martin #5] by Stella Duffy

Shakedown [NS] by Joel Goldman

Body of Lies [r] [NS] by David Ignatius

Dead Men [r] [Dan Shepherd #5] by Stephen Leather


Innocent as Sin [r] [St. Kilda #3] by Elizabeth Lowell

The Cluttered Corpse [Charlotte Adams #2] by Mary Jane Maffini

Hokus Pokus [Sisterhood #9] by Fern Michaels [1st US edition]

The Cold Spot [NS] by Tom Piccirilli

What Burns Within by Sandra Ruttan

Assassin’s Shadow [r] [Dusky MacMorgan #4] by Randy Striker (Randy Wayne White)

Murder of a Chocolate-Covered Cherry [Scumble River #10] by Denise Swanson

Whiskey and Water [Whiskey Mattimoe #4] by Nina Wright

May 2008

Blood Brothers [Ben Corbin #2] by Rick Acker

Pelagia and the Black Monk [Sister Pelagia #2] by Boris Akunin (1st US edition)

Murder Talks Turkey [Yooper #3] by Deb Baker

Tempting Evil [Prison Break #2] by Allison Brennan

Killer Profile [Criminal Mind #2] by Max Allan Collins

Strip for Murder [Maggie and Jack Starr #2] by Max Allan Collins

Murder Can Crash Your Party [Desiree Shapiro #15] by Selma Eichler

Baby Shark’s High Plains Redemption [Baby Shark #3] by Robert Fate

Crazy Fool Kills Five [Fifi Cutter #2] by Gwen Freeman

In the Woods [r] [NS] by Tana French

The River Runs Orange [Meg Harris #3] by R.J. Harlick

Wasted Years [r] [Charles Resnick #5] by John Harvey

Criminal Element [r] [post] Hugh Holton

Death of a Lovable Geek [Dotsy Lamb #2] by Maria Hudgins


In a Dark Season [Elizabeth Goodweather #4] by Vicki Lane

Death of a Rug Lord [Den of Antiquity #14] by Tamar Myers

How the Dead Live [r] [Factory #3] by Derek Raymond

The Age of Dreaming [NS] by Nina Revoyr

Pointe and Shoot [Jenny Partridge #3] by Natalie M. Roberts

Streets of Fire [Marshall Webb] by Troy Soos

The Big Both Ways [s] [NS] by John Straley

Severance Package [NS] by Duane Swierczynski

This Night’s Foul Work [Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg #6] by Fred Vargas (1st US edition)

A Prisoner of Memory: And 24 of the Year’s Finest Crime and Mystery Stories edited by Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenburg

Toronto Noir edited by Nathaniel G. Moore

Las Vegas Noir edited by Todd James Pierce

June 2008

The Lemur [NS] by Benjamin Black

The Blood of Caesar [Pliny the Younger #2] by Albert Bell

The Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat [Austin McKenzie #3] by Claudia Bishop

Mrs. Jeffries Holds the Trump [Inspector Witherspoon & Mrs. Jeffries #24] by Emily Brightwell

Poisoned by Gilt [Domestic Bliss #6] by Leslie Caine

Blackman’s Coffin [Sam Blackman #1] by Mark De Castrique

Freezer Burn [Madison Cross #3] by D.H. Dublin

Skin and Bone [NS] by Kathryn Fox [1st US edition]


Cold Light [r] [Charles Resnick #6] by John Harvey

The Unkindest Cut [Bridge Club #2] by Honor Hartman

Dead Hot Shot [s] [Loon Lake #9] by Victoria Houston

Double Dog Dare [Kendra Ballantyne #6] by Linda O. Johnston

August Moon [Murder-by-Month #4] by Jess Lourey

Via Delle Oche [De Luca #3] by Carlo Lucarelli

Havana Gold [Mario Conde #3] by Leonardo Padura [1st US edition]

The Last Oracle [s] by James Rollins

July 2008

Kismet [r] [Kemal Kayankaya #4] by Jakob Arjouni

Armed and Glamorous [Crime of Fashion #6] by Ellen Byerrum

It Happened One Knife [Double Feature #2] by Jeffrey Cohen

Spun Tales [Black Widow Agency #2] by Felicia Donovan

Shadows at the Window [Shadows #2] by Linda Hall

The Last Embrace [s] [NS] by Denise Hamilton

Living Proof [Charles Resnick #7] by John Harvey

Paper-Thin Alibi [Craft Corner #3] by Mary Ellen Hughes

Left To Die [NS] by Lisa Jackson

The Missing Person’s Guide to Love [r] by Susanna Jones


The Black Path [Rebecka Martinsson #3] [1st US edition] by Åsa Larsson

Sawbones [NS] by Stuart MacBride

Don’t Turn Around [NS] by Hunter Morgan

South of Hell [Louis Kincaid #8] by P.J. Parrish

A Vintage Murder [Wine Lover #4] by Michele Scott

Zig Zag [r] [NS] by José Carlos Somoza

Le Crime [Louis Morgon #1] by Peter Steiner

The Black Hand [Barker & Llewelyn #5] by Will Thomas

Weeding Out Trouble [Nina Quinn #5] by Heather Webber

August 2008

Tahoe Avalanche [Owen McKenna #6] by Todd Borg

The Max [Fisher & Petrakos #3] by Ken Bruen & Jason Starr

Sanctuary [Jack Taylor #7] by Ken Bruen

Shoots To Kill [Flower Shop #7] by Kate Collins

One Bad Apple [Meg Corey #1] by Sheila Connolly

The Blood Pit [r] [Peterson & Heffernan #12] by Kate Ellis

Dead over Heels [r] [Aurora Teagarden #5] by Charlaine Harris


Easy Meat [Charles Resnick #8] by John Harvey

Doggone [Animal Instinct #2] by Gabriella Herkert

Sinister Sudoku [Sudoku #3] by Kaye Morgan

The Stolen [Henry Parker #3] by Jason Pinter

The Book Stops Here [Mobile Library #3] by Ian Sansom (1st US edition)

Forgotten [NS] by Mariah Stewart

Trinidad Noir edited by Lisa Allen-Agostini and Jeanne Mason

September 2008

Introducing Agatha Raisin: The Quiche of Death/The Vicious Vet [r] [Agatha Raisin #1 & #2] by M.C. Beaton

Oscar Wilde and a Game Called Murder [s] [Oscar Wilde #3] by Gyles Brandreth

Playing Dead [Prison Break #3] by Allison Brennan

Goody Goody Gunshots [Candy Shop #4] by Sammi Carter

Different Paths [s] [Stella Crown #5] by Judy Clemens

Appeal Denied [Cliff Hardy #30] by Peter Corris

The Archangel Project [NS] by C.S. Graham

Asking For Murder [Advice Column #3] by Roberta Isleib

Frozen Sun [Nathan Active #3] by Stan Jones

The Serpent and the Scorpion [Ursula Marlowe #2] by Clare Langley-Hawthorne

Every Last Drop [Joe Pitt #4] by Charlie Huston


Death Perception [Psychic Eye #6] by Victoria Laurie

Wicked Weaves [Renaissance Faire #1] by Joyce and Jim Lavene

Written In Blood [Forensic Handwriting #2] by Sheila Lowe

Night Kills [NS] by John Lutz

Pelham Fell Here [Frank Johnson Prequel] by Ed Lynskey

Buffalo Bill’s Defunct [Latouche County #1] by Sheila Simonson

Daughter of Deceit [Family Tree #3] by Patricia Sprinkle

Old Maid’s Puzzle [Quilting #2] by Terri Thayer

Stamped Out [Stamping Sisters #1] by Terri Thayer

The Christmas Cookie Killer [Fresh-Baked #3] by Livia J. Washburn

D.C. Noir 2: The Classics edited by George Pelecanos

Manhattan Noir 2: The Classics edited by Lawrence Block

October 2008

A Murder Hatched [Meg Langslow #1 & #2] by Donna Andrews

Snow Blind [Julie Collins #4] by Lori G. Armstrong

Murder Packs a Suitcase [Mallory Meadows #1] by Cynthia Baxter

Dead Ringer [NS] by Mary Burton

Bright Hair About the Bone [Leatitia Talbot #2] by Barbara Cleverly

Indigo Christmas [Hilda Johansson #6] by Jeanne M. Dams

Tengu the Mountain Goblin [s] [Connor Burke #3] by John Donohue

Brimstone Kiss [Delilah Street #2] by Carole Nelson Douglas

Blind Faith [NS] by Ben Elton [1st US edition]

Deadly Night [Flynn Brothers #1] by Heather Graham

Immortal Laws [Bryson Coventry #6] by Jim Michael Hansen

If No One’s Looking [Kristin Ashe #7] by Jennifer L. Jordan


The Clockwork Teddy [Bear Collector #4] by John J. Lamb

The Telltale Turtle [Pet Psychic #1] by Joyce and Jim Lavene

A Killer Workout [Fat City #2] by Kathryn Lilley

Point No Point [Claire Watkins #7] by Mary Logue

Anne Perry's Christmas Mysteries: Two Holiday Novels [omnibus: A Christmas Guest & A Christmas Secret] by Anne Perry

Casket Case [Callie Parrish #3] by Fran Rizer

Chords and Discords [Charles Patterson #2] by Roz Southey

Stiffs and Swine [Supper Club #4] by J.B. Stanley

Flight of the Hornbill [Ray Sharp #3] by Eric Stone

Leaves from the Note-Book of a New York Detective: The Private Record of J.B. [r] [SS] by John Babbington Williams

Small Crimes [NS] by Dave Zeltserman

The Best American Mystery Stories 2008 edited by George Pelecanos

November 2008

The Fashion in Shrouds [Albert Campion #10] [r] by Margery Allingham

No Rest for the Wiccan [Bewitching #4] by Madelyn Alt

Fifty-to-One [NS] by Charles Ardai

Pane of Death [Em Dowell #2] by Sarah Atwell

One Night Stands and Lost Weekends [r] [SS] by Lawrence Block

Face of a Killer [Sydney Fitzpatrick #1] by Robin Burcell

Missing Witness [r] [NS] by Gordon Campbell

Bad Press [Bev Morriss #5] by Maureen Carter

Finishing School [Criminal Minds #3] by Max Allan Collins

Deadly Harvest [Flynn Brothers #2] by Heather Graham

The Hiding Place [NS] by Karen Harper

Game Over [r] [Bill Slider #11] by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles


A Fatal Slip [Clay & Crime #3] by Melissa Glazer

A Good Death [r] by Elizabeth Ironside

Ringing in Murder [Pennyfoot Hotel #16] by Kate Kingsbury

Blood Bargain [Keira Kelly #2] by Maria Lima

Murder Most Maine [Gray Whale Inn #3] by Karen MacInerney

Shot Girl [Annie Seymour #4] by Karen E. Olson

I Was Dora Suarez [r] [Factory #4] by Derek Raymond

The Frailty of Flesh [Nolan, Hart & Tain #2] by Sandra Ruttan

Murder With All the Trimmings [Mystery Shopper #4] by Elaine Viets

Istanbul Noir edited by Mustafa Ziyalan

Paris Noir edited by Aurélien Masson

December 2008

A Late Phoenix [r] [Seedy Sloan #4] by Catherine Aird

Ding Dong Dead [Dolls to Die For #4] by Deb Baker

Old Flame [Jackson Steeg #2] by Ira Berkowitz

Dying for Dinner [Cooking Class #4] by Miranda Bliss

Eggs in Purgatory [Cackleberry Club #1] by Laura Childs

Green Hazard [r] [Tommy Hambledon #5] by Manning Coles

Dying by the Sword [Musketeers #5] by Sarah D’Almeida

The Witch’s Grave [Ophelia & Abby #6] by Shirley Damsgaard

Smallbone Deceased [r] [Inspector Hazelrigg #4] by Michael Gilbert


Deadly Gift [Flynn Brothers #3] by Heather Graham

Mrs. Mallory and a Time To Die [Mrs. Mallory #18] by Hazel Holt

Hail to the Chef [White House Chef #2] by Julie Hyzy

Getting Old Is a Disaster [Gladdy Gold #5] by Rita Lakin

The Last Day [NS] by John Ramsey Miller

Shinjuku Shark 2: The Poison Ape [Shinjuku Shark #2] by Arimasa Osawa

Devil May Ride [Ghost Dusters #2] by Wendy Roberts

What You Have Left: The Turner Trilogy [all 3 John Turner books] by James Sallis

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