Kenneth Abel
  • Danny Chaisson: former ADA, now bagman for crocked state senator in New Orleans, Louisiana

Eric Ambler
  • Arthur Abdel Simpson: comic rogue and petty crook in England

Kelley Armstrong
  • Nadia Stafford: ex-cop turned hitwoman, in Ontario, Canada

Jake Arnott
  • Harry Starks: charismatic homosexual gangster in 1960s London, England

Philip Atlee
  • Joe (Joseph Liam) Gall: free-lance soldier of fortune and contract killer for the CIA around the world

Rosemary Aubert
  • Ellis Portal: former lawyer and judge convicted of a crime in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

David Baldacci
  • Will Robie: hit man employed by the US government when all else fails

Tom Benn
  • Henry Bane: gang fixer and loanshark, in mid-1990s Manchester, England

Raymond Benson
  • Judy Cooper: 1950s costumed female vigilante known as the Black Stiletto

Lou Berney
  • Charles “Shake” Bouchon: professional wheelman who walks out of prison after a three-year sentence for grand theft auto determined to change his life and become a chef

Lawrence Block
  • Bernie Rhodenbarr: burglar and bookseller, in New York City
  • John Keller: hit-man in New York City

Kyril Bonfiglioli
  • Charlie Mortdecai: dishonest art dealer who consorts with international crooks, and his sidekick Jock Strapp, in England

Simon Brett
  • Melita Pargeter: widow of a thief in England

Tony Broadbent
  • Jethro: cat burglar recruited by MI5, in post-WWII London, England

Daniel Broun
  • Harry Egypt: thief and soldier of fortune with a sinister master plan

Mark Burnell
  • Stephanie Patrick: druggie and prostitute turned government assassin, in Europe and elsewhere

Chelsea Cain
  • Gretchen Lowell: serial killer who tortured and released Archie Sheridan, a police detective, in Portland, Oregon

Tom Cain
  • Samuel Carver: former British marine, now a hitman who arranges accidents for bad guys around the world

Austin S. Camacho
  • Felicity O’Brian: Irish jewel thief, and Morgan Stark, a black mercenary soldier

Leslie Charteris
  • Simon “The Saint” Templar: international thief, millionaire, and master of disguise
  • Series continued by Burl Barer

Jerome Charyn
  • Sidney Holden: hit-man in New York City

Mary Andrea Clarke
  • Georgiana Grey: young, independent gentlewoman, and a highwayman, the Crimson Cavalier, in late 18th century London, England

Brian Cleeve
  • Sean Ryan: ex-Irish revolutionary, recruited from prison to infiltrate groups whose plans threaten the security of England

Martina Cole
  • Patrick Kelly who has underworld connections, and Kate Burrows, a detective inspector, in the East End of London, England
  • Maura Ryan: who joins the family “firm” and becomes the young queen of the criminal underworld, in the East End of London, England

Max Allan Collins
  • Nolan: aging thief in Iowa
  • Quarry: psychotic Vietnam vet and hired killer in Iowa

Richard Condon
  • Charley Partanna: gourmet cook and hit man for the Prizzi crime family, in New York City

Stephen Coonts
  • Tommy Carmellini: ex-burglar and CIA operative

John Creasey
  • The Toff: high-living, villain-hating, law-bending Honorable Richard Rollison
Eric Dezenhall
  • Jonah Eastman: pollster and spin doctor for hire, with family gangster connections, mostly revolving around New Jersey

Garry Disher
  • Wyatt: thief in Melbourne, Australia

Richard Doetsch
  • Michael St. Pierre: master thief nearing retirement, operating in Europe

Barry Eisler
  • John Rain: freelance assassin in Tokyo, Japan

Loren D. Estleman
  • Peter Macklin: hit man for the mob in Detroit, Michigan

Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

Nick Fox: international thief and con man, and Kate O’Hare, FBI agent and former Navy Seal, in the Fox & O’Hare mysteries

Mary Anna Evans
  • Faye Longchamp: black archaeology student digging up artifacts for the black market on her plantation on North Florida’s Gulf Coast

Chris Ewan
  • Charlie Howard: mystery writer and professional thief, in Europe

E.X. Ferrars
  • Felix Freer: thief, and Virginia Freer, a physiotherapist, in London, England

Robert L. Fish
  • Kek Huuygens: Polish smuggler using a Dutch name and an American passport in Europe

Bill Fitzhugh
  • Bob Dillon, a pest exterminator in Queens, New York, and Klaus Müller, an assassin, in the Assassin Bug thrillers

Alan Furst
  • Roger Levin: 1970s marijuana dealer and shrewd operator who does for others what they would prefer not to do themselves

John Gardner
  • Professor Moriarty: archenemy of Sherlock Holmes in London, England

Brian Garfield
  • Paul Benjamin: vigilante murderer in Arizona

Jonathan Gash
  • Lovejoy: antiques expert and forger in East Anglia, England

Roberta Gellis
  • Magdalene la Batarde: whorehouse madame in 12th-century London, England

Brent Ghelfi
  • Alekei “Volk” Volkovoy: wounded Chechnya veteran, now a gangster and covert military operative, in Russia

Joseph Mark Glazner

Billy Nevers: operating in the dangerous world of high finance, high crime, and expensive women, in New York City and elsewhere

Bruce Graeme
  • Richard Verrell: known as Blackshirt, a self-educated foundling who becomes a respected mystery author, and burgles for the fun of it, in England
  • Series continued by Roderic Graeme (Roderic Jeffries)

Lesley Grant-Adamson
  • Jim Rush: American on the run from British police in England

Sarah Graves
  • Jacobia Triptree: onetime financial advisor to the Mob, now living in Eastport, Maine, in the Home Repair Is Homicide mysteries

Mark Greaney
  • Court Gentry (The Gray Man): former CIA operative, now an international hired assassin

Derek Haas
  • Columbus (The Silver Bear): world-weary international hired assassin

Timothy Hallinan
  • Junior Bender: high-end burglar who moonlights as a private eye for crooks, in Los Angeles, California

Steve Hamilton
  • Nick Mason: released from prison after serving five years of a 25-to-life term by a Chicago crime boss who wants his services

June Hampson
  • Daisy Lane, caught up in gangster life starting in 1960s London and Gosport, England

Elizabeth Hand
  • Cass “Scary” Neary: amoral speedfreak kleptomaniac murderous alcoholic bisexual heavily-tattooed American female photographer

Thomas Harris
  • Hannibal Lecter: serial killer in North America

Harry Harrison
  • Slippery Jim (James Bolivar) diGriz, the galaxy’s greatest interstellar thief and con artist, in the 30th century

Chris Haslam
  • Martin Brock: stoned-out small-time drug dealer who fled Britain

Patricia Highsmith
  • Tom Ripley: charming forger and psychopath in England

Matt Hilton
  • Joe Hunter: ex-counterterrorism operative raised in Manchester, England, now a vigilante for hire in the USA

Edward D. Hoch
  • Nick Velvet: thief who steals only valueless things

Sydney Horler
  • Gerald Frost (Nighthawk), who steals jewelry from the immoral rich, in England

James Patrick Hunt
  • Dan Bridger: elite professional thief on the run from the cops and the Mob

Selwyn Jepson
  • Eve Gill: young sleuth frequently dealing with problems caused by her liquor-smuggling father, in England

Bett Reece Johnson
  • Cordelia Morgan: lesbian hit artist turned sleuth, in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado
Jessie Keane
  • Annie Bailey, later Annie Carter, on the streets of London, a gangster’s moll, and more, in early 1970s London, England

Marne Davis Kellogg
  • Kick Keswick: master jewel thief who worked for an auction house in London, England for 30 years, now retired to Provence, France

Adam Kennedy
  • Roy Tucker: in prison for murdering his wife, is offered freedom by a mysterious government agency to assassinate a politician

Mike Knowles
  • Wilson: mob enforcer who double-crosses his mafia boss, in Hamilton, Ontario, later on Prince Edward Island, Canada

Roberta Kray
  • Gangland novels in London, England

Michael Kurland
  • Professor Moriarty: the Napoleon of Crime and nemesis of Sherlock Holmes, in 1890s London, England

Jon Land
  • Michael Tiranno (The Tyrant): Mafia connected owner of the Seven Sins, a Los Vegas casino

Jens Lapidus
  • Teddy, an ex-con trying to reform, and Emelie, a new lawyer, in Stockholm, Sweden
  • The criminal underground in Stockholm, Sweden, in the Stockholm Noir trilogy

Janice Law
  • Anna Peters: reformed blackmailer and oil company researcher turned security expert, in Connecticut

Maurice Leblanc
  • Arsène Lupin: young, handsome, brave, and roguish Prince of Thieves, who sometimes helped the police in Paris, France

Elmore Leonard
  • Jack Ryan: petty crook in Detroit, Michigan
  • Ernest "Stick" Stickley: ex-con in Detroit, Michigan

Hailey Lind
  • Annie Kincaid: reformed art forger now in the faux finishing business, in the Art Lover’s mysteries

Jeff Lindsay
  • Dexter Morgan: blood spatter technician for Miami Dade Police Department, and sociopathic serial killer in Florida

Howard Linskey
  • David Blake: white-collar criminal, working for gangster Bobby Mahoney, in Newcastle, England

Malcolm Mackay

Frank MacLeod: aging underground hit man in Glasgow, Scotland, in the Glasgow Trilogy

Dan J. Marlowe

Earl Drake: bank robber, killer, and part-time tree surgeon, later a secret agent

Nancy Martin

Roxana “Roxy” Abruzzo: an independent-minded niece of a Mafia boss with a teenage daughter, owner of Bada Bling Architectural Salvage, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Andrew Masterson

Joe Panther: drug dealer, killer, messiah, and private investigator, in Melbourne, Australia

Frank McAuliffe
  • Augustus Mandrell: of the one-man professional killer firm Mandrell, Ltd., during and after WWII

Peter McCurtin

Robert Briganti: the Assassin, dedicated to wiping out the Mafia


Philip Magellan: the Marksman, dedicated to wiping out the Mafia

Patrícia Melo
  • Maiquel: criminal and contract killer in a poor part of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Anthony Morton (John Creasey)
  • The Baron: John Mannering, ex-jewel thief and antiques dealer

Walter Mosley
  • Socrates Fortlow: philosophical ex-con in California

Francis M. Nevins
  • Milo Turner: con-man and private investigator in St. Louis, Missouri

Harri Nykänen
  • Raid: a hit man in Finland

Raymond Obstfeld
  • Harry Gould: small-time grifter in New York City
Frank Packard
  • Jimmie Dale: wealthy dilettante and safecracker by night as the Robin-Hoodish Gray Seal, in New York City

Frank Parrish (Roger Erskine Longrigg)
  • Don Mallett: thief and poacher, in Medwell Fratorum, England

Eliot Pattison
  • Duncan McCallum: Scottish prisoner transported to Colonial America

Ritchie Perry
  • Philis: Brazilian smuggler turned British intelligence agent in Brazil

Thomas Perry
  • An anonymous hit-man in England

Gary Phillips
  • Martha Chainey: courier for the corporate mob in Las Vegas, Nevada

Mario Puzo
  • Godfather and Mafia series

Peter Rabe
  • Daniel Port: gangster who leaves a midwest syndicate and travels the country helping others go straight

Robert Reeves
  • Cellini Smith: accountant for the Mob in New York City, turned honest private investigator in Los Angeles, California

Sax Rohmer
  • Fu Manchu: pursuer of world dominance
  • Sumuru: master plotter working towards world dominance

Randy Russell
  • Alton Benjamin “Rooster” Franklin: retired car thief, ex-con, and gambler, mostly in Kansas City, Missouri

William Sanders
  • Taggart Roper: freelance writer, living in a trailer with his dog, and moonlighting as a petty criminal, in Oklahoma

John Sandford
  • LuEllen: a thief, and Kidd, a computer whiz, in Minneapolis, Minnesot

Barbara Seranella
  • Munch Mancini: ex-druggie and jailbird in 1970s Los Angeles, California

Simon Shaw
  • Philip Fletcher: British thespian and killer in London, England

Evelyn E. Smith
  • Susan Melville: spinster art teacher and painter who becomes a freelance assassin, in New York City

Richard Stark (Donald E. Westlake)
  • Alan Grofield: actor and part-time bank robber, in New York City
  • Parker: cold-blooded professional thief in New York City

Wallace Stroby
  • Crissa Stone: a professional criminal with a lover in prison and a daughter she’d like to get back

Donald Thomas
  • Sonny Tarrant: gangster in 1930s-1940s London, England

Steven M. Thomas
  • Robert Rivers: burglar and stickup man in Orange County and Los Angeles, California

Will Thomas
  • Thomas Llewelyn: ex-student and ex-thief, now assistant to Cyrus Barker, a private detective, in Victorian London, England

J.F. Trainor
  • Peter Benington: retired jewel thief, and Benny Ashe, a retired Mob boss, in Coral Sands, Florida, in the Old Gang of Mine series

Andrew H. Vachss
  • Burke: outlaw soldier-of-fortune investigator in New York City

Michael Van Rooy
  • Monty Haaviko: semi-reformed ex-convict prowling the mean streets of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

John Vorhaus
  • Radar Hoverlander: a con man

Jess Walter
  • Vince Camden: member of the witness-protection program, manager of a donut shop by day, and a gambler and thief by night, in Spokane, Washingto

Richard F. West
  • Peter Benington: retired jewel thief, and Benny Ashe, a retired Mob boss, in Coral Sands, Florida, in the Old Gang of Mine series

Donald E. Westlake
  • John Dortmunder: criminal master planner in New York City

Alan Williams
  • Charles Pol: Marxist bandit and lingerie shop owner, in Paris, France

Don Winslow
  • Neal Carey: youthful pickpocket turned private investigator, in New York City

Tom Wood
  • Victor the Assassin: the world’s deadliest hit man for hire, later working for the CIA

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