Retired & Seniors
Peter Abresch
  • Jim Dandy: retired physical therapist, and Dodee Swisher, a gallery owner, in North America, in the Elderhostel Mysteries

Irene Allen
  • Elizabeth Elliot: a 60-something widowed Quaker meeting clerk in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Margot Arnold
  • Penny Spring: 60-something anthropologist, and Sir Toby Glendower, a 60-something archaeologist, in Cambridge, England

Marian Babson
  • Trixie Dolan and Evangeline Sinclair: aging actresses in London, England

Robert E. Bailey
  • Art Hardin: retired colonel, now a low-keyed private investigator, in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Donald Bain
  • Jessica Fletcher: mystery writer in Cabot Cove, Maine, in the “Murder, She Wrote” series

Deb Baker
  • Gertie Johnson: 60-something sleuth in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the Yooper mysteries

Richard Barth
  • Margaret Binton: 70-something little old lady in New York City

M.C. Beaton
  • Agatha Raisin: London advertising retiree living in the Cotswolds, England

Simon Beaufort
  • Sir Geoffrey Mappestone: knight during the time of the Crusades

Mike Befeler
  • Paul Jacobson: 80-something amateur sleuth, in the Geezer-Lit series

Nancy Bell
  • Biggie Weatherford: grandmother, and J.R. Weatherford, her grandson, in Job’s Crossing, Texas

Baron R. Birtcher
  • Mike Travis: newly retired cop building a charter sailing business, in Los Angeles, California

D.B. Borton
  • Cat Caliban: 60-something PI-in-training in Cincinnati, Ohio

Michael Bowen
  • Richard Michaelson: retired Foreign Service Office, and Marjorie Randolph, a bookstore owner, in Washington, DC

Eleanor Boylan
  • Clara Gamadge: widow of Henry, the forgery expert, in New York City

Simon Brett
  • Melita Pargeter: widow of a thief in England

Emily Brightwell
  • Mrs. Jeffries: housekeeper in Victorian London, England

Lizbie Brown
  • Elizabeth Blair: American widow quilt shop owner in Bath, England

Rita Mae Brown
  • Sister Jane Arnold: the 70-year-old Master of the Fox Hunt

Pat Burden
  • Henry Bassett: retired Detective Chief Superintendent in Herefordshire, England

Thomas Burke
  • Quong Lee: elderly Chinatown philosopher, in London, England

Jennifer Scheel Bushman & Jean Artley Szymanski
  • Jane McPherson: the daughter of an American missionary couple, returning to China after 60 years

Chester Campbell
  • Greg McKenzie: retired Air Force criminal investigator in Nashville, Tennessee

Dorothy Cannell
  • Hyacinth and Primrose Tramwell: pair of dotty sisters and owners of the Flowers Detection Agency in Chitterton Falls, England

Heron Carvic (Hampton Charles, Hamilton Crane)
  • Miss Emily D. Seeton: retired British art teacher in Kent, England

Nora Charles (Noreen Wald)
  • Kate Kennedy: senior citizen in south Florida

Joyce Christmas
  • Betty Trenka: retired office manager in Connecticut

Ann Cleeves
  • George Palmer-Jones: retired civil servant and amateur bird watcher, and his wife Molly, a retired social worker, in Surrey, England

Agatha Christie
  • Miss Marple: spinster living in St. Mary's Mead, England

Max Allen Collins
  • Nolan: aging thief in Iowa

B. (Barbara) Comfort
  • Tish McWhinny: 70-something Vermont artist and painter

Alan Cook
  • Lillian Morgan: retired math professor in a retirement community in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Brian Cooper
  • John Spencer Lubbock: retired World War II DCI, in Great Britain

Colin Cotterill
  • Dr. Siri Paiboun: 70-something national coroner, Nurse Dtui, and Geung, a developmentally challenged morgue assistant, in 1970s Laos

Elizabeth Spann Craig
  • Myrtle Clover: 80-something retired English teacher who writes a newspaper column, in fictional Bradley, North Carolina

Bill Crider with Willard Scott
  • Stanley Waters: retired weatherman operating a Bed & Breakfast in Higgins, Virginia

David A. Crossman
  • Winston Crisp: retired National Security code-breaker, on Penobscot Island, Maine, in the Maine Island mysteries
Elizabeth Daly
  • Henry Gamadge: author, bibliophile and forgery expert in New York City

Jeanne M. Dams
  • Dorothy Martin: American schoolteacher retired in England

Shirley Damsgaard
  • Abby and her granddaughter Ophelia Jensen, a reluctant witch who is a librarian, in a small town in Iowa

Nora Deloach
  • Mama, (Grace “Candi” Covington): African-American county social worker in Otis, South Carolina, and her daughter Simone Covington, a paralegal in Atlanta, Georgia

Jo Dereske
  • Ruby Crane: handwriting analyst in Michigan

Colin Dexter
  • Chief Inspector Morse: inspector in Oxford, England

Richard Doetsch
  • Michael St. Pierre: master thief nearing retirement, operating in Europe

Hildegarde Dolson
  • Lucy Ramsdale: widowed artist, and James McDougal, a homicide inspector, in Wingate, Connecticu

William Doonan
  • Henry Grave: 80-something investigator for the Association of Cruising Vessel Operators

Brendan DuBois
  • Lewis Cole: Department of Defense, retired in Tyler Beach, New Hampshire

Martin Edwards
  • Daniel Kind: retired Oxford historian, and Detective Chief Inspector Hannah Scarlett of the Cold Case Squad, in the Lake District of Englan

Ruth Dudley Edwards
  • Robert Amiss: retired civil servant in England

Anthony Eglin
  • Lawrence Kingston: retired botany professor in England, in the English Garden mysteries

Ron Ely
  • Jake Sands: retired salvage agent and finder of lost things in Santa Barbara, California

E.X. Ferrars
  • Andrew Basnett: retired professor of botany in England

Monica Ferris
  • Betsy Devonshire: needlework shop owner in Excelsior, Minnesota

Robert Fish
  • Carruthers, Simpson, and Biggs: elderly down-on-their-luck mystery writers, putting their plots into action, in The Murder League Trilogy

Jessica Fletcher
  • Jessica Fletcher: mystery writer in Cabot Cove, Maine, in the “Murder, She Wrote” series

Steven M. Forman
  • Eddie Perlmutter: tough Jewish former Boston cop in his late 50s, now retired to Boca Raton, Florida

Christopher Fowler
  • Arthur Bryant and John May: detectives in the Peculiar Crimes Unit in London, England

Daniel Friedman
  • Buck Schatz: 80-something retired cop with memory problems, in Memphis, Tennessee

Anne George
  • Patricia Anne “Mouse” Hollowell: a housewife and Mary Alice “Sister” Crane, who out-lived three husbands, in Alabama, in the Southern Sisters mysteries

Dorothy Gilman
  • Mrs. Pollifax: grandmother and CIA agent in New Jersey

E.X. Giroux
  • Robert (Robby) Forsyth: retired barrister, and Abigail (Sandy) Sanderson, his crisply efficient secretary, in London, England

Ellen Godfrey
  • Rebecca Rosenthal: 80-year-old Polish-born anthropologist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Arthur D. Goldstein
  • Max Guttman: retired 70-something Jewish tailor, starting in New York City, moving to a senior center in California

Charles A. Goodrum
  • Dr. Edward George: retired Yale librarian, in Washington, DC

Gallagher Gray (Katy Munger)
  • T.S. Hubbert: retired personnel director, and 84-year old Auntie Lil, retired from the garment industry, in New York City, in the Partners in Crime series

Edith Piñero Green
  • Dearborn V. Pinch: 70-something ladies’ man helping where the police are not wanted, in New York City

Annie Griffin
  • Hannah Malloy and Kiki Goldstein: unlikely pair of 60-something sisters in Marin County, California

Patricia Guiver
  • Delilah Doolittle: British widow and pet detective, and Watson, her Doberman pinscher, in fictional Surf City (Huntington Beach), California

Jane Haddam
  • Gregor Demarkian: former FBI department head in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Joan Hadley (Joan Hess)
  • Theo Bloomer: retired florist and former spy

Malinda M. Hall
  • Louisa Daniel: 60-ish social worker, and later her daughter Emily and son-in-law David

Mary Bowen Hall
  • Emma Chizzit: salvage dealer in Sacramento, California

Carolyn G. Hart
  • Henrietta O’Dwyer Collins: 70-something reporter, in South Carolina

John Harvey
  • Frank Elder: ex-cop from Nottingham, now retired and relocated to Cornwall, England

Patricia Harwin
  • Catherine Penny: 60-something divorced librarian, who leaves New York City to join her daughter in Far Wychwood, England

Gar Anthony Haywood
  • Joe and Dottie Loudermilk: retired black couple traveling in the USA

Veronica Heley
  • Ellie Quicke: 50-ish widow and amateur sleuth, in the suburbs of London, England

Richard Helms
  • Pat Gallegher: failed seminarian, retired forensic psychologist, and jazz musician in, New Orleans, Louisiana

Sue Henry
  • Maxine “Maxie” McNabb: 60-something Alaskan widow, exploring the USA in her Winnebago with her faithful companion, miniature dachshund Stretch

Kathleen Hills
  • John McIntire: retired military intelligence officer and newly appointed township constable, in St. Adele, on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

James Hime
  • Jeremiah Spur: retired white Texas Ranger, and Clyde Thomas, the first black deputy sheriff, in Brenham, Texas

Naomi Hirahara
  • Mas Arai: Japanese-American Hiroshima survivor, gardener, and sleuth, in Los Angeles, California

Hazel Holt
  • Sheila Malory: writer of literary criticism in Taviscombe, England

Maria Hudgins
  • Dotsy Lamb: recently divorced ancient and medieval history professor from Virginia, traveling in Europe with her friend Lettie

Fred Hunter
  • Emily Charters: adopted grandmother of Jeremy Ransom, a homicide detective, in Chicago, Illinois
Stuart Kaminsky
  • Abe Lieberman: 60-something Jewish police detective in Chicago, Illinois

Marne Davis Kellogg
  • Kick Keswick: who worked for an auction house in London, England, for 30 years, and was a master jewel thief, now retired to Provence, France

Bill Kent
  • Shep Ladderback: aging obituary writer for a tabloid, and his assistant Andrea “Andy” Cosicki, who also writes the Mr. Action consumer column, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kathleen Moore Knight
  • Elisha Macomber: 70-something Chairman of the Board of Selectmen of Penberthy Township, and proprietor of a fish market, in fictional Penberthy Island, Massachusetts

Chris Knopf
  • Sam Acquillo: 50-something, retired engineer, in Southampton, Long Island, New York

Rita Lakin
  • Gladdy Gold: Florida’s Oldest Private Eye and her gang of retirees, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Vicki Lane
  • Elizabeth Goodweather: 50-something widow and proprietor of an herb and flower farm near Asheville, North Carolina, in the Appalachians

Suzann Ledbetter
  • Hannah Garvey: former advertising executive managing the upscale Valhalla Springs retirement community in the Missouri Ozarks

Marie Lee
  • Marguerite Smith: retired science teacher in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

John Leslie
  • Gideon Lowry: 50-something, piano-playing private detective in Key West, Florida

Sherry Lewis
  • Fred Vickery: retired building and grounds supervisor in Cutler, Colorado

Nancy Livingston
  • G.D.H. Pringle: retired tax inspector in England

Dick Lochte
  • Leo Bloodworth: grumpy 50-something private investigator, and Serendipity Dahlquist, a gum-snapping 15-year-old girl, in Los Angeles, California

Ed Lynskey
  • Alma and Isabel Trumbo: elderly sisters in Quiet Anchorage, Virginia

Annette Mahon
  • Maggie Browne: widow, and the St. Rose Quilting Bee, in Scottsdale, Arizona

Janet McClellan
  • Lynne Fholain: retired Major with the Army Criminal Investigation Division, in Leadville, Colorado

Stefanie Matteson
  • Charlotte Graham: actress in New Jersey

James McCahery
  • Lavina London: 70-something retired radio personality, in New York

Michael McClister
  • Elmo Finn: Vietnam Vet retired from the CIA, on Longboat Key in Sarasota, Florida

Lorena McCourtney
  • Ivy Malone: little old lady who uses her inconspicuousness in her sleuthing
  • Andi McConnell: who turns 60, loses her job, and inherits a limousine

Camille Minichino
  • Gloria Lamerino: 50-something physicist in Revere Beach, Massachusetts

Gladys Mitchell
  • Beatrice Lestrange Bradley: psychiatrist and consultant to the Home Office in London, England

Brent Monahan
  • John Le Brun: retired sheriff, in 1890s Brunswick, Georgia

Kate Morgan
  • Dewey James: 60-something small town librarian in Hamilton, Kentucky

John Mortimer
  • Horace Rumpole: elderly “junior” barrister, and Old Bailey hack, in London, England

Haughton Murphy
  • Reuben Frost: a retired Wall Street super-lawyer and private investigator

Bill Noel
  • Chris Landrum: 50-something and heading for early retirement on the bohemian barrier island, Folly, near Charleston, South Carolina, in the Folly Beach mysteries

Anthony Oliver
  • Mrs. Lizzie Thomas: a Welsh widow, and her friend, John Webber, a retired, arthritic police inspector, in Flaxfield, Suffolk, England

B.J. Olphant
  • Shirley McClintock: 50-something rancher in Colorado

Sister Carol Anne O’Marie
  • Sister Mary Helen: retired nun in San Francisco, California

David Osborn
  • Margaret Barlow: 50-something freelance journalist in New York City

Gail Oust
  • Kate McCall: a retiree and her band of amateur sleuths at Serenity Cove Estates, South Carolina, in the Bunco Babes mysteries
Stuart Palmer
  • Hildegarde Withers: schoolma’am in New York, later retired to Los Angeles, California

Ellis Peters
  • Brother Cadfael: 12th century monk and herbalist in Shrewsbury, England

John Philpin
  • Lucas Frank: retired forensic psychiatrist

Tom Piccirilli
  • Anna Lucas: and her grandson Jon Kendrick, a rare book dealer, in small-town Felicity Grove, in the Dead Past mysteries

Joyce Porter
  • Honorable Constance Ethel Morrison-Burke: comic senior sleuth in England

Ann Purser
  • Ivy Beasley: a cantankerous spinster, and Gus, a newcomer to the village of Barrington, England

Monica Quill (Ralph M. McInerny)
  • Mary Teresa Dempsey: 5'2" 200 lb. nun in Chicago, Illinois

Herbert Resnicow
  • Giles Sullivan: retired attorney, and Isabel Macintosh, a faculty dean, in Vermont, in the Crossword Puzzle mysteries

Virginia Rich
  • Eugenia Potter: widowed chef in Maine and Arizona (series continued by Nancy Pickard)

T. Dawn Richard
  • May List: senior sleuth on her own after 35 years of marriage

Joel Rosenberg
  • Ernest “Sparky” Hemingway: 50-something copy-editor in Hardwoods, North Dakota

Cynthia Riggs
  • Victoria Trumbull: astute 92-year old Vineyard native and deputy police officer, in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Elliot Roosevelt
  • Eleanor Roosevelt: 1940s First Lady in Washington, DC

Ann B. Ross
  • Miss Julia: elderly widow in Abbotsville, North Carolina

Barnaby Ross (Ellery Queen)
  • Drury Lane: Shakespearian actor retired due to progressive deafness, on the Hudson River, New York

Jennifer Rowe
  • Tessa Vance: senior detective in Sydney, Australia

Jean Ruryk
  • Catherine "Cat" Wilde: antique furniture restorer in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Lawrence Sanders
  • Edward X. “Iron Balls” Delaney: retired chief of detectives, in New York Cit

Mary Saums
  • Jane Thistle: a British lady, and Phoebe Twigg, a Southern lady, both widows their 60s, in Tullulah, Alabama

Corinne Holt Sawyer
  • Angela Benbow and Caledonia Wingate: 70-something admirals’ widows, in southern California

Margaret Scherf
  • Dr. Grace Severance: retired pathologist in Arizona

Bernhard Schlink
  • Gerhard Self: former public prosecutor during the Nazi era, now a private investigator in his late 60s, in 1980s Mannheim, in the newly unified Germany

Louise Shaffer
  • Three elderly friends named Margaret (and then two), in Charles Valley, Georgia

John Sherwood
  • Celia Grant: botanist and horticulturist in London, England

Evelyn E. Smith
  • Susan Melville: spinster art teacher and painter, who becomes a freelance assassin, in New York City

Patricia Houck Sprinkle
  • MacLaren Yarbrough: business-owner turned magistrate in Hopemore, Georgia, in the Thoroughly Southern mysteries

Elizabeth Daniels Squire
  • Peaches Dann: absent-minded 50-something widow in North Carolina

Jean Stubbs
  • John Lintott: retired Scotland Yard inspector around the turn of the 20th century, in London, Paris, and San Francisco

Keith Thomson
  • Drummond Clark: 64-year-old retired CIA operative with Alzheimer’s, and his son Charlie Clark, a gambler in hock to Russian loan sharks

Ronald Tierney
  • Dietrich “Deets” Shanahan: 70-something former Army intelligence officer and semi-retired private investigator, in Indianapolis, Indiana

Alice Tilton (Phoebe Atwood Taylor)
  • Leonidas Witherall: retired academic and secret pulp fiction author, in Boston, Massachusetts

Gayle Trent
  • Myrtle Crumb: 60-something sleuth, in southwest Virginia

Kathy Hogan Trocheck
  • Kicklighter, Truman: retired reporter, in St. Petersburg, Florida

H.O. Ward
  • Dr. Galimatias, a semi-retired physician based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Aramus P. Limpkin, professor of history at a college in Georgia

Mignon Warner
  • Edwina Charles: clairvoyant in England

Livia J. Washburn
  • Phyllis Newsom: elderly amateur sleuth and pie expert, in Weatherford, Texas, in the Fresh-Baked mysteries

Patricia Wentworth
  • Miss Maud Silver: retired governess and teacher who becomes a professional private detective, in London, England

Richard F. West
  • Peter Benington: retired jewel thief, and Benny Ashe, a retired Mob boss, in Coral Sands, Florida, in the Old Gang of Mine series

Eric Wright
  • Mel Pickettl: 60-something retired Toronto cop in Larch River, Canada

James Yaffee
  • Mom: and her son, Dave, an ex-cop investigator, in Mesa Grande, Colorado

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