2009 Paperback Releases

Codes: [r] reprint from hardcover or earlier paperback, [s] simultaneous hardcover/paperback release, [NS] non-series

January 2009

Thou Shell of Death [r] [Nigel Strangeways #2] by Nicholas Blake

Killing Castro [r] [NS] by Lawrence Block
(originally published as Fidel Castro Assassinated under pseudonym Lee Duncan)

Night of the Loving Dead [Pepper Martin #4] by Casey Daniels

Judas Kiss [Jackson & Baldwin #3] by J.T. Ellison

Leftover Dead [Trailer Park #5] by Jimmie Ruth Evans

The Blue Door [r] [NS] by David Fulmer

The Spoke [Sergeant Studer #3] by Friedrich Glauser [1st US edition]
AKA: Krock & Co.

Bad Vibes [r] [Fizz & Buchanan #3] by Joyce Holms


Wicked Game [NS] by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush

The Ghost and The Haunted Mansion [Haunted Bookshop #5] by Alice Kimberly

Murder at Deviation Junction [Jim Stringer #4] by Andrew Martin [1st US edition]

Final Justice [Sisterhood #12] by Fern Michaels

Six Seconds [NS] by Rick Mofina

The Kiss Murders [Turkish Delight #1] by Mehmet Murat Somer

Pariah [NS] by Dave Zeltserman

Rome Noir [SS] edited by Chiara Stangalino and Maxim Jakubowski

San Francisco Noir 2: The Classics [SS] edited by Peter Maravelis

February 2009

Jailbait Zombie [Felix Gomez #4] by Mario Acevedo

His Burial Too [r] [Seedy Sloan #5] by Catherine Aird

The Love Potion Murders in the Museum of Man [Norman de Ratour #2] by Alfred Alcorn

Murder Begins at Home [r] [Dagobert Brown #2] by Delano Ames

Made to Be Broken [Nadia Stafford #2] by Kelley Armstrong [1st US edition]

Bookmarked for Death [Booktown #2] by Lorna Barrett

Dark Side of the Morgue [Spike Berenger #2] by Raymond Benson

August Heat [Inspector Montalbano #10] by Andrea Camilleri

The Fifth Man [r] [Tommy Hambledon #6] by Manning Coles

Evil in Carnations [Flower Shop #8] by Kate Collins

Scattered Graves [Diane Fallon #6] by Beverly Connor

The Bloody Tower [r] [Daisy Dalrymple #16] by Carola Dunn


Malice in Miniature [Miniature #3] by Margaret Grace

Nutcase [Kate Holly #2] by Charlotte Hughes

Rapid Descent [NS] by Gwen Hunter

Booby Trap [Odelia Grey #4] by Sue Ann Jaffarian

A Dangerous Affair [Liberty Lane #2] by Caro Peacock [1st US edition, APA: Death of a Dancer]

Night Angels [r] [NS] by Danuta Reah

A Lie for a Lie [Ministry is Murder #4] by Emilie Richards

No Place to Run [NS] by Thomas B. Sawyer

Corked by Cabernet [Wine Lover #4] by Michele Scott

Fatal Lies [s] [Max Liebermann #3] by Frank Tallis

Death Takes the Cake [Della Cooks #2] by Melinda Wells

The Cutie [r] by Donald E. Westlake (APA: The Mercenaries, APA: The Smashers)

March 2009

Moon Water Madness [Luanne Fogarty #7] by Glynn Marsh Alam

Krapp’s Last Cassette [Quinn #3] by Anne Argula

A Plague of Poison [Bascot de Marins #3] by Maureen Ash

Too Rich and Too Dead [Mallory Meadows #2] by Cynthia Baxter

Sudden Death [FBI #1] by Allison Brennan

Mrs. Jeffries in the Nick of Time [Mrs. Jeffries #26] by Emily Brightwell

The Alchemist’s Pursuit [Alchemist #3] by Dave Duncan

A Date You Can’t Refuse [Wollie Shelley #4] by Harley Jane Kozak

Ghouls Just Haunt To Have Fun [Ghost Hunter #3] by Victoria Laurie


Life Sentences [NS] [s] by Laura Lippman

Death and the Lit Chick [St. Just #2] by G.M. Malliet

Fatal Flip [Interior Design #3] by Peg Marberg

Spin a Wicked Web [Home Crafting #3] by Cricket McRae

The Battered Body [Supper Club #5] by J.B. Stanley

A Carrion Death [r] [Kubu #1] by Michael Stanley

You Can Run… by Carlene Thompson

The Adversary [Nergui #2] by Michael Walters [1st US edition]

Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery edited by Sarah Cortez and Liz Martinez

April 2009

The Surest Poison [Sid Chance #1] by Chester D. Campbell

A Night at the Operation [Double Feature #3] by Jeffrey Cohen

Never Say Sty [Kendra Ballantyne #7] by Linda O. Johnston

Finished Off [Meredith Llewellyn #2] by Rebecca Kent

Docketful of Poesy [Grace Hollister #4] by Diana Killian

Run a Crooked Mile [NS] by Janet LaPierre


Dead Before Dark [NS] by Wendy Corsi Staub

Murder of a Royal Pain [Scumble River #11] by Denise Swanson

Ocean Waves [Quilting #3] by Terri Thayer

The Penguin Book of Gaslight Crime: Con Artists, Burglars, Rogues, and Scoundrels from the Time of Sherlock Holmes edited by Michael Sims

May 2009

Fatal Secrets [FBI #2] by Allison Brennan

Murder in the Raw [Rex Graves #2] by C.S. Challinor

Murder Takes the Cake [Sullivan Investigations #2] by Evelyn David

Gold Digger [Fiona MacGillivray #1] by Vicki Delany

Hell Hole [r] [Ceepak & Boyle #4] by Chris Grabenstein

Curse of the Kissing Cousins [Where Are They Now #1] by Toni L.P. Kelner (APA: Without Mercy)


A Corpse for Yew [Garden #5] by Joyce and Jim Lavene

Death Loves a Messy Desk [Charlotte Adams #3] by Mary Jane Maffini

Poison Ivory [Den of Antiquity #15] by Tamar Myers

Havana Fever [Mario Conde #6] by Leonardo Padura [1st US edition]

The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse [Cats in Trouble #1] by Leann Sweeney

Sex, Thugs, and Rock & Roll [SS] edited by Todd Robinson

June 2009

Red Hot Lies [Izzy McNeil #1] by Laura Caldwell

Sucker Punch [Candy Shop #5] by Sammi Carter

Dial Emmy for Murder [Alexis Peterson #2] by Eileen Davidson

By Hook or by Crook [Crochet #3] by Betty Hechtman

Back to the Coast [NS] by Saskia Noort [1st English edition]


Cut, Crop & Die [Scrap-N-Craft #2] by Joanna Campbell Slan

Angel’s Advocate [Beaufort & Co. #2] by Mary Stanton

Body Blows [Joe Grundy #2] by Marc Strange

The Chalk Circle Man [Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg #1] by Fred Vargas [1st US edition]

Seattle Noir [SS] edited by Curt Colbert

July 2009

Bury Me Deep [NS] by Megan Abbott

Where There’s a Witch [Bewitching #5] by Madelyn Alt

Cutting Edge [FBI #3] by Allison Brennan

Red Blooded Murder [Izzy McNeil #2] by Laura Caldwell

Curing the Blues with a New Pair of Shoes [Domestic Equalizers #5] by Dixie Cash

Rotten to the Core [Orchard #2] by Sheila Connolly

Cat in a Sapphire Slipper [r] [Midnight Louie #20] by Carole Nelson Douglas

Murder in the Dark [r] [Phryne Fisher #16] by Kerry Greenwood

Chosen To Die [Alvarez & Pescoli #2] by Lisa Jackson


Desolate Angel [Dead Detective #1] by Chaz McGee

Killer Sudoku [Sudoku #4] by Kaye Morgan

Arabesk [r] [Çetin Ikmen #3] by Barbara Nadel

The Missing Ink [Tattoo Shop #1] by Karen E. Olson

The Convict’s Sword [Akitada #6] by I.J. Parker

Prime Time [r] [Charlotte McNally #1] by Hank Phillippi Ryan

High Chicago [Jonah Geller #2] by Howard Shrier

Shanghaied [s] [Ray Sharp #4] by Eric Stone

Delhi Noir [SS] edited by Hirsh Sawhney

Uncage Me [s] [SS] edited by Jen Jordan

August 2009

Sister Pelagia and the Red Cockerel [Sister Pelagia #3] by Boris Akunin [1st US edition]
APA: Pelagia and the Red Rooster

Losers Live Longer [Payton Sherwood #2] by Russell Atwood

Tahoe Night [Owen McKenna #7] by Todd Borg

Red, White & Dead [Izzy McNeil #3] by Laura Caldwell

Sew Deadly [Southern Sewing Circle #1] by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Dust to Dust [Diane Fallon #7] by Beverly Connor

This Thing of Darkness [Inspector Green #7] by Barbara Fradkin

Dead Write [Forensic Handwriting #3] by Sheila Lowe


Mahu Vice [Kimo Kanapa’aka #4] by Neil Plakcy

Babydoll [Saylor Oz #2] by Allyson Roy

Face Time [r] [Charlotte McNally #2] by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Self’s Murder [Gerhard Self #3] by Bernhard Schlink [1st US edition]

Death at Hilliard High [Susan Lombardi #3] by Carole B. Shmurak

Inked Up [Stamping Sisters #2] by Terri Thayer

Whiskey with a Twist [Whiskey Mattimoe #5] by Nina Wright

Once upon a Crime: An Anthology of Murder, Mayhem and Suspense [SS] edited by Gary Bush and Chris Everheart

September 2009

Many and Many a Year Ago [NS] by Selçuk Altun

Snake in the Glass [Glassblowing #3] by Sarah Atwell

The White Garden: A Novel of Virginia Woolf [NS] by Stephanie Barron

A Plateful of Murder [omnibus including A Taste for Murder and A Taste for Death] by Claudia Bishop

Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man’s Smile [Oscar Wilde #3] by Gyles Brandreth

The Errand Boy [Hector Bellevance #3] by Don Bredes

Tower [NS] by Ken Bruen and Reed Farrell Coleman

Honey in His Mouth [NS] by Lester Dent

Death Angels [Erik Winter #1] by Åke Edwardson [1st US edition]

Dark Road Rising [Vampire Files #12] by P.N. Elrod

Baby Shark’s Jugglers at the Border [Baby Shark #4] by Robert Fate

The Wrong Mother by Sophie Hannah

Ancient Laws [Bryson Coventry #8] by Jim Michael Hansen

Sookie Stackhouse 8-copy Boxed Set [First 8 Sookie Stackhouse Books] by Charlaine Harris

Risk [NS] by Colin Harrison

Deadly Design [Deadly Past #2] by Marion Moore Hill

In the Guise of Mercy [Maggie MacGowen #6] by Wendy Hornsby

Ghost à la Mode [Ghost of Granny Apples #1] by Sue Ann Jaffarian


True Detectives [r] [Alex Delaware #24] by Jonathan Kellerman

The Treacherous Teddy [Bear Collector #5] by John J. Lamb

Doom with a View [Psychic Eye #7] by Victoria Laurie

Ghastly Glass [Renaissance Faire #2] by Joyce and Jim Lavene

September Fair [Murder-by-Month #5] by Jess Lourey

All My Enemies [Kolla & Brick #3] by Barry Maitland [1st US edition]

Beneath the Bleeding [Jordan & Hill #5] by Val McDermid [1st US edition]

The Dark Place [Karl Kane #2] by Sam Millar

Transgression: A Novel of Love and War [NS] by James W. Nichol [1st US edition]

Air Time [Charlotte McNally #3] by Hank Phillippi Ryan

An Old Chaos [Latouche County #2] by Sheila Simonson

The Gigolo Murder [Turkish Delight #3] by Mehmet Murat Somer

The Darkest Room [Öland Quartet #2] by Johan Theorin [1st US edition]

Killer Crab Cakes [Fresh-Baked #4] by Livia J. Washburn

Between the Dark and the Daylight and 28 More of the Year’s Finest Crime and Mystery Stories [s] edited by Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg

The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [SS] edited by John Joseph Adams

October 2009

Murder Had a Little Lamb [Reigning Cats & Dogs #8] by Cynthia Baxter

Whiplash [Dreamland #11] by Dale Brown with Jim DeFelice

Quarry in the Middle by Max Allen Collins

Dead Man Talking [Pepper Martin #5] by Casey Daniels

Mourning in Miniature [Dollhouse #4] by Margaret Grace

Scandal Sheet [Hollywood Headlines #1] by Gemma Halliday

Doubleback [s] [Georgia Davis #2] by Libby Fischer Hellmann

My Dead Body [Joe Pitt #5] by Charlie Huston


Dial H for Hitchcock [Cece Caruso #5] by Susan Kandel

David’s Revenge [NS] by Hans Werner Kettenbach [1st US edition]

Dead Man’s Share [Brahim Llob prequel] by Yasmina Khadra

Urgent Care [Angels of Mercy Hospital #3] by CJ Lyons

Anne Perry’s Silent Nights: Two Victorian Christmas Mysteries by Anne Perry

The Best American Mystery Stories 2009 [SS] edited by Jeffrey Deaver

November 2009

Bookplate Special [Booktown #3] by Lorna Barrett

Vampire Sunrise [Delilah Street #3] by Carole Nelson Douglas

Dive [NS] by Jack Drummond [1st US edition]

Mommy’s Little Girl: Casey Anthony and her Daughter Caylee's Tragic Fate [True Crime] by Diane Fanning

The Fourth Bill Slider Omnibus [Gone Tomorrow & Dear Departed] by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Dial Om for Murder [Mantra for Murder #2] by Diana Killian


Decked with Folly [Pennyfoot Hotel #17] by Kate Kingsbury

The Killing Hands [Sophie Anderson #4] by P.D. Martin

My Brother Michael [r] [NS] by Mary Stewart

Depraved Indifference [Jaywalker #3] by Joseph Teller

The Fashion Hound Murders [Mystery Shopper #5] by Elaine Viets

Boston Noir [SS] edited by Dennis Lehane

Phoenix Noir [SS] edited by Patrick Millikin

December 2009

Murder for Christ’s Mass [Bascot de Marins #4] by Maureen Ash

Sinner’s Ball [Jackson Steeg #3] by Ira Berkowitz

Murder Has a Sweet Tooth [Cooking Class #5] by Miranda Bliss

The Wings of the Sphinx [Salvo Montalbano #11] by Andrea Camilleri [1st US edition]

Eggs Benedict Arnold [Cackleberry Club #2] by Laura Childs

Sew Far, So Good [Omnibus: Needlework #4, #5, #6) by Monica Ferris

The Fall Girl [Lexy Lomax #2] by Kaye C. Hill


Mrs. Malory and Any Man’s Death [Mrs. Malory #19] by Hazel Holt

The Art of Deception [NS] by Elizabeth Ironside [1st US edition]

Howl Deadly [Pet Sitter #8] by Linda O. Johnston

Through the Heart [NS] by Kate Morgenroth

Dead and Kicking [Ghost Dusters #3] by Wendy Roberts

Out Cold [Duffy Dombrowski #2] by Tom Schreck

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